Actor Hector Bucio
Seasons Season 2 & 3
First Appearance Young Bloods
Last Appearance On Thin Ice

Allegiance 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Espheni (formerly)
Diego's Group (formerly)
Origin Pennsylvania
Age Late teens to early 20's
Occupation Leader (Post-Invasion)
Family Jeanne - Girlfriend †

Diego is the leader of a group of lost children in Richmond, Virginia.



Diego lived in Pennsylvania with his family who originated in Juarez, Mexico.


"Young Bloods"Edit

The 2nd Mass happens upon in Diego's group in Richmond, while on their way to Charleston. Significantly, Diego, who is around 18 or so, is also the boyfriend of Weaver's elder daughter Jeanne, who is a member of Diego's gang. Diego,who calls the skitters "Chinches" and agrees to accompany a 2nd Mass scouting expedition back to their camp for food and supplies, but while he is away the skitters apparently trash his hideout, snatch most of his gang and take them to a nearby harnessing facility.

Coming back to his shelter he finds it trashed and several kids taken to a harness facility. Though Weaver and others with the 2nd Mass insist that Diego wait to formulate a plan to get them back, Diego gathers up the remaining members of his group, even taking Matt along on the mission, to rush into the factory, where they are predictably captured and prepped for harnessing. The group gets captured, and the 2nd Mass shows up later and frees them. Diego ultimately decides that he and his groups best chance for survival is to remain in hiding, and so they leave the 2nd Mass behind.

"The Price of Greatness"Edit

Jeanne later shows up in Charleston to report that the skitters had attacked them just days after they left the 2nd Mass' camp in Richmond, and that she did not know where Diego and her other friends from the gang currently were.

"On Thin Ice"Edit

At some point he was captured by the Skitters and was harnessed. A militia group from Wisconsin spotted his camp in Kentucky while crossing the black hills. They later reported this to the 2nd Mass when they reached Charleston.

Sometime later he was rescued by Tom Mason and the rest of his team. His harness was completely removed by Anne Glass and he joined the survivors of Charleston. He questioned Jeanne about the Volm, and asked her if she trusted them.

"Ghost in the Machine"Edit

When the 2nd Mass was returning to Charleston after 22 days, the Espheni attacked, deploying Mega-Mechs, Beamers, and Obelisks. With the 2nd Mass separated, most of the remaining survivors from the attack are being held in the Ghetto Camps in Charleston, run by the Espheni; leaving his fate unknown.


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