Arthur Manchester
Actor Terry O'Quinn
Seasons Season 2 & 3
First Appearance The Price Of Greatness
Last Appearance On Thin Ice

Allegiance Global Resistance
2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
1st Continental Army
Age Early 50's
Occupation History Professor (Pre-Invasion)
Author (Pre-Invasion)
Vice President of the New United States (Post-Invasion)
Cause of Death Shot by a Volm weapon by Lourdes Delgado.
Arthur dead after being shot using a Volm weapon.
Your friendship means a lot to me, Tom, but I will not jeopardize this city, not even for you.
— Manchester on protecting the city.

Arthur Manchester was the former Majority Leader of the Continental Congress and the first Vice President of the New United States. Charged with finding the Charleston mole in season 3, he is killed by the mole (later revealed as Lourdes, under alien control). He was Tom Mason's former mentor and history professor before the invasion.



Arthur Manchester was the Chair of the American History Department at Boston College, and one of Tom Mason's professors. At some point he wrote From Darkness, Democracy, a book on the American Revolution.


"The Price of Greatness"Edit

After the invasion, he helped found the Charleston community and government and was elected Majority Leader. However, his overcautious attitude and his desire to keep Charleston hidden until they could consolidate was seen as reckless by Tom and Daniel Weaver who believed that, with the Skitter Rebellion, they had a real chance to fight back effectively against the Overlords.

"A More Perfect Union"Edit

Arthur had the whole 2nd Mass arrested when they attempted to meet with the rebels. However, General Bressler, the head of the Charleston military, disbanded the civilian government and arrested Manchester. He was later released and the civilian government restored on the condition that he resign as Majority Leader, an offer with which he complied.

"On Thin Ice"Edit

After Tom's election to the presidency, he was appointed Vice President. Seven months later, he was tasked with finding the traitor in Charleston. He was close to finding out who it was, and went to tell Tom. However, Anne had gone into labor and Tom had to leave before Arthur could tell him. He was murdered by Lourdes Delgado using Volm enhanced human weaponry. After his death, Marina Peralta became the new Vice President.


Killed ByEdit

Arthur begins to track down who the traitor was in Charleston. While in his office, the traitor, Lourdes, who is controlled by Eye Worm's uses Volm enhanced human weaponry, and shoots him in the chest.


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