Actor James Collins
Seasons Season 1
First Appearance The Armory
Last Appearance The Armory

Allegiance Pope's Gang
Age Late 30's
Cause of Death Shot in the chest by Maggie.
Cueball shot by Maggie.
Cueball thought he was better because he brought chocolate....he wasn't.
— Maggie referring to Cueball abusing her.

Cueball was a gunman in Pope's Gang. He assisted John Pope in taking Tom Mason's team hostage. John indicated that Cueball was one of the more capable and collected members of his gang.


Season 1Edit

"The Armory"Edit

As the 2nd Mass team search the Armory, Pope's gang attacks and kills one of their men Click and Billy Pope is shot by his recoil. Cueball carries Billy back to their camp. Cueball and Whitey help Billy by injecting him with antibiotics from a syringe, and he unbuckles his belt from his pants and ties it around his leg to stop the bleeding. As the bulk of Pope's Gang departed for the 2nd Mass to deliver their ultimatum, John Pope ordered Cueball to stay behind and guard the hostages with Billy Pope and Margaret. When Billy began making lascivious remarks towards Karen; Margaret betrayed the group and quickly shooting him and Billy. Afterward, she implied that the two of them had raped her, and that he brought her a chocolate before he did, thinking that it made it better.


Killed ByEdit

After Billy Pope made remarks that suggested his intention to rape Karen Nadler, Maggie confirmed with Doctor Anne Glass that Billy would survive before shooting him dead. She then turned on Cueball and shot him through the chest, killing him as well. Following their deaths, Maggie indicated that both Billy and Cueball had raped her and she wanted revenge.


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