The Falling Skies Graphic Novel, is a prequel to the first season of Falling Skies. It was first made available as a web-comic on the official website for Falling Skies, then collected into four issues, and ultimately those four issues collected in a trade-paperback collection.

Graphic Novel ReleaseEdit


The following description is provided by Dark Horse on their official page for the trade paperback collection of the graphic novel:

"In the heart of Boston, following the devastating events of an alien invasion, history professor Tom Mason and his sons meet up with the 2nd Mass, a militia group determined to wipe out the aliens. But with the militia's supplies running low, Tom must locate an old friend to equip him and his team in order to ensure the survival of the human race!"


The graphic novel was released in four separate issues before being collected in trade-paperback form.

  • Issue #1
  • Issue #2
  • Issue #3
  • Issue #4

Web Comic ReleaseEdit

Falling Skies

The series was first made available in web comic for, It was previously available on the official on Falling Skies Site on, but now the webcomic is only available minus its final four chapters on the official dark horse website.


Being released into paperback form, the book contained five chapters within.


There are 5 Chapters



  • Paul Tobin


  • Juan Ferreyra


  • Nate Piekos


  • Andrew Dalhouse

Cover Artist:

  • Steve Morris

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