Falling Skies
Chapter Three
Falling Skies
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This is Chapter 3 of 5 of the Graphic Novel.



Tom takes his team to find Alexander Vlensa's building, however have to retreat due to the high population of skitters surrounding the area. Hal Mason takes his brother Matt on their first scouting mission, and Hal spots a girl in a nearby building and investigates, only for it to be a trap. Skitters soon chase Hal and Matt on the motorcycle and Mechs try to stun the two. One skitter jumps at Hal and Matt, however is saved by Karen Nadler who crushes the skitter with her motorcycle. Tom is seen writing in his journal by a tree, with Nemo standing in-front of him. Tom discusses the population growing in the camp, the scouting missions, Hal & Karen, Anne working with Lourdes and Uncle Scott teaching classes. Weaver later takes a team out consisting of Anthony, Dai, Brenda and Jameson to ambush a group of aliens. Weaver uses himself as bait to lead the successful ambush, however he spots a dead girl who has been killed by someone ripping her harness off.




  • 1 harnessed girl