Actor Taylor Russell
Seasons Season 5
First Appearance Find Your Warrior
Last Appearance Reborn

Allegiance 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Age 14-15
Occupation Student (Pre-Invasion)
Family (Unnamed) - Mother †
Matthew Mason - Boyfriend
"Can we get rid of death? (...) Yeah. Family. I miss my mom."
—Evelyn to Matt discussing situations.[src]

Evelyn is a survivor found by the Dingaan Botha in Statesboro while she is roaming.[1]


Season 5Edit

"Find Your Warrior"Edit

Evelyn is seen with the other kids while Matt Mason puts mud on his face.

"Hunger Pains"Edit

Evelyn is sent to get a pile of blankets. While inside, she picks up the container holding the new bug species, and mentions she is so hungry she could eat it, however is told by Matt to put it down, as it's not a candy store. After she leaves, Dingaan Botha mentions he found her before the skitterization begun, roaming the streets if Statesboro. Later, after the kids are being rationed food, Evelyn greets Matt, and mentions she'll save him some food, however Anne Glass runs out when Evelyn is next in line. Anne apologizes, however she collapses. Evelyn is taken into the bay where the sick are being held. After Ben Mason finds canned pineapple, Anne feeds Evelyn a spoon of the juice to keep her sugar levels high.

Evelyn begins to heal after Ben's group bring a truck of food in Chinatown, and after Matt visits, Evelyn tells him there is awesome food here so he should try some, however Matt jokes telling her he would, but was told that you ate it all. Evelyn laughs, and Matt tells her he loves her laugh.


Evelyn is still resting from her previous illness of being starved. After she wakes, she sees Matt writing in a journal, and asks what he is doing. Matt tells Evelyn that he is writing what they should, and should not get rid off after the alien are gone, such as keeping anything chocolate covered, and get rid of everything pickled. Evelyn mentions that she wishes death could be gone, and that she misses her mother.


Evelyn has her first guard duties in the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment at the naval base. Matt speaks with her and tells her she looks good with a gun, before Maggie relieves her of her duties.


Months after the war has ended, Matt Mason is recording the events of the war in a journal and plays a tape of Evelyn singing. After finishing the book, Matt hands it to his father at the ceremony at Lincoln Memorial, and tells Tom that he has a date. Evelyn later approaches Matt, and the two hold hands, implying their relationship status. Evelyn listens to Tom's speech about the war.


Season 5 appearances
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