Falling Skies
Chapter Four
Falling Skies
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This is Chapter 4 of 5 the Graphic Novel.



The 2nd Mass find an antique jewelry store filled with around twenty survivors. Weaver denies that they should bring them back by Jameson overrules Weaver. When a woman tries to go back in for food she sets off an explosive, killing herself, Brenda Gruit and two others. One of the refugee's, Brian informs Tom about Alexander and that he is currently alive. Porter authorities the mission, and Tom takes a group of fighters along with him to gather weapons, and when he arrives it takes most of the day to transport the weapons back. On the roof Reed is given an AT-4 missile launcher and attracts the alien's attention when he is given the go to shoot a airship, even though Tom told him not to. The airship damaged started to crash into their building.