Billy Pope
Actor Daniel Petronijevic
Seasons Season 1
First Appearance The Armory
Last Appearance The Armory

Allegiance Pope's Gang
Age Early 30's
Family John Pope - Brother
Brandon Pope - Nephew
Tanya Pope - Niece
Cause of Death Shot in the chest by Maggie.
Billy shot by Maggie.
Get up. That's it. Now turn around. I want to see what we got. Look at you. You are a pretty one. We're gonna have ourselves a good time you know that.
— Billy to Karen.

Billy Pope was the brother of John Pope, who he often hunted Skitters with. He seems to have possessed some degree of authority in Pope's Gang, and was possibly Pope's right-hand man.


Season 1Edit

"The Armory"Edit

As Pope's Gang ambushed members of 2nd Mass, Billy shoots Click twice with his crossbow killing him, however was shot in the leg by Click's recoil. His brother John Pope then spoke and told Tom Mason what he wanted and took the remaining members of the 2nd Mass team hostage. Billy was taken back to the auditorium, being carried by Cueball, where he was given medication to ease his pain by Cueball and Whitey, and it was said by John Pope that he must have nicked an artery. While Tom Mason and John Pope were speaking, Pope noticed that Tom was eyeing Billy's sidearm while he was knocked out. Later Anne Glass was brought in from the 2nd Mass to tend to his wound. As Cueball and Margaret guarded the hostages, Billy made a comment to Karen, implying that he was going to rape her. Margaret, who was sexually abused by Billy, betrayed the group and shot Cueball and Billy, killing them both.


Killed ByEdit

After Billy indicated his intention to rape Karen Nadler, Maggie confirmed with Doctor Anne Glass that Billy would survive his leg wound. After Anne told Maggie that he would, Maggie shot Billy in the chest followed by Cueball, killing them both in revenge for her rape.


  • Dialogue suggests that Billy was not meant to kill Click but took it upon himself to do so. After Billy is shot, he is berated by his brother as they were supposed to do it "quiet" and Billy claimed Click fired first.
  • John Pope indicated that Billy would've killed Tom Mason's team if left alone with them just for "kicks".


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