Captain Jameson
Seasons Graphic Novel
Season 1 (mentioned)

Allegiance 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Age Mid 40's
Occupation Commanding Officer (Post-Invasion)
There people are the reason we're fighting, Weaver. We're not fighting to kill skitters. We're fighting to preserve humanity.
— Jameson to Weaver about the refugees.

Captain Jameson was commanding officer of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment until his death.


Graphic NovelEdit

Jameson is camping out with Weaver, Brenda and some other fighters while he spots Karen killing a skitter. Jameson later informs Tom Mason that Hal and Matt left the camp and were attacked. When Brenda is killed, Jameson is saddened by her death. Later, Jameson is killed by a Mech while saving Mason and the survivors of the squad; the Mech surprised the squad of survivors, as Jameson was leading the group down an alley, the Mech broke through a loading dock and took down Jameson, then fire at him, ending his life. Weaver then later meets Mason and finds the body of Jameson. Mason is ordered to look for food, and that's were the series start, with Hal and Tom searching for food.

Season 1Edit

"Live and Learn"Edit

Captain Jameson is mentioned by Hal, when he informs Jimmy on who died. He is again mentioned when Porter informs Weaver that since Jameson is gone, he will lead the 2nd Mass.