This is not evolution. This is genocide. It's extinction.
Ben Mason about the Farm

Espheni Farms are recent areas isolated by Skitters and Black Hornets, that acts like a harnessing factory to transform adults into mutated humanoid Skitters. The adults are first taken to a pen, as revealed by Nick Phillips where they are contained. They are later taken to a isolated factory, filled with Skitters and Black Hornets to keep anyone from escaping. It is shown that the Hornets show no mercy, and if someone tries to escape they capture them, then drop them from the sky to the ground, most likely seriously injuring or killing them. Then adults are dragged by the Skitters to these pods, which give out a thick grey smoke. The adults are then thrown to the ground around the pods, where a new form of harness that appears to be a black parasite quickly mutates them. As told by Nick Phillips and Ben Mason, getting mutated/skitterized is extremely painful as heard by all the screams. As mentioned by the Espheni, this is intended to be the future of humanity.

The harness skitterizes the adults, but as stated by Alexis it is assumed that they have now completed the process. Nick also mentioned that the process was previously that "beta tested" for a period of time, as the first adult human mutants shed skin on their bodies like a snake, or that the parasite grafted onto their bodies, choking them; but most of the time they just died. Also as witnessed by Daniel Weaver, his daughter Jeanne Weaver broke free from the harness and could control her actions and protected her father; but her body was transformed into an abomination.

In Shoot the Moon, the farms have advanced to now be portable and can be released to the ground by Beamers. Dingaan Botha witnesses his scouting team all being harnessed by the pods. The pod gave out a thick fog which also released a cement like substance that cemented the fighters to the floor, while a harness is released from the pod and attaches itself to the human and introduces a black substance in the humans chest, transforming them. Later that night, a Beamer released a farm onto Chinatown, inciting a battle with the 2nd Mass. Several humans were Skitterized including Elise, but when Lexi destroyed the power core, the farm and its creatures died with it, saving the rest of the 2nd Mass. The creatures became withered husks after death.


  • Unlike the Skitters or other organic servants of the Espheni, the farms died and so did their creatures, indicating that they weren't totally organic in nature or reliant upon the power core to survive.

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