Daniel Weaver
Weaver Finale.PNG
Actor Will Patton
Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
First Appearance Live and Learn
Last Appearance Reborn

Allegiance 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Origin Allston, MA
Age Early 50's
Occupation Leader of the 2nd Mass
Former Military Soldier
Former Contractor
Family Linda - Ex-wife †
Jeanne Weaver - Daughter †
Sophia Weaver - Daughter †
"I've been looking into your eyes, and I see the same look that I had when I lost my children. And it's not just me. It's not just me. My friend out there -- she just lost her little girl, three months ago -- his sister. I've been where you've been, brother. I walked those dark roads -- every single one of them. And I wouldn't be standing in front of you right now if it wasn't for my people. We call ourselves the 2nd Mass. When I lost my girls, they were there for me. I was lucky. If they hadn't been, I wouldn't be standing there now, just like you. There's not that many of us left, is there? And now we need each other more than ever. And when we win this war, we're gonna win this war! We're gonna win it. And the people that we're gonna lean on, they're not necessarily gonna be our blood, but they're gonna be family. They're gonna... They're gonna be family. They have to be. We've all lost so many. And I don't see that we have any other choice."
—Weaver to Marty.[src]

Colonel Daniel F. Weaver is a main character in the first, second, third, fourth and fifth seasons. Daniel is the current leader of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment, although he has begun to share a lot of his burden of command with Tom Mason and Anne Mason.

An army veteran from the Gulf War, Captain Weaver took command of the 2nd Mass following the death of Captain Jameson was killed during street fighting in Boston. As such, Weaver led the 2nd Mass's exodus away from Boston. Weaver was tough with the men and women under his command; however, overall he proved genuinely concerned with the best interests of his people. He struggled with his desire to use his fighters to strike back at the enemy and his growing realization that he must protect the civilians under his command.

Despite tensions between Weaver and his second-in-command Tom Mason, and a belief among the civilians that Weaver hated them, over time, Weaver became greatly respected by all in the 2nd Mass. According to Avery Churchill, Weaver was one of the rare commanders in the whole resistance movements that she had encountered that was referred to as 'leader' by his soldiers and civilians. Also, Weaver has come to terms with the fact that he can't control the 2nd Mass alone and that, while he is the more militarily astute of the two, Tom is more reasonable and cautious than he is. Therefore, he claims that he needs Tom to prevent him from making the rash and reckless decisions he sometimes wants to make.

After the 2nd Mass settles in Charleston, the capital of the New United States, Weaver became one of the new country's top military commanders while Tom became the first President of the new government. Despite scepticism on Weaver's part, Tom entered into an alliance with the alien Volm, who were also at war with the Espheni. The alliance allowed the human resistance to gain a tactical advantage over the Espheni and they eventually succeeded in their original objective: the destruction of the Mothership above Boston.

However, in the aftermath of the 2nd Mass's victory at Boston, a major Espheni counterstrike led to Weaver and most of his forces being made prisoners of war while the others were scattered around the eastern United States. After escaping the camp, Weaver was confronted with tragedy when he discovered his only surviving daughter, Jeanne, had been turned into a new form of skitter. She is killed trying to protect her father, having retained her personality despite their attempts at converting her. Weaver continues to lead the 2nd Mass after his daughter's death and, after the destruction of the alien power station on the Moon, he leads his fighters into destroying the remnants of the Espheni war machine before they can restart their mechanized arsenal.

Pre-Invasion[edit | edit source]

Allston, MA[edit | edit source]

Captain Daniel Weaver served extensively in the Army, clocking eight years of active service time including serving in the Gulf during Desert Storm with Jim Porter, and six years in the reserve. After his military service, he was a contractor in a building business for 12 years. However, even with all this, he could not be prepared for what was to come. Weaver and his wife Linda separated right after their girls got to high school.

U.S. Military[edit | edit source]

As a soldier in the military, Katie Marshall has just arrived into Fallujah, and Colonel Weaver got stuck with me while we were pinned down by insurgents. They mention that under those circumstances, you get to know each other real quick. Katie knows that Weaver's strength was loyalty, and also his weakness. That he stuck it out in a marriage he knew was doomed, and covered for the brigadier general when he was drunk. Weaver also covered for Marshall, but knows she should have been reprimanded, not have had the heat taken off her, and that's the moment she knew he loved him.

Story[edit | edit source]

The Invasion of Earth[edit | edit source]

When the invaders attacked, he aided in the defense of his hometown of Allston. His daughter Jeanne and ex-wife Linda were last seen taking cover in a house, which was soon ripped apart by the Mechs. Weaver searched in the rubble but could not find a trace of the two. He found his ex-wife's fiance injured at the front of his house after defending the family, and his youngest daughter Sophia was taken by the aliens and harnessed. After finding his harnessed daughter, he took her back to the house and ripped off the harness, however the spikes were too deep and it killed her. Since then he has committed himself to the 2nd Massachusetts Militia.

Post-Invasion[edit | edit source]

Captain Weaver was put in charge of the Militia defending the area of Boston known as the Commons. However as the battle wore on, both positions were lost forcing Weaver to retreat. He ran into Tom Mason and his son, Hal, who were retreating from Back Bay, another district of the city, and learns that that too is lost. He informs Tom that Commander Porter has ordered a retreat and begins to start running again when a ship flies over head and drops a bomb on Southern Boston. Suddenly, a hysterical resistance member runs down the alley screaming the Southern Boston is lost. They quiet her before she attracts Skitters and begin to retreat towards the Militia HQ. Weaver reported to Porter after arriving back at the HQ. After Tom Mason arrives, Porter informs all of them that they are leaving the city. Weaver is shocked, believing that they can still win back the city. Before he can voice this, Tom states that they can't just abandon the captured kids. When Porter reminds him that he is not the only one with kids missing, Weaver attempts to back him up, pointing out that they should stay and fight, but Porter counters saying that this area has been picked clean of food and weapons, and that more importantly, the skitters would start picking up large groups of humans. He goes on to detail his plan to split up the Militia based on regiment and go to ground with groups of 100 fighters and 200 civilians. Porter places Weaver in charge of the 2nd Mass but to his shock, places Tom as his second in command. Weaver tries one last time to convince Porter to fight, by saying that there will be more of them if they keep hiding instead of fighting, saying he knows how to fight them. Porter defends his decision, and forcefully tells Weaver that this is the only way, and dismisses them. The morning of the exodus from Boston, Weaver tells Tom that they plan on checking out a Sundash in Belmont for food, as the ShopSmarts are too close to the main city, and were sure to be traps. Tom readily agrees, but Weaver rebukes him anyway saying he doesn't have to agree, just follow his orders. He then continues to evaluate the regiment, and spots Uncle Scott working on one of the trucks. Scott says it will take a few minutes and Weaver tells him he has ten. Weaver then saddles up on the GTO with the mounted .50 cal machine gun and begins to have the 2nd Mass move out. When they arrive at the Sundash in Belmont, they find it mostly picked cleaned. Hal comes back from scouting, reporting to Tom and Weaver that other places have been picked cleaned as well. Weaver sighs, saying how if it was just the fighters, they could keep going, but now they are in a predicament. Tom replies, saying their only options are the Shopsmarts back near Boston. Weaver tells Tom that they can't go back looking for more food as the numbers are too large, causing Tom to volunteer to go back. Weaver, not convinced Tom can pull it off, only gives him six fighters, a pickup truck, and as much as ammo as they can carry, but no RPGs or C4. Tom, determined to prove Weaver wrong, says they'll make do. Weaver lets him know that they will continue west, along the commuter rail and that they will meet at the Littleton Bridge and wishes him luck.[1] In the morning, Tom Mason informs Weaver that the scouting mission to the Armory was a failure because Jimmy drew fire. The group again is sent to scout however Weaver withdraws Jimmy as he needs Click in case they find heavy weapons. After Tom's team is captured and Hal is let go to inform Weaver, and Weaver disregards it as they have not enough fighters and too many civilians, forcing Hal and Anne to try and rescue the team. After Pope's Gang attacks and sets out rules for them to leave, Weaver grants the gang the .50 only for Tom's team to return after Margaret had let them go. The team fire at the gang before a Beamer flies over and drops a bomb on the gang. Weaver walks up to leader and only survivor John Pope, and places his under-arrest back at their new camp. Back at the new camp in the school Weaver tells Tom that they'll bury Click tomorrow, and he can looks for his son.[2] Weaver is sitting in a classroom when John Pope is escorting to him as Uncle Scott mentions that he has better cooking skills then them, and Weaver allows Pope to cook for the 2nd Mass. Weaver is later informed that Tom has returned and witnesses that Tom has captured a skitter. Tom asks to trade in his weapon and Weaver takes a weapon off one of the fighters. Weaver along with Porter and Anthony later spectate the prisoner of war skitter, and Weaver says they should kill it but is denied by Porter. Weaver later tastes Pope's food he has cooked for the 2nd Mass, and tells him he may have use after all.[3] Weaver escorts the prisoner of war skitter into a class room. Maggie after arriving back from scouting asks Weaver if he is keeping his 'fighter jocks' are keeping tabs on her, and he agrees as she was found with Pope. He authorizes the mission for Tom to get bikes and to take Pope along with him. While in the gym, he approaches Lourdes who is praying, finding it odd that she still has something to pray for. After Tom gets back from his mission he discusses how the skitters were using kids as weapons, and also tells Tom that nothing could stop him from finding his family. He later has a bite of Pope's bread, and when Lourdes is praying Weaver whispers the prayer. [4] Weaver hears Uncle Scott playing a record in one of the classrooms, and enters retrieving the record, saying he cannot play that song. Hal visits Weaver while they have been discussing the plan to rescue the harnessed kids, saying he can go undercover with Rick's harness on his back and sneak into the hospital undetected. After Michael Harris is killed, Weaver sends a runner to inform Jim Porter, and says they should've never kept the skitter. After the Mason's retrieve Ben Mason back, Weaver nods to Tom and leaves, to play the record he recently took from Scott.[5] Weaver, Tom and Mike chase the Russell family who fled the 2nd Mass with all their antibiotics. Jeff Russell starts to shoot at the three but is stopped by 7th Mass leader Terry Clayton. Terry speaks to Weaver, Mike and Tom and explains that the 7th Mass has been wiped out with only few survivors, and that the 3rd Mass will be joining with the 2nd Mass to defend the school from an upcoming alien attack. Weaver sends Dai out on recon and sends Mike to double up on perimeter search. Later that day Jimmy Boland approaches Weaver and asks to be put on guard, and is sent out to guard the south with Parker. The same night a Mech attack's the school, and Weaver, Tom, Mike and Terry investigate to find the Mech tearing up the school bus where Jimmy has been taking watch. Weaver hears Jimmy yelling for help, and finds Jimmy being attacked by a skitter and Weaver shoots it in the head. Jimmy runs up to Weaver and hugs him, and Weaver takes Jimmy who is in shock to Anne. Weaver tells him if he was old enough he'd give him some whiskey. The next morning when the under 20's are being sent with Terry Clayton, Weaver tells Jimmy to stay frosty.[6] Weaver walks into the gymnasium and asks Sarah when Anne said her baby was due, as they may need to travel quickly in case of an attack on the school. Sarah asks if Weaver has kids, and Weaver replies two daughters. Weaver finds Tom and Dai about to leave on bikes to check on the sanctuary just in case, as the escorts have not came back, and if everything's fine they'll come back. After Tom arrives back, Tom tells Weaver that the map was wrong, as the said sanctuary was not their, and everything Terry's said has not happened, the 3rd Mass and the alien attack, now the map. Tom and Dai go back on the bikes and Weaver tells Tom to come back, as he's not just another civilian. Weaver overhears Anne Glass saying that Sarah is breach, and Weaver walks in, scrubs his hands and tells Anne that he had a breach, home birth baby, and assists her in delivering the baby. After Ben informs Weaver about Terry's lie, Weaver and a group of fighters travel with the help of Ben to the sanctuary, were they set a trap for the 7th. Upon the 7th's arrival, a Weaver shoots a 7th Mass fighter before they surrender. Weaver walks out and another fighter tries to pull his gun up but Weaver shoots him. Terry asks if he's going to shoot him, and Weaver replies if he has to, however Tom does after he tries to grab Hal as a hostage. After the retrieve the kids and get back to the school, Weaver attends Mike Thompson's funeral.[7] Weaver is finally shown in a new light while on a reconnaissance mission with Tom and Hal. He goes back to his old house and reveals to Tom that he had separated from his wife a year before the invasion and that she had been engaged to another man. When the invasion came, her fiance was killed and Weaver's family had disappeared. He found his youngest daughter, Sophia, as a harnessed child. He brought her back to his house and tried to remove the harness but failed and she died. He also believed that his wife and eldest daughter were dead. He then tells Tom to take command of the 2nd Mass and that he would live a new life in his own house, away from the resistance. At that moment, a Mech attacks and, as Tom prepares to attack it, Weaver finds a pair of glasses on the floor and then returns to his old self and risks his life so that Tom could destroy the Mech. Back at the school, he reveals to Tom that the glasses were his wife's and that they hadn't been there when he had came during the invasion. He now had a new hope to fight for: the hope that his wife and eldest daughter may still be alive and free. He later witnesses Pope and his new mech bullets which can take down a mech, without using a whole mag.[8] Weaver is shown to still be in conflict with Tom over his mental health and he is sidelining Tom. When Dai returns injured from Colonel Porter's HQ, he tells Weaver that Porter had been killed and that he had lost contact with the 4th and 5th Mass beforehand and it is believed that they were destroyed. Weaver hides this from the 2nd Mass and intends to carry out the attack, hoping that the 4th and 5th would be waiting for them. He has Tom locked up when he constantly questions him but soon learns that Jimmy helped Tom escape. Tom, Margaret, Hal and Jimmy apprehend Weaver in the clinic and make him see reason. Weaver, with Tom at his side, informs the 2nd Mass of the new development and asks for volunteers for the attack against Boston. He leaves Tom in charge at the school.[9] Weaver leads the assault on Boston where he tries to have the Mothership taken out by a four-pronged attack. However, Rick Thompson's betrayal leads the Skitters to know what happened and they intercept and take out the strike forces, leaving only Weaver, Pope, Anthony, Hal and Gibson. Weaver sends Hal back to get word to Tom to have the civilians evacuated. Weaver then leads his small team to attack the Mothership. They fail: Anthony is badly injured and Pope stays with him to protect him while Weaver and Gibson try to finish the mission. Gibson is killed and Weaver is knocked unconscious. The skitters stop their assault soon after due to their frequencies being jammed. Tom finds Weaver and they decided to take a shot at a ship with an RPG-7. Tom manages to shoot out the ship and it crashes in the hangar, creating a huge explosion and leaving Tom and Weaver laughing at their exploit. They then leave to try and find survivors of the four squads but are stopped by the harnessed Karen Nadler who reveals that the true invaders wanted to talk. Tom and Weaver furiously berate them for having killed millions, kidnapped so many children and now wanting to negotiate. Karen tells Tom that the Espheni want him and that they can tell him how to stop Ben's transformation into a skitter if he does. Tom accepts and follows Karen and the Espheni onto their ship, leaving a shocked and worried Weaver behind.[10]

Four weeks after the First Assault on Boston. Weaver met Dai and asked where the rest of his patrol was, Dai informed him no one else made it back. Dai told him the whole Western approach was crawling with Skitters and Mechs, too many for the 2nd Mass to fight. Dai told him there were probably 100+ mechs out there. Weaver told Dai they hadn’t had any contact with the other patrols and asked if Dai had. Dai told them he had some contact but lost them. They had reported similar sightings of Mechs and Skitters along the North and South. Weaver realized they were being trapped and told everyone they were going to ground. He told them to stay inside the houses and hide, not to go out unless absolutely necessary. Weaver told them that the mission to secure the base in Fitchburg was aborted until they could find a way out from the Espheni forces. He told everyone that could move to help the sick that they needed to keep them safe. Also he told them to get the wounded and as many important supplies to cover as possible. He then ordered Griffin to take Hal, Maggie, and anyone else he needed to find the 2nd Mass a way out. Ben volunteered, but Weaver turned him down due to his age and lack of experience. Hal then asked Weaver what if they couldn’t find a gap in the enemy lines. Weaver said that the skitters would find them, so they would have to fortify their positions and they would take casualties. Hal asked how many they would take. Weaver then asked if he remembered what happened at the Alamo.[11] Later, Weaver was in his map room while Pope was looking for supplies, Pope says they’re screwed. Weaver says that if he wanted Pope’s tactical advice that he’d ask for it, but not to hold his breath. Pope tells Weaver that if they don't get to that weapon cache from the army depot, they won't stand a chance against the Mechs. Weaver says they can’t risk the loss of another squad. Pope volunteers himself, saying Weaver always wanted him dead anyway. Pope says he can round up a few like-minded people. Weaver interrupts him saying he didn’t want to hear it and that he was done listening.[12] Weaver and Dai went on a reconnaissance mission together. Weaver noted that with buildings on all sides the streets and escape routes will be easy to blockade. He began saying if they don’t find a hole soon, when Dai interrupted him. Dai asked if that was where Griffin’s unit was going. Weaver confirmed this and noticed Mech fire. He felt that he had sent them on a suicide mission and they couldn’t fight their way out. When they got there Hal was about to run outside distracting a Skitter. Weaver yelled for him to get down. Weaver with Tector and another fighter killed the Skitters. He told Hal to shake it off, that they were done there. When Hal asked about the others, Weaver told him there were two wounded but that they were still breathing because of him. Hal and Weaver stopped Tector from firing on a Skitter in the distance, he asked why. Weaver said they were in enemy territory and had to be careful. Weaver overhears her saying they’ve run out of medicine and calls over Ben and Rick. Weaver told them the enemy was surrounding them. He said under normal circumstances he wouldn't go to them but he was out of choices. Weaver wondered if they could still sense the Skitters. Ben said there's a buzz, but he can't understand them, he also stated he'd never let them control him. Weaver understood, but felt he could use them to find a way out between the enemy lines. Ben felt he could sense them if they were close enough. Weaver then asked Rick if he could. Rick said he still heard them and that he would do what he could. He then allowed them to leave, telling them to keep their heads down and not to engage the enemy. Ben said he make them proud. Weaver said he already did, and quietly apologized to Tom.[13] As Mechs passed by Weaver his cover he felt it was only a matter of time before they were found. Hal’s group tried to run to Weaver’s position but they were spotted and the person behind Hal was killed. Weaver told Hal and Pope to run out the back that they would meet at the secondary base camp. As they arrived at the secondary base camp Hal lamented the loss of 8 more fighters. Pope felt it was worse that they almost got him, saying he didn’t like playing human target. Pope said with one RPG he could’ve destroyed that Mech. Weaver called him out asking if he really wanted to save people, Pope responded saying they should’ve gone to the weapons depot day one. Also that if it involves killing skitters and getting military grade weapons he would. Weaver told Pope to make himself useful, as they needed to kill some aliens to give the 2nd Mass room to breathe. After Pope killed 3 Skitters with Molotov cocktails, Weaver asked Lyle, Crazy Lee, Boon and Tector if they wanted to join in. Crazy Lee agreed, Tector said if they were going to die, they might as well have fun doing it.[14]

Weaver goes on the mission to take out the group of Mechs and skitters, and detonates a bomb which destroys a Mech. After Tom is brought back to the camp with a bullet wound he helps him to the med bus. He later informs Jamil Dexter that they need their help to find something to cool down the engines on their vehicles, and after he finds fiberglass he tells him to send a team to strip down all of it from the nearby houses. Weaver later sits down with Anne Glass, and he pulls out a bottle of whiskey and shares it with her, so he doesn't leave it behind. He later welcomes Tom back to the 2nd Mass after he awakes from his surgery.[15] Weaver and Tom speak during the morning, Weaver informing Tom about Fitchburg, and that the aliens trapped them in Fitchburg and they lost over 100 fighters and civilians before Ben Mason found a weak spot in their lines. After a Beamer is shot down and destroys the bridge, Weave spectates the destroyed bridge, and tells Jamil Dexter to find a way to fix it so they can travel. Weaver is in the med bus while Tom's eye is being checked out after it bleeds. They find a growth in his eye, and when Anne shines a light on it starts to move. Tom tells them to take it out, and if they won't he will, and Tom begins to struggle. Weaver holds Tom down and Anne pulls out the parasite from his eye. Jamil is called to spectate the parasite, and tells them they should destroy it in case it's tacking them, and Weaver agrees. Tom tells Weaver to restrain him in the bus, and Weaver cuffs Tom's hand to a pole in the bus. Weaver later leads the convoy across the bridge, making sure everyone gets across before he crosses himself.[16] After Ben Mason arrives back with Jimmy Boland, who has been impaled by a tree branch, Ben informs them that they have been hunting skitters after everything they have done to the 2nd Mass. Weaver takes his anger out and punches the locker in his tent. After Avery Churchill lands, he interrogates her and she tells them that Charleston needs them, but Weaver still wants to head for the mountains. After Jimmy perishes from his wounds, Weaver digs a grave for him, and Avery speaks to him again, saying the 2nd Mass need Charleston. Wevaer gives the eulogy at Jimmy's funeral, and decide to take the 2nd Mass to Charleston. Weaver stays behind at the grave, and Ben approaches giving him the compass. Weaver says Jimmy was a good soldier, but had no sense of direction, and the two laugh. Ben starts to cry saying his sorry, and hugs Weaver, saying they'll get through it.[17] As Hal Mason brings a group back to the 2nd Mass, a girl runs up to Weaver, and he is shocked to reveal that it is his daughter Jeanne. Weaver reunites with her and he tells her that he looked for her and her mother after the invasion. Weaver makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Jeanne, as it was her favorite. After Diego's group is taken by the skitters, Diego filled with anger tells Weaver that he couldn't protect his own family before leaving. Diego, Jeanne, Matt and a few others leave the 2nd Mass to get their people back, but are captured themselves. Weaver, Tom, Hal, Ben, Dai, Maggie and Tector go to the factory. Weaver shoots the skitter inside before shooting the harness that was sliding down to Jeanne. Weaver frees Jeanne, however after Ben shoots the tank filled with harnesses, one bites him on his leg. Back at camp, Weaver is given strong medication and painkillers by Anne, and drifts off. Jeanne leaves a note next to Weaver, saying she is staying with Diego, as previously she told him that she would stay with the 2nd Mass. When Weaver wakes he reads the letter and starts to breakdown.[18] Weaver goes on the mission to investigate the explosion that was heard, as Tom says it might be another resistance group under attack. When they arrive they only find dead skitters and destroyed mechs, along with Rick Thompson. Weaver tells Anne to inform him when he wakens. While leaving he begins to have problems with his leg, and Anne tells him to sit down so he can check on it. She unwraps it to find his wound is beginning to become infected. After Rick wakes they follow him to the building that Ben is said to be hiding in, but as they find Ben they find the Red Eye skitter, and Tom convinces him to take it back to the 2nd Mass camp for information. Weaver later decides to kill the skitter after mechs arrive to the camp, as he thinks it gave up information of their location. The skitter escapes and Rick is killed in the process. They soon retreat and set up camp at the nearby hospital.[19] Weaver collapses from his harness bite. While Tom takes control of the 2nd Mass (and discovers just how much pressure Weaver has to deal with every single day), Anne and Lourdes figure out a procedure to pump Weaver's blood out, warm it up to a certain temperature then pump it back to kill what ever is inside him. When Weaver awakes, he asks how much fuel they wasted on his sorry ass.[20] Captain Weaver resumes control of the 2nd Mass, having recovered from his illness. Tom arrives with the overlord and tells Weaver that he's their ticket out of the trap. Weaver, under duress, has the 2nd Mass put him in the same holding area where they previously held Karen. The aliens besiege the hospital. Using a pincer tactic the aliens sneak in through the back of the hospital while using random gun fire as a diversion from the front. Weaver realizes the tactic and directs Tom to check on the flank. Later, Karen calls for Captain Weaver at the front line. She delivers a swift message by executing Boon. While Boon is being shot, Tector Murphy begins to shoot out of anger at the Espheni, as of his friends death, and Weaver tearfully tells Tector is stand down. She warns that more death will come if they don't respond and their time is running out. The 2nd Mass later all escape successfully, by using the captured Overlord as a decoy to protect themselves giving them time to escape.[21] On the road to Charleston, at the front of the convoy, Tector rides with Weaver, Weaver intent on figuring out what he can’t put his finger on about Tector. Weaver sees through Tector’s simple country boy facade to realize that Tector must have been in the military, and as he explains why that would damage their trust something dives into the path of the truck. The convoy stops to find that they’ve hit a little harnessed girl, the impact having apparently disabled the harness. She’s only unconscious and the group reluctantly agree to take her in. Later, Tector comes clean to Weaver that he doesn’t want to stay in Charleston knowing how he’d failed as a Marine, getting his squad ambushed and failing to protect Boone the other week. Weaver assures him that the deaths weren’t his fault, as Tector slams on the brakes, arriving at a destroyed Charleston.[22] After Colonel Jim Porter greets the 2nd Mass when they find the ruins of Charleston, South Carolina. He leads them into an abandoned shopping mall and explains to the 2nd Mass that the reason why they were never attacked was due to the Overlords believing they were dead. While grabbing plates of food, Jeanne Weaver calls out to her father and the two reunite once again. Shortly afterward, a minor riot breaks out due to the Continental Army requesting that the 2nd Mass is to forfeit their weapons. The members of the 2nd Mass cry out in protest until Tom and Weaver command them to give their weapons away. Jeanne and Weaver reconcile, Weaver in a new army uniform and Weaver asks her where Diego and the rest of her friend are. Jeanne explains that she and Diego were separated when they were attacked by a Mech squad and she wants to find them. After this Jeanne says to Weaver that she plans on speaking at the meeting organized by Arthur Manchester. Later, the 2nd Mass are all ordered to be detained on Arthur's order.[23] After the rebel skitters netter Charleston and inform them about the Overlord and the Espheni weapon. Weaver joins the mission to destroy the weapon, and dismisses Jeanne when she wants to join, however Weaver thinks it's too dangerous. During the mission, Dai is killed, the group fails and they are all hold captive by Karen. Karen uses an electro-staff to torture them for information, and shocks Weaver twice in a row after he provokes her to do so. The group is soon saved by the rebel skitters, and successfully kill the Overlord and destroy the Espheni Jamming Device. As they arrive back, Weaver laments the loss of Dai to Colonel Porter. As Tom and Weaver discuss what the future holds, the compound begins to shake and rumble from a huge storm brewing outside. The group run outside to see what's happening, just in time to witness dozens of drop pods raining to the Earth. A heavily armored alien emerges from a pod, retracts its visor and smiles at the 2nd Mass.[24]

Weaver, his daughter Jeanne, and Matt peer from the edges of the mine as they try to rescue the harnessed kids working at the mine. Matt sneaks in and plants alien charges around the mine. They detonate the charges, disorienting the mechs letting the others enter and rescue the kids. Back at Charleston, a debriefing takes place attended by Weaver, Bressler, Porter, along with Paint Face & Cochise, their ally and representative of the Volm. They believe the ambush means they have a mole. Cochise politely weighs in, saying their success is unnerving the Espheni to the point that they must use espionage. Paint Face later meets with Weaver and Tom and tells them they've heard word of another major attack on Charleston. He says the new alien Volm are targeting the Espheni, who have a new even more dangerous overlord, Karen. Weaver and Tom share a toast to the future and the birth of Anne and Tom's daughter. Weaver admits he doesn't trust the Volm, warning Tom that they have no idea what the Volm may do to them once the Espheni are beaten. Tom then offers to show Weaver something that he hopes will change his opinion. Cochise takes Weaver down to a secret underground tunnel that only they know about. Tom shows Weaver a giant weapon that's being constructed underground. Cochise says that the weapon will bring about the end of the war.[25] Weaver is prepping the team to take down the Espheni forces at the nearby power plant. As the 2nd Mass leaves, the mole sneaks into the war room and gathers the information on where the attack would take place, the mole sends out an eye worm to reveal Weavers plan. Weaver's team walks straight into an ambush from Mechs, but Weaver's team was only a distraction for the Espheni, which in turn drew the Mechs away from the main gate to attack Weaver's team. After the mission is completed, the power plant was successfully destroyed however Weaver lost four of his men.[26] In the Badlands, a fire fight breaks out on all positions as Tom and Weaver enter the scene. Weaver kills an enemy combatant from a window only to find that they are in fact humans who are wearing tactical armor and using military grade equipment. Tom insists that they talk the attackers into a truce just as Weaver equips himself with a RPG. Just as Tom attempts to talk down the attackers, the sniper fires at Weaver, who instantly and without hesitation fires an RPG into their hideout, which Weaver spotted as a second story window. In the rubble, the sniper attempts to crawl away but passes out. The sniper is revealed to be a woman. Underground, Tom and Weaver interrogate the sniper, she reveals her name is Lt. Katherine Fisher while Tom explains the way Charleston operates. The sniper chuckles at Weaver when he tells her to respect the President of the New United States. When asked what's funny, the sniper reveals to Tom that she was sent by the still functional US government and she is on orders directly from the still living president to infiltrate and attack Tom's group. Weaver later meets with Jeanne in the courtyard as she oversees the monument's construction; she tells her dad that nobody will see it because the Espheni will kill them all. Weaver, sensing his daughter's emotions, gives her words to live by which put her at ease.[27] After the Espheni forces are successfully destroyed when they attack Charleston, Weaver looks over the files of who was killed, including long time 2nd Mass fighter Cyrus Ruskin. Later, after Tom decides to meet Benjamin Hathaway, by flying a plane, Weaver mentioned that he will cover for Tom to make it look like he's still in Charleston so the mole wont catch onto the plan.[28] Weaver, Ben, Hal, Matt, and Maggie are all briefed by Dr. Roger Kadar that Lexi, Anne's daughter is not human but an entirely new species. Weaver prepares a massive search party but Marina shuts him down as the fear is that the population in town won't react well to the knowledge that Anne’s baby is an alien hybrid and they cannot sacrifice so many soldiers, so they can ensure the safety of Charleston. Regardless, Weaver takes a small team that includes Hal, Ben, Matt, Maggie, and Jeanne to search for the missing Anne and Alexis. While they are searching, they find the body of a woman and are convinced by Matt to bury her. The team fail to find Anne and Alexis, and return to Charleston.[29] After Tom returns to Charleston after Pope carries him back from the plane wreckage, Tom after he wakes tries to search for Anne after discovering that she is missing. Weaver calms him down, and convinces Tom to give the Rebel Skitters 24 hours to get information on where they are being held by Karen. After Hal, being controlled by eye worms, takes Tom hostage, Weaver decides to go inside the building to talk to Hal. Hal says he needs a Humvee to leave Charleston, but it only breaks out in a fire fight between Hal and the 2nd Mass. Weaver kicks Pope and the Berserkers off the line for engaging Hal. Weaver later enters the Nest as Pope continues to place bets on how Hal will be punished, Weaver threatens Pope on not changing to odds on Hal's survival.[30] In Charleston, Pope laments that his business' success means little without another community to trade with, before soldiers arrive to move his entire establishment on Marina Peralta’s orders. Weaver defends her choice to an angry Pope. In the Nest, Pope riles the citizens of his bar into allying against the Volm and Marina Peralta, before Weaver arrives to disperse the crowd and place Pope under arrest for endangering the safety of Charleston with his sabotages. Weaver meets with Pope in a cell, and explains that the man may have a point in his suspicions of the Volm, but riling up civilians won’t do any good. After Hathaway's murder, Anthony, Weaver and Marina all agree to keep the matter quiet, and step up their search for the real mole. Outside, Pope points out to Weaver that Marina had the most to gain from President Hathaway’s death.[31] In Tom's dream caused by Espheni tech, Tom gets in his car and pulls up to a stop light. At the light, a homeless carrying a sign that says “The End Is Near” bangs on his car hood and says, “Open your eyes!”, who is identified as Weaver. Tom keeps on seeing Weaver throughout the day with, “The End is Near” sign. Later, Tom wakes up in a Charleston hospital. Tom rushes to a military planning room and Weaver asks him if he told Karen where the attack would go. Tom says no and Weaver asks him to explain the plan to everyone in the room. Tom approaches a series of maps, of Boston, New York, Chicago, and Jacksonville and he realizes that he is still in a Espheni-controlled dream, and to proof it shoots Weaver in the head. In Charleston, Maggie and Weaver are talking about a attack that is about to be launched on Karen’s headquarters. Maggie wants to be in the front lines because she wants to kill Karen. Weaver says that’s why he is going to put her in the rear. As Maggie starts to protest, a bomb goes off, knocking both of them back. After the explosion which took out their radios, Anthony and Weaver interrogate Marina, however she passionately tells Weaver that she is not the mole. She says that despite her earlier concerns about the Volm weapon, she knows they must use it now to take out the Espheni grid.[32] While walking with Marina, he informed her that Project Orange was going ahead and would be leaving the next morning. Later, Porter convinces Weaver about using the Volm weapon by saying he wanted another shot at taking it down. Weaver said it would take a day and a half to get there, and they would need more weapons to destroy the Mechs. Later, Lourdes Delgado had just planted a bomb in an air vent. Weaver noticed her as she was left and said there might be more casualties so she should go downstairs. Weaver was above ground when the bomb went off. He had Ben use his increased hearing to tell them where to dig. Weaver asked him what he could hear, believing hearing through 40 feet of rock was miracle enough. Weaver said they would dig, then listen and never give up. Matt later figured if they went through the storm drains maybe Ben could hear the people below better, Weaver told them to do it. He soon saw Pope’s team working on clearing debris. Pope said they needed to get the cannon dug out to take out the Grid. Pope assured Weaver Jeanne was among the survivors and that they were 20-30 feet above the north stairs and that it was a straight shot down. When Tom freed Jeanne and the others he quickly ran over to Jeanne and hugged her. She said she thought he was dead and asked if they were still on for dinner, he said they were.[33] Pope, Weaver, Lyle and Anthony are on a train to Chicago, with Lourdes chained up, used as a bait so that the Espheni attack them, not the fighters on the barge which is carrying the Volm weapon. The train encounters a large number of Espheni Mechs, and Pope, Weaver, Anthony and Lyle open fire from the windows of the train as they speed onwards. Weaver and Pope arrive at the camp with their team. They were rescued from their battle with the Espheni by a Volm brigade led by Cochise. Weaver mentions that Lourdes is still alive but is in bad shape and needs to have her eye worms removed, and that Karen, if she is still alive, may still be using Lourdes to track the 2nd Mass. After meeting with the Volm leader, Weaver comes back to camp. He orders everyone to get their stuff together and move out. He says they will leave in one hour so they can’t be rounded up by the Volm. Matt asks about Tom and Weaver says Tom is being held captive by the Volm. Weaver goes into a tent and seems to suffer a mild heart attack. His daughter comes in and he tells her that he has been taking pills to keep his heart from acting up. He asks her to keep his condition secret. Before the humans can pack up and leave, Cochise and an armed Volm military party arrive and order everyone to prepare for transport. Pope wants to fight them, but Weaver realizes they are badly outgunned. Weaver orders everyone to hand over their weapons. Pope sneers at Weaver as he says, “The Volm have just done what the Espheni never could- they’ve brought us to our knees.” Cochise arrives at the 2nd Mass camp and tells Weaver it is time for the humans to go to Brazil and they join with Tom. Cochise leads them away; however, he takes them over to a heap of Volm and human weapons, and says the humans are free to go, though he asks them to leave the Boston area. On the road, the 2nd Mass is breaking camp to move out, then Pope comments that being back on the road feels like old times, to which Weaver cheerfully agrees. Moments later, Alexis goes up to a caged Lourdes and touches her face through the bars. Suddenly, dozens of Eye Worms from inside Lourdes come pouring out of her, and they all gather in Alexis' hands and she crushes them into powder. This is witnessed by a shocked Tom and Weaver.[34]

22 days after travelling back to Charleston and safety, the 2nd Mass is finally near home, and as he is walking with his daughter Jeanne, he tells her to watch this and presses on the horn, in the car that Pope and Lyle were drifting off to aleep in. However, things are not so simple as the Espheni attack. As the Espheni is dropping large obelisks that create a grid that keeps everyone grouped together on the 2nd Mass forces, Tom asks where Matt is but does not know and is told to find him, however as they are separated, Weaver after the last of the Mechs are killed, clutches his heart as Jeanne helps him up. When Tom, Tector, Pope and Hal are captured and placed in ghetto camps, Weaver survives with just Jeanne, but the skitters later capture Jeanne and take her, and he is put in the camp. Weaver yells out to the Skitter who through him in a cell, and when Tom hears him he brakes off part of the wall and Weaver tells him that he is glad that he is still alive, and when a noise is heard from outside, he asks what they are, in which Tom responds saying he doesn't want to know. Weaver, who has lost it, tries unscrewing part of the bed, causing his hand to bleed, and when he finally unscrews it, he calls out to the Skitter in an effort to kill it and escape, but Tom convinces him otherwise as he needs him; Weaver as he falls to the floor tells Tom that when he escapes he will find Jeanne, and Tom reveals his plan to escape to him.[35] Weaver follows Pope to a location to take his secret stash of food, but is interrupted by Alex and his gang. He fights them off, and nearly chokes one of them to death. As he plans to fight Pope, he hears a noise, that turns out to be the laser wall, giving them a better plan to escape with everyone.[36] Weaver helps Tom with his plan, and cuts out pieces of the columns holding the building up to make them weaker, so that Tom can make the building collapse on the skitters he herds up. Tom walks up to him during the night, as Weaver cannot sleep as it is Jeanne's birthday. When a piece of metal falls off the building and breaks Dingaan's hand, Weaver volunteers to go in the faraday suit, but is told he can't by Pope because of his heart condition. He witnesses Pope climbing the wall and dropping the bag of C4, Weaver says that Pope will ditch them to escape, but is surprised when climbs back down to pick it up. He yells out to Pope to wake up, when he is on the other side to the fence passed out, as he was sent to the ground when the suit broke. When the fence is down, he cheers and escapes the ghetto camp. During the night when they are outside the ghetto camp, Weaver notices something hiding in the bushes.[37] Weaver goes with Tom and Hal to check out the shelter that Cochise had set up for the former ghetto captives. When the are near the front of the shelter, it appears that there is no one around however, Beamers soon fly over them. While Weaver is still hiding in the bushes, he hears a rustling around him but sees nothing. While Tom is at the front of the shelter, crosshairs are focused on Tom's head, and Weaver and Hal both go to dive at him. When Cochise comes out of the shelter, he introduces Shaq, the Volm who set the crosshairs on Tom, an they later discuss plans to retrieve Matt, with Weaver saying he is coming as he is the only one who know what Tom is going through. As they are walking to the camp, he hears another noise, and pulls out his knife. He walks to a little shelter, where inside there is a creature hiding, however Weaver doe not engage with it and is called back by Tom. After Cochise is attacked by that same creature, Weaver finds on a nearby stone with dabs of black blood from the creatures gunshot wound. Inside the camp, he again finds the blood and tells Tom to go without him; he investigates the blood, then is soon pulled into a room by the creature. Later that night, he wakes up on a pile of cushions and blankets, and in the nearby pushes a creature slowly emerges from the bushes, it looks at Weaver and says in a muzzled voice "daddy", with Weaver replying "Jeanne" before she leaps at an incoming skitter guard. Weaver soon kills the skitter with a knife, and runs up to the mutated Jeanne, and holds her head saying he knew it was her, before she dies in his hands. The next morning, Weaver staggers out of the bushes, and tells Tom what happened to him that night, and then is soon hugged by the retrieved Matt.[38] Hiking through the bush to Cochise's shelter, Tom finds a rabbit, and puts his sights on it, before Matt pushes his pistol down, saying they don't need it that much. Right after Weaver and Cochise arrive and they start heading back to the shelter. Weaver and Cochise hide in the bushes, when they notice Scorch the overlord from the ghetto and a skitter entering the shelter, which Tom and Matt are searching. Tom and Matt reconnect with Cochise and Weaver, and Cochise says that he must leave to find his squad, then hands Weaver a rifle. They hike through the terrain to Chinatown, and on the way they find two survivors camped out, Nick Phillips and Cooper Marshall. They sit down at a campsite, and during the night Tom and Weaver ask Nick a few questions about his life before the invasion and during, and find out that Nick was captured and taken to an Espheni farm. Weaver remembers seeing Jeanne skitterized, as Nick talks about the mutation that the new harness causes. Tom and Weaver soon decide to sleep, but as the two are wary of Nick and Aaron, they use one of their tactics to provide that they survive the night, and Tom takes watch on the road. Weaver and Matt who stuffed there sleeping bags, are sitting in the forest; later the two witness Cooper unloading a clip into there sleeping bags, and Nick and Cooper capture Tom, to trade to the Espheni. Matt and Weaver follow Tom's trail that he creates by dragging his foot in the dirt. Matt starts walking ahead of Weaver, but is soon stopped and Weaver has a talk with him, about anger. After arriving to where Tom is captured, Weaver lines his scope up with Cooper's leg to injure him, however Matt asks to take the shot. Weaver hands Matt the rifle, and Matt tries shooting Cooper, but breaks down and apologizes to Weaver. Later after Nick and Cooper argue, Cooper shoots and kills Nick after learning that he traded in his family, and when Cooper aims his gun at Tom he is shot and killed by Weaver.[39] When Weaver is shown the cocoon that Alexis is currently in, Weaver touches the surface of it, and burns his hand. Later, the Masons and Weaver are taught about the cocoon from Roger Kadar and Shaq. Weaver is present when the 2nd Mass fighters riot and try to kill Alexis, however Weaver is siding with the Mason's, protecting Alexis.[40] Weaver witnesses Alexis exiting her cocoon, killing Lourdes Delgado and leaving Chinatown. After they are informed Espheni forces are coming to Chinatown, Tom and Weaver devise a plan to bring the skitters/mechs into the city and destroy them. During the battle, Hal and Weaver look for Maggie, as a large group of their fighters are killed during a gas-leak explosion. Weaver finds Dr. Roger Kadar packing his samples and labs, but has a large piece of glass sticking out of his side. Weaver calls Anne over to help, but she can’t do anything and Dr. Kadar dies after telling Tom to save Alexis and never let her go. Weaver later hides in the fallout shelter to wait for the forces to leave Chinatown, pretending they were all killed during the explosion.[41] In the aftermath of the Espheni assault, the survivors are searching for anyone trapped under the rubble. Pope voices his opinion that Tom is dead, and Matt tackles him, also punching him, saying his father is alive. Weaver hauls Matt off of Pope, and begins to help Matt search for his father. Later that night are clearing rubble to search for survivors, Weaver and Matt finally find Tom and Dingaan Botha trapped under rubble.[42] While trying to devise a plan to unearth the Beamer, Cochise says the Volm have a supply cache, which can be used to unearth the Beamer faster. Tom, Anne, Matt, Weaver, and Cochise decide to retrieve it. At the chemical plant where the Volm cache is, they run into Mira. Tom ties her up, saying they cannot trust her but they will take her with them. Matt unties Mira when she complains of her hands hurting, and she blows her whistle, summoning a Beamer strike and the Team Leader's. Mira runs off, with Matt giving chase. Matt is darted by the Team Leaders. Weaver and Cochise come to Matt's rescue. After they arrive back to Chinatown, Tom proposes to Anne, and the day after, they are married by Weaver who officiates the marriage. As they kiss, Shaq interrupts, using Mira's whistle to unearth the Beamer.[43] It is decided by popular vote that everyone will put their name into a drawing where 2 will be picked to go on this mission. Tom only agrees to it after being outvoted by everyone. Weaver catches Pope trying to take names out of the draw, because he wants to be the one to go. After everything he has lost, after everyone who has died, he wants to make a difference. Everyone says their goodbyes to Ben and Tom as they get ready to take off, but suddenly alarms go off as a squad of beamers are seen heading towards the town. Everyone runs into position to start shooting but before they can shoot, suddenly all the beamers start exploding in mid-air. Lexi appears from behind the rubble, having returned to them, having saved them.[44] No one is willing to give Lexi a chance until Dan steps in and suggests they at least hear out her plan. Dan’s faith in his own daughter, even after she had been changed into a monster, is weighed on heavily hear as he is the only one willing to put any faith in Lexi, especially after Anne gives up on her.[45] Matt is being taught how to throw knives by Weaver. After the portable harness farm lands in Chinatown, Weaver and Matt hide out in a basement below Chinatown. The two try to block anything from entering, however are unable to and end up getting stuck on the ground as of the glue like substance. A harness tries to attack itself to Matt, however throws a knife at it. Weaver and Matt begin to chant "the fight isn't over until it's over". Anne find the two, and uses her flamethrower to destroy the glue, however it dies out and she is also stuck. The next morning, the farm is destroyed as a result of the Espheni Power Station being destroyed. Matt, Weaver and Anne regroup with the others, and after Cochise tells them the news that Tom was lost in space, Matt begins to get angry at Cochise.[46]

At Chinatown, Weaver nudges a mournful Anne to speak to the troops, so she tells everyone that while Tom and Lexi may be gone, the good news is that the Espheni power core is down. After that setback, their foe bugged out in a mass exodus. After Tom Mason returns, Cochise is looking for nearby alien tech, and during reveals to Weaver and Tom there are militias worldwide, as far south as Sao Paolo and the largest in the US currently residing Tucson, Arizona. Cochise mentions that the Volm have had contact with them, and the thing they are lacking is leadership and a plan. Weaver later listens to Tom's "find your warrior" speech. Weaver later joins team Bravo in search for alien tech. While walking, Mega Mechs power up and the team shoot, however the Mechs only had enough power to stand up. The team strips down the parts from the Mega Mech which is lying down, however Cochise notices that team Charlie is not moving, and that they may be in trouble so they move to their position. After the team arrives they shoot at the skitters which have ambushed the team. Back at Chinatown, the team shares their experiences with Skitters, and confirm that there has to be an Overlord nearby as the skitters planned an ambush for one of the teams. Weaver looks over the map and reads the possible locations he could be, and mentions Woodrow Wilson High School. Tom tells Weaver to read out that location again, and tells him that's the place as of a vision he had. After the mission to find the Overlord is complete, Weaver attends Denny's funeral.[47] Weaver defends Chinatown from the herd of skitters which attack, and during their food supply is destroyed. Later, Ben manages to find some tins of food that survived the blast and Weaver discovers they were made in a factory located not far from where they are holed up so they hatch a plan for Pope, Sarah, Ben and Maggie to head on out and try to scavenge as much food as they can. Anthony and a few other fighters manage to take a Skitter alive and proceed to torture it out of some form of misguided justice. Tom sees exactly what his men are doing and just stands back forcing Weaver to come in and become the voice of reason, shooting the Skitter. Weaver later sends Butterfield to take his place on the barricade, and speaks with Tom about the men and their rage, as he doesn't agree with it.[48] Weaver takes a team of fighters to the crop field where skitters and hornets are gathered. He watches as Dingaan Botha uses his droid to drop poison on them. Back at Chinatown, Weaver looks over the recorded message Cochise helped create with Tom Mason to send to the other militias. Cochise shows Tom, Weaver and Anne a visual of where the Volm recon teams cannot access, which includes the entire Washington, D.C. area. Weaver later says they need to follow the flow of skitters to see where they are being made, after the crop field is replenished with skitters and hornets. After gaining the location where they are being made, Weaver, Tom, Anthony, Anne and other fighters go on the mission to destroy it, and Weaver and the others stay out front and wait for the explosion before opening fire on the remaining skitters and hornets. Anthony freezes which causes a delay, and Tom asks Weaver to speak with him. Back at the camp, Anthony relieves the guard that Weaver put on the Overlord. The Overlord opened the Shadow Plane its left hand revealing a red glowing object, which causes Anthony to shoot it to death. The object turns to dirt away after the Overlord dies. Weaver comes in and takes Anthony’s weapon from him. He is then taken out of the fight as a soldier after Anne reveals that he has PTSD, and has been showing signs of it.[49] Cochise, reveals to Mason, Weaver and the rest that his “life span has concluded.” The Volm has called his father to share a “silence,” which is their custom. Anne Glass is horrified, as is Weaver. They find out that his version of a kidney, he has only one, is giving out and Anne explains about organ transplants in an effort to save him. Tom asks Ryan to join his group who head to a police station to recon for gasoline and weapons. Weaver has explained that the 2nd Mass will not go very far without extra fuel or vehicles, hence the trip. Mason, Ryan, Weaver, Matt and Dingaan arrive at the police station and find a group of vehicles that appear to be in operating order. Weaver finds an immaculate muscle car and is overjoyed. After they arrive back to camp, Anne strips the battery from Weaver's muscle car in an effort to save Waschak-cha'ab with. As she collects jumper cables, and Weaver calls for wrenches to remove the battery. Later, Tom goes to save his son Hal, after Pope kidnaps him and Weaver tells him to be careful. Weaver tells him that the war has changed people, Tom says he knows that Pope has changed. “I was talking about you,” says Weaver. Weaver goes over the plans to travel to the naval base that is said to still be standing.[50] Weaver and the rest of the 2nd Mass are ambushed by what appears to be one gunman who has the drop on the convoy. He demands a truck and half their ammunition or he will start blowing up vehicles every 30 seconds. Weaver goes into talk and once inside he gets shot. Anne comes up to make sure he is alright and Weaver tells her to play along, as the gunman has a wife and two kids he is trying to protect. Weaver tries to get into the gunman's head, but this man is off with the fairies and not to be reasoned with. Anne, reluctantly, orders half the ammo to be placed by the door. She tells the rest of the troops that they will double back later and get Weaver. Weaver tries to overpower the ambusher, however looses. Later, while the gunman is in another room talking to his family, Weaver gets his hands lose. He asks for water and when the man gives him a drink Weaver grabs the pistol off the man's belt. Both men stand facing each other with weapons at the ready when Maggie and Ben enter through the window in. After a short tense stand off, Weaver talks the man down and tells him they can help. He reveals that he lost kids, and he explains that they are there for him as they, the 2nd Mass. His speech calms the distraught father and he shows Weaver what was in the other room. His family are all dead and in body bags. Weaver gets the mans name, being Marty, and convinces him to join the 2nd Mass.[51] Weaver and the 2nd Mass arrive at a whiskey distillery, and gives a small speech to the 2nd Mass, about their travels to DC. Weaver is having a hard time accepting the fawning gratitude of Marty. As they bivouac for the night, Marty is so intrusive that he is making Weaver uncomfortable; arranging his backpack and tent, and finally Weaver asks Marty just to find him a bottle of whiskey. They have followed the signal to a distillery and Weaver has split the 2nd Mass into separate groups to search for the source; the transmitter. After Marty finds the Shadow Plane while searching for whiskey, telling Weaver, Marty gets more praise for his find than for the whiskey as it looks like this may turn the tide of the war. Cochise is informed and tells them about the Shadow Plane, and Weaver touches it, he connects through the communication to find many Espheni Overlords communicating. After Tom makes his way back to the 2nd Mass, he shows the first nail in the Espheni's coffin, the Shadow Plane.[52] Weaver, Hal and Tom scout the running naval base. When they go in for a closer look, Hal stops them from stepping on trap wire, however are soon ambushed by camouflaged guards. Katie Marshall who runs the naval base arrives, and spots Weaver who she knew from the military, and accepts the 2nd Mass into the naval base. As everyone settles in, they quickly start to explain what they need in order to take the fight to the enemy but it doesn't seem like the military are all that interested in going out there to fight, but just to survive. As Weaver, Tom and Hal show them the maps from the Volm, they all seemed a bit shocked and concerned that the 2nd Mass are working with Volm. Weaver catches up with Marshall learning that they recently took on enemy fire a few weeks ago while on patrol and lost some men. She also talked about having to find and deal with human collaborators. The next morning Weaver decides to have breakfast with Marshall, as they revisit old times. As the 2nd Mass begin to all be arrested, Weaver visits Marshall to see what is going on. Marshall explains that she doesn't trust Tom, and thinks that Tom is just playing Weaver, being a collaborator. After, Weaver finds Matt and helps him disguise himself as a solider to escape the base and get to Cochise and Dingaan Botha for help.

The court-martial taking place.

The court-martial begins and Ben is dragged in barely able to walk or think straight, and Tom and Weaver both find out he was tortured. Weaver is shocked and Tom is furious but she continues to move forward with the trial. She goes through each and every case in which Tom was captured and found his way back without explanation and she just can't believe any of its true. When Tom begins to berate her about the entire thing being a farce, she stares out into nothing and her wound begins to bleed again. She closes the file on Tom, Ben and Hal and declares them traitors, charging them with treason for which the sentence is death.[53]

During the night, Weaver stalks Katie Marshall. During her travels, she meets with an Overlord, and after she leaves Weaver strangles it with his belt. Weaver shows Demarcus Wolf, as he has shown doubt in what Marshall has been doing. Weaver asks Wolf to bring it back to the naval base, acting like he killed it to spectate the reaction from Marshall. Weaver gathers a group of soldiers who disagree with what Marshall is doing, and asks them to join the 2nd Mass. Later, Katie shows Weaver the graveyard of 39 different collaborators, and Marshall orders Zak Kagel to take him to her quarters fro questioning. Kagel comments that he is getting on Marshall's nerves. Weaver is on the outpost the next day standing next to Marshall, and watches as the Masons and Wolf line up for execution. The soldiers have already rebelled against Marshall, and do not shoot the Masons. Weaver is soon forced to kill Marshall after she tries to shoot Tom Mason. Weaver learns that the real Katie died a long time ago, and the Espheni are now just using her body.

Following the joining of the 14th Virginia and the 2nd Mass, Cochise brings in the Shadow Plane device which they had disconnected. He is unsure of why it still works disconnected and when Ben Mason's spikes react to it, theorizes that it does so as both are Espheni technology. Weaver watches as Ben connects with the device and is shocked when Ben mentions the Overlords doing a ritual to a higher being. When confronted by Tom about his reaction, Cochise tells him "I never thought it possible," showing a knowledge of the being.[54]

Weaver, Tom and Anne keep watch on Ben Mason as he gains information from entering the Shadow Plane. When Ben tries to go in while he is weak, Weaver and Tom pull him away. As Matt Mason brings Alexis Glass-Mason into the naval base, all fighters are on high alert and Weaver sends her to the cells, knowing she is just an Espheni decoy. Weaver and Anne speak about the situation, and Anne knows that isn't the Lexi she knew. Weaver, Tom and Dingaan Botha later greet a militia that Dingaan communicated with. Dingaan mentions that they were attacked by skitters, losing half their group. Weaver tells they group they need to lay down their weapons, however they take off their disguises and John Pope reveals himself. Before one of the members can shoot, Weaver shoots him in the chest then takes cover. While Pope's group is under a building taking cover, Tom and Weaver shoot a barrel which explodes and collapses a building onto the group. Anthony survived the attack, and when he realized that Pope is hurting innocent people, Anthony saved Anne when she was about to be shot. Anthony shields the bullets, and Weaver later visits Anthony. Anthony apologizes to Weaver, and tells him he understands his he leaves him behind. Weaver lays down some ground rules, accepting him back to the 2nd Mass. When Tom goes to speak with "Lexi", she pulls Tom through the chain link cell, and Weaver yells at Ben to throw the Dornia Weapon at her. Weaver watches as it slowly kills the clone, and disintegrates her to ash. As the 2nd Mass and 14th pack for DC, a large group of Black Hornet's begin to make their way to the naval base.[55]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season 1 appearances
Live and Learn The Armory Prisoner of War Grace Silent Kill
Sanctuary (Part 1) Sanctuary (Part 2) What Hides Beneath Mutiny Eight Hours
Season 2 appearances
Worlds Apart Shall We Gather at the River Compass Young Bloods Love and Other Acts of Courage
Homecoming Molon Labe Death March The Price of Greatness A More Perfect Union
Season 3 appearances
On Thin Ice Collateral Damage Badlands At All Costs Search and Recover
Be Silent and Come Out The Pickett Line Strange Brew Journey to Xilbalba Brazil
Season 4 appearances
Ghost in the Machine The Eye Exodus Evolve or Die Mind Wars Door Number Three
Saturday Night Massacre A Thing With Feathers Til Death Do Us Part Drawing Straws Space Oddity Shoot the Moon
Season 5 appearances
Find Your Warrior Hunger Pains Hatchlings Pope Breaks Bad Non-Essential Personnel
Respite Everybody Has Their Reasons Stalag 14th Virginia Reunion Reborn

Weapons[edit | edit source]

He mainly carried a SIG SG 552 Carbine as his preferred weapon for the first three seasons, then, after escaping from the Charleston Ghetto, he carries a Marlin Model 336W, he also fired a Mossberg 590a1 Special Purpose in "Sanctuary: Part 1", he also carried a Beretta 92FS

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I suggest you watch your back. Lest you find a dagger in it." - Season 2
  • "Alright, stow it. Or this 'stylin' rugged size 11 boot will commence to kicking some ass!" - Season 2
  • "We've been living at the razor's edge of death for so long, we don't know any different." - Molon Labe
  • "I will personally mount your head on the wall on this establishment." - Season 3
  • "Now we don't give up hope ever. And you don't. Now that's an order." - Season 3
  • "It's been an honor and privilege serving with ya. So let's give em' hell!" - Brazil
  • "You’re bitin’ off more than you can chew and I’m gonna make sure you don’t choke on it." - Evolve or Die
  • "Where's this coming from? You know damn well conduct compromised by emotion puts us at a tactical disadvantage." - Hunger Pains
  • "Marty died for one reason, one reason only. A hornet got him before he could shoot it. Period. Dying didn't make him anything he wasn't already. We owe him a lot, but there's no heroism in being a martyr. Getting yourself killed isn't something you want to do. That would just be stupid, wouldn't it?" - Reborn

Personality[edit | edit source]

Weaver's gruff personality often puts him at odds with the other characters in the series, and his daughter suggests that his controlling nature was responsible for the breakup of his family prior to the invasion, but that same personality is what makes him a great commander. Weaver has the mentality of a traditional soldier: he is disciplined, careful, and stubborn. Despite this, his first concern truly is protecting the men and women under his command, even if he has difficulty showing his care for them.

Description[edit | edit source]

Captain Weaver is a tough rattlesnake-of-a-soldier, with a no-nonsense attitude and little patience for babysitting civilians. As commander of the 2nd Mass, Weaver puts his military skills and experience to good use. But in this war, he is facing issues for which no training could ever prepare him. Like many of the survivors, Weaver has faced personal loss, but he keeps that story buried underneath a dogged determination to kill the enemy every chance he gets.

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