Falling Skies
Chapter Two
Falling Skies
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This is Chapter 2 of 5 of the Graphic Novel.



Tom Mason and his sons Hal Mason and Matt Mason are hanging up fliers to recruit survivors. While hanging the fliers they hear gunshots and Tom discovers that looters are defending themselves against a group of skitters and mechs but are being quickly slaughtered. Tom see's a man named Dai, not a looter being attacked and Tom helps him out. Tom goes back to the camp and finally meets Colonel Jim Porter, and also meets the survivors who followed the fliers, Karen Nadler, Anthony, Click and Jeff Wu, before meeting Daniel Weaver who is speaking to Lourdes. Anne speaks to Tom about finding crayons for the kids on their next supply run to face their fears. Tom goes to a meeting with Porter, Weaver and Dai and discuss how to gather guns, and Tom suggest sneaking in the Hanscom Air Force base, and is informed that all the military bases and big cities around the world were destroyed during the first wave. Tom comes up with the idea to find Alexander Vlensa, a gun-nut who he knew before the invasion.




  • 7 looters