Hal Mason
Hal 5x10 Crop.PNG
Actor Drew Roy
First Appearance Live and Learn

Allegiance 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Origin Cambridge, Massachusetts
Age 17 (Season 1)
Mid 20's (Season 5)
Occupation Student (Pre-Invasion)
Lacrosse Player (Pre-Invasion)
Fighter (Post-Invasion)
Family Tom Mason - Father
Rebecca Mason - Mother †
Anne Glass - Stepmother
Ben Mason - Brother
Matt Mason - Brother
Alexis - Half-Sister †
(Unnamed) - Unborn half-brother/sister
Maggie - Wife
Karen - Ex-Girlfriend †
Rita - Ex-Girlfriend
"The 2nd Mass will take you in. We're good people. If you can read me half as well as you can read Pope, you know I'm telling you the truth. We're putting the world back the way that it used to be, and we're doing that by being there for each other. That's how we started. That's how we're gonna end."
—Hal to Isabella.[src]

Hal Mason is a main character in the first, second, third, fourth and fifth seasons. He's a scout for the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment and the first of its members to discover the Espheni Overlords. Hal was in a relationship with Karen Nadler, and after she was captured by the Espheni he slowly in season two started a relationship with Margaret.

In season three he was under the aliens' influence after having a parasite injected in him by Karen through a kiss. Karen's probe affects him deeply; he thinks he is meeting her in his dreams, but in reality he is meeting her at night to tell her his father's plans, and Hal is thought to have become paralyzed losing the ability to walk. Later in season 3 the doctors at Charleston, with the help of the Rebel skitters remove the bug from him.

In season four, Hal is his father's second-in-command, leading the ghetto resistance while Tom is held in solitary confinement and befriends a Volm, Shaq.

Pre-Invasion[edit | edit source]

Boston, MA[edit | edit source]

Prior to the invasion, Hal Mason was a senior at a high school in Somerville, Massachusetts. At the age of two he was said to be able to throw a perfect spiral. He played lacrosse for the school and also did track. His father, Tom read the Harry Potter series to Hal, however he would always fall asleep. Tom mentions that in some situations talking to Hal was always like talking to a brick wall, but his mother always knew what to say to him. The Mason family went on a trip to 6 Flags, and while there Ben and Matt both threw up on Hal.

Story[edit | edit source]

Post-Invasion[edit | edit source]

After the aliens invaded, he took up arms along with his dad to defend his family, becoming a scout for the Massachusetts Militia. He took two blows early on as his mom was killed and his younger brother, Ben, was captured by the enemy. During one morning, Hal and Ben got in a fight and their mother, Rebecca broke it up, saying she knew they were different but they had to look after each other. He has become determined to find Ben and bring him home.

Six months later, the Massachusetts Militia is attempting to keep Boston from being occupied, with very little success. Hal and his father, Tom, are attempting to scavenge food in a suburb of Boston called Back Bay, when Mechs, the alien's robot killing machines, begin to take down resistance members. Hal and Tom grab a food cart and begin to wheel it down the street and Hal unknowingly becomes targeted by a Mech, saved only when his dad pushes him out of the way, saving his life at the cost of the valuable food. They continue to duck and cover behind cars as they run to the barricade further down the road. Resistance members give them cover fire as they dive through a hole to the other side. However, the victory is short lived as the Mech fires a missile blowing up the barricade and killing the resistance members on top. Shaken up by the explosion, Hal is quickly pulled to his feet by his dad and dragged into a store to hide They then witness Skitters hunting down a young wounded teenager strapping him up with a harness. Hal attempts to bolt but Tom grabs him and pulls him out the back door, recognizing that the position is lost. As they duck out the back they run into another squad led by Cpt. Weaver who informs them that the Skitters and Mechs had taken most of the Commons and that they were to fall back. His dad argues that to lose this part of town will be to lose the city which Weaver says he knows but can't do anything about it. Suddenly, an alien ship flies over head and drops a bomb on Southern Boston. As they feel the back blast, another resistance fighter hysterically runs towards them screaming that South Boston is lost. They quiet her before she attracts Skitters and they begin their retreat back to the Militia HQ. Later, Hal assisted with the preparations to evacuate. Throughout the night, he and others began moving guns and ammo while listening to war stories from Anthony and Click. The main story told was about two guys from the 5th Massachusetts Militia Regiment who were cornered by a Skitter and managed to killed it with two bullets from point blank range. As the story winds down, Hal begins staring at the Mothership in Boston, which hadn't moved since yesterday. Hal says he wants to get inside and kill the leader of the aliens, causing others to say their own ideas. Tom adds some ideas that has worked from history, such as tunneling underneath it. However, Anthony stops him, telling him to stop with the history lesson, and they all go back to work. Hal asks his dad if he thinks it would work, and Tom tells him that it has in the past. Hal, a bit embarrassed by his dad, asks him to back off a bit with the history lessons when they're around others. Tom understands and agrees. Later that night, Hal is talking with another Scout from the 2nd, Karen Nadler, who is also his girlfriend. As they are discussing different motorcycles that they use for scouting, Lourdes approaches him, wondering if he wants some food and telling him that she was worried about him. He accepts it kindly, and tells her not to worry about him. She smiles and says she is glad that he's okay and walks away. As Hal begins to eat, Karen mocks Lourdes by saying her last sentence over, albeit in a snark tone, causing Hal to grin. While preparing to move out, Hal notices Matt asking his dad about his birthday party, and jokes around saying take it easy your highness, stinging Matt into a response, saying Hal had a birthday party, pointing out that it was after the invasion. Tom reassures his son that they'll do something when they get settled, which mollifies him, as the 2nd Mass begins to move out. After scavenging whats left in a grocery store, Matt worriedly asks his dad repeatedly if he and Hal will be at the meet up location; as Tom volunteered to go back to find supplies. Hal tells him to give it a rest, while Tom continues to reassure him that he will be there. Matt tells him he already knows what he is gong to wish for, going back to the earlier conversation. Tom inquires what it is, and Matt is hesitant at first, but caves saying he wishes everything would go back to normal, including having his mom and Ben back. Hal then offers a high five, but quickly dodges it saying 'too slow'. However Matt quickly high fives his other hand, saying Hal's the one who is slow, before moving out with the rest of the civilians, while Hal and Tom prepare to head back into the city. The rest of the 2nd Mass begin to move out, Hal, along with Jimmy, Click, Anthony, Karen, and Dai, gather up with Tom to plan their raid into Boston. Tom points out on a map that there is a store in West Newton and a food distribution center in Watertown, both places where there might be food. However, considering how close they were to the city center, they were most likely traps. He also points out that the main Skitter reinforcements would either come down River Road or Blanchard Road and they needed to know which on to avoid Skitters coming up behind them. He tasks Hal and Karen to scout the two roads to find out which one they're coming down, while the rest of them wait at the train station. As Hal and Karen begin to leave, Tom calls Hal over, asking if he needs any more 'hollow nose' rounds. Hal corrects him, saying its hollow point, but says he could use another clip, which Tom corrects saying mag. As he walks off, he comments on how before the invasion his dad would worry about him riding to his friend's house cause he didn't have a bike light, and now 8 months later, Tom is offering Hal extra ammo. Tom sighs and says things change, but as Hal continues to walk away, says somethings don't. Hal pauses then turns around and hugs his dad, telling him to be safe which Tom replies same to you, before Hal gets on his bike and leaves with Karen. After a touching moment with his father, Hal and Karen drive off, splitting up to scout for the Skitters and Mechs; attempting to determine which way they were moving. While scouting, Hal spots Ben and a few more harnessed kids being marched to an unknown destination with Mech's surrounding them and quickly hides to watch. He and Karen quickly ride back to inform Tom and the others that Ben is alive and harnessed. Though Hal wants to forget the food mission and get Ben back, his father disagrees, saying it's too dangerous to go after Ben at the present time and that they should get the food, return it to the camp, and then go after Ben. Hal gets on his motorcycle, threatening too go off for Ben by himself, but Tom wrestles him off the bike and eventually convinces him to wait on the rescue mission. Regrouping, Tom, Hal, and Dai enter the grocery store first and after seeing the coast is clear, the other fighters follow and start to obtain food from the store. While Hal is reaching for food, a Skitter appears and Hal falls backwards off a ladder he was standing on. Tom, hearing the commotion, runs to his aid and starts shooting at the Skitter. Hal scurries away from the gunfire and a Mech appears moments later. It begins to chase Tom but, after Hal shoots at it, the Mech targets Hal. Using an explosive the fighters bought with them, they set it off near the Mech and it explodes. The Skitter is then killed by a gunshot in the head from Dai, just as it was closing in on Tom. To celebrate Matt's birthday, Anne gives him a cupcake and Hal gives him a Ripstick, which he says is from Tom. Tom gives Hal a thankful gaze and the 2nd Mass watches as Matt rides around on his new Ripstick and gives other kids a chance to ride on it as well. After a few moments, Weaver informs the camp that it's time too move out and the 2nd Mass departs from the area. Sometime later, Tom, Hal, Karen, Jimmy, Anthony , and Dai are already staking out the Armory. In order to see if any Mechs or Skitters are in the area, Hal throws a tennis ball at the front steps of the armory and a yellow lab, Nemo, bought along on the mission chases after it. A Mech stomps out and Jimmy chases the dog and saves it, but almost gets shot at by the Mech in the process. Luckily, Hal quickly moves Jimmy out of the way. The Mech then begins to chase them, but they quickly run away, along with the rest of the group. When they get back to their base, word has gotten out that Hal saw Ben harnessed and other parents begin to approach him, wondering if he has seen any of their missing children. Hal informs them that he hasn't seen any of them. Weaver tells Tom that, because their mission to take the armory wasn't carried out properly, that rescuing Ben will have to wait until it's done. Therefore, Tom, Hal, and the rest of group must head out yet again. Before they leave, Mike approaches Hal and asks what direction the harnessed kids were going. Hal tells him and Hal asks Mike why he didn't ask him if he had seen his son earlier. Mike says that if Hal had seen him, he would have said something. Hal also admits that once he had seen Ben, he didn't acknowledge anything else. Hal and Karen then find themselves in an empty bedroom, once inhabited by a young girl. Karen expresses her distaste of Lourdes flirting with Hal, but Hal just shrugs it off saying that Lourdes was just being nice. Karen disagrees and Hal assures her that there is no competition. Tom then interrupts as Hal and Karen start to kiss, informing them that they are heading back to the armory tonight and then the Ben rescue mission will have to wait a little longer That night, Hal, Tom, and the rest of the group from earlier, sans Jimmy, are back at the armory. Almost instantly, Click is hit with an arrow. The group takes cover and find out that they are being attacked by other humans. The unidentified group of humans leader informs Tom that shooting at them will only attract attention and that they are better off surrendering themselves and their weapons. Tom tells the man to reveal himself, but Hal and Karen get caught, forcing the team to drop their weapons and come out. Tom, Hal, and the rest of the group are being led back to "home base" by these unknown men and soon come to find they are in an auditorium with a group of rouge criminals led by fugitive John Pope. His brother, Billy, is injured and Pope asks if any of the hostages can fix him up. None of them can, and Pope says that they aren't useful. He asks where they are from and Tom tells him they are from Cambridge, which is in worse shape then where they are currently, in Acton. Pope asks if they are a family and Tom tells him that they are just a random group of people trying to survive. Tom also tells him that aren't part of any resistance and got their weaponry from the National Guard and dead cops. Pope tells Tom that they will take Hal, Karen, and Dai into their group, but won't take Anthony and himself, saying that they don't need another leader. Pope aims a gun at Toms head and Hal, fearing for his father's life, tells Pope that they can get him more guns. Pope challenges this, questioning Hal about his father's claim that they were just random strangers, but Hal tells all, saying that they have guns as they are a part of a resistance called the 2nd Massachusetts. Pope grabs Hal and throws him to the floor, proceeding to inform a panicking Tom that he knows exactly what is going on in the 2nd Mass and that he knows how many fighters and civilians there are and about the Pontiac GTO with a .50 cal attached to it they have in their possession. Pope has been watching them and says he was staking out the armory because he knew they would come there looking for more guns. Pope then puts a knife to Hal's throat and reveals he knows that Tom is Hal's dad but he won't kill him, yet. Pope picks Hal up off the floor and offers to trade Tom and his crew for the 50 cal attached to the Pontiac. Pope calls for Margaret to lead Hal back to his camp and inform whoever is in charge of their resistance of the deal. On the way back to his camp, Hal attempts to reason with Margaret to join up with the 2nd Mass, but she shows no apparent interest in doing so. Hal tries a sneak attack on Margaret, but she quickly reverses this and puts a knife to Hal's throat, warning him to not try anything like that again. Frustrated, Hal complies and they finally reach the area where his camp is. Margaret tells him to be back in one hour. Hal finds Capt. Weaver and tells him of their run in with Pope. Weaver tells Hal they won't be trading anything for his father. Hal tells Weaver that they put a gun to his fathers head and he has to go back. Weaver is still not having it, saying Hal couldn't even tell him where they were since Hal had a bag on his head the whole time. Hal tells Weaver that they were in a school auditorium, a fact Weaver thinks is unhelpful and still says that he's unwilling to make a trade and that he has civilians too worry about. Hal says he'll go by himself but Weaver tells Mike to watch Hal in another room until they are ready to leave. Mike tells Hal that he will pretend Hal overpowered him. Before Hal can leave, he runs into Anne, who tells him that she thinks she can help. Hal and Anne go to meet up with Margaret and Margaret wonders where the gun is that Hal was supposed to bring. Anne tells Margaret that she can help fix up Pope's brother, Billy. Margaret warns her that if Anne goes to Pope, she might never leave. Anne goes anyway as she, Hal, and Margaret return to the auditorium once more. Upon returning to the auditorium, Pope isn't pleased to find that there is no 50 cal with them. Anne asks Pope if she fixes Billy, will they let them go. Pope says if she fixes Billy, he'll let them live. Anne fixes Billy and Pope leaves the hostages from the 2nd Mass, Margaret, Billy and one more fighter, Cueball, behind. After Billy makes lascivious comments to Karen, Margaret shoots him and Cueball, revealing she had been sexually abused by both of them. She then joins the 2nd Mass against Pope. As Pope is taking the 50 Cal off the GTO, Hal, Tom, Margaret, Dai, Click, and Karen shoot at Pope. Pope and his men fire back, but an alien ship fires an air strike over them but Pope thinks he's clear as he jumped in the Pontiac with the 50 Cal attached, but he runs into Weaver and is taken prisoner by the 2nd Mass.[1] The next day, Hal, Tom, and other fighters are watching Ben, from a warehouse roof, and other harnessed kids piling scrap metal while 3 Mechs and 2 Skitters watch and patrol the area. While peering over the roof to get a better look, Karen accidentally knocks a loose brick to the ground, drawing attention to them and they retreat, Tom promises Hal they'll come back for Ben. Tom, Hal, and Co. head out once more too rescue Ben. Hal and Karen are crouching with guns as a Mech passes right by them, but doesn't notice they are there. Mike, who is with Tom, spots his son, Rick Thompson, for the first time since the attack. He runs out into the open, despite protests from Tom, and grabs Rick. When a Mech comes stomping up in response, Tom sets off a car bomb and the Mech is destroyed. After hearing the bomb go off, Hal and Karen think the mission is complete and run out of their hiding spots. A Mech fires at Tom and misses, but Tom gets knocked out because of the close proximity. Dai throws an unconscious Tom in the back of a truck they brought along, leaving Hal and Karen behind. Hal and Karen come face to face with a Mech as the truck drives away. Hal awakens after being unconscious and sees some harnessed kids, Ben included, dragging an unconscious Karen away. Hal calls out to Ben, but to no avail. A light suddenly shines on Hal, and Hal turns his attention to an appearing Skitter, along with 5 harnessed kids. The Skitter points at Hal and then shoots the kids in front of him as Hal screams. The Skitter then allows Hal to leave. Hal then spots Tom looking for him in the street and collapses in his arms. Hal points out that Tom left him and drove away. Tom says he wouldn't have left if he hadn't been unconscious at the time. Hal starts crying and says that he is just glad that Tom came back for him and Tom tells Hal that he is just happy that Hal is alive. They hug and Hal tells Tom about what happened too the harnessed kids. Tom says that this is a historical prisoner of war tactic, "take one, kill the rest", and that the Skitters were trying to deliver that message by letting Hal leave. Tom says that, next time, they will take all the kids, not just one. In a later conversation between Tom and Anne, we discover that Hal blames himself for what happened to Karen.[2] Sometime later, Capt. Weaver tells Tom that he wants him and his team to check out an nearby motorcycle shop. Hal, Tom, and other fighters of the 2nd Mass prepare to go for the motorcycle shop. Pope comes along, unarmed, because he knows how to get too there, much too the distaste of the rest of the fighters. On the way too the motorcycle shop, Tom tries to talk too Hal and comfort him about the situation with Karen, but Hal insists he's okay. Tom tells Dai that Rebecca, Tom's wife that died in the attack, was always the one to get through to Hal and that it's hard to remember that Hal is only 16 years old sometimes. Pope veers off from the group and sees a sleeping Skitter, encouraging no one too shoot it because it'll wake up. Tom tells the group too forget about the sleeping Skitter, as that is not part of their mission. Once at the motorcycle shop, Pope hits Dai in the back of the head and escapes, killing the sleeping Skitter by setting it on fire as the group sees the smoke in the distance. Hal confirms that the Skitter was set on fire and that a group of harnessed kids are on their way to the motorcycle shop after going out to do some recon of the area. The kids show up with guns and start shooting and Tom points out that a Skitter must be nearby. After deciding that they can't kill the children, Tom sets off a distraction, allowing Hal and Anthony to escape. Later on, Hal is looking at a key chain he got for Karen but quickly puts it away as Tom walks in, holding a Harry Potter book. Tom tells Hal that, though Ben was a little old for bedtime stories, they made an exception for Harry Potter. Tom tells Hal that Ben will be okay when they get him back, but Hal disagrees, stating that Ben may come back "different". Tom tries to convince Hal otherwise but, ultimately, fails in doing so. Hal explains that Ben was like a totally different person when he dragged Karen away.[3] Hal and Margaret go on a supply run for medicine and come back with large backpacks full of drugs that will be useful in weaning the previously harnessed kids off of whatever the harnesses were releasing into their systems. In discussing how they can save Ben without any casualties, Hal suggests that he goes in alone at night to avoid a sleeping Skitter from waking up. Tom, not too keen about the idea of Hal going in by himself, states that they don't know how to silently kill a Skitter. Figuring that crossbows are the best way to kill a Skitter quietly, Margaret attempts too assist Hal in using one. Hal's skills with a crossbow, however, aren't too promising and Margaret's tip to him is too make sure he gets close enough to avoid missing. Margaret then tells Tom and Hal that Ben is definitely at the hospital and that she knows her way around it because she spent a lot of time visiting her aunt there. Hal then visits Weaver, saying he can go undercover with Rick's harness on his back and sneak into the hospital undetected. Tom pulls Hal aside and Hal tells him that he spoken to Rick, who told him that the Skitters allow the kids to walk around the hospital by themselves. He also tells Tom that he doesn't think the Skitters can tell if the harnesses are actually connected and wired to the kids unless they are trying to communicate with them. Weaver agrees with Hal, but Tom doesn't, given that they still don't know how to effectively kill a Skitter without making noise and, until they know how, Tom isn't deciding anything. With that, Hal, Tom, Margaret, Anthony and Dai head out to the hospital and, after going over the plan and a father-son moment, Hal sneaks past a patrolling Mech and enters the hospital. He falls in line with other harnessed kids and does his best to blend in, successfully not drawing any attention to himself. The kids pile together as they get ready for sleep and, in a very motherly fashion, the Skitter goes to sleep on top of all of them, Hal included. The Skitter pats Hal's head, making Hal understandably uncomfortable, as it settles to go to sleep. Outside, Tom thinks that Hal has been in there too long and Margaret agrees that he should've reached Ben by now. She and Tom go into the hospital together to get Hal. Hal goes to kill the Skitter with his switchblade, but it begins to stir so he holds back, unwilling to risk it. Hal goes for his knife again and Ben opens his eyes and looks directly at Hal. Hal says Ben's name, causing the Skitter to wake up. Hal wastes no time and shoves the knife into the Skitter's mouth. The Skitter proves to be more of a challenge than the captive Skitter Anne killed, and it pushes Hal back. Hal jumps at the Skitter again and the rest of the harnessed children try to pull Hal off of the Skitter. The Skitter pushes Hal down again and Tom, who has just shown up with Margaret, shoots the Skitter in the gut, and Hal stabs the Skitter in the mouth one more time and then proceeds to slam its head into the floor, finally killing it and rescuing Ben and the other harnessed kids in the process. While Ben and the other harnessed kids are being attended to by Anne and Tom, Hal is sitting outside the room they are all in. Margaret comes by and reveals to Hal that the reason she knew all about the hospital was because she had cancer when she was sixteen. Hal asks her what kind of cancer she had and she told him that it was "bad" and that it came with a 50/50 chance survival rate. Hal tells her that he's glad she made it as she walks away. Tom then approaches Hal and tells him how proud he is of him and how brave Hal was. He also tells Hal that Ben will be okay.[4] Sometime later, the 2nd Mass has received warning of an upcoming attack by the Skitters from Terry Clayton, a member of the recently attacked 7th Mass. Because of the forewarning, Clayton urges anyone in the 2nd Mass under age 20 should leave with him so they can be saved. While this debate is happening, Hal is troubled when he discovers that the newly rescued Ben can now do 102 pushups without even breaking a sweat, seems to miss the Skitters, and said that he wasn't sure he missed his actual family. Hal brings this issue to Anne who tells Hal that she's sure it's nothing but she brings it up with Tom, showing some concern about the situation. Hal's worries about Ben seem to fade into the background, however, when Margaret calls his attention to a man harassing Ben on a cafeteria line. The man calls Ben a "razorback" and Hal shoves the man away, coming to his brother's defense. Hal continues to be protective over both of his brothers when he decides to go with them when they head to the barn that Clayton suggested all the kids go too. Tom says that Ben and Matt will be protected just fine, without Hal there, but Hal insists after he reflects on a promise he made to his mom to always protect Ben, despite the fact that they were always at each others throats. Upon realizing his older brother is joining him, Ben is happy. On the way to the barn, Hal notices that something is amiss, giving the audience the first official clue that Clayton isn't who he says he is, and points out that, according to the map, they should be turning a different way. Clayton says that he isn't following the map to avoid putting anyone in unnecessary danger and insists that his way is, indeed, the right way. Hal buys it and continues the way Clayton says. It is revealed, that Clayton has worked out a deal with the Skitters to trade kids for the safety of his people. The kids of the 2nd Mass were bought to the barn to be those sacrifices.[5] The next morning, Hal and the rest of the kids in the 2nd Mass are playing a game of soccer with kids from the sanctuary. Tessa , a girl from the sanctuary, has a crush on Hal but her father warns her not to get too attached because she knows what the kids from the 2nd Mass are there for. Later that night, it's dinner at the sanctuary and Rick asks Ben how could he "eat their food". Mike apologizes for his son's odd behavior as Ben excuses himself from dinner and Hal follows suit shortly after. Hal goes to help clean up, but Tessa excuses him from chores since he's "new here". Lourdes mocks her, not too keen on the competition for Hal, before walking away. Hal, who was in the middle of a conversation with Tessa, is interrupted by Lourdes and Mike, who wish to share the information with him about finding Eli Russell's backpack. Lourdes fills them in and Hal adds to the suspicion by saying that nobody seems to be guarding the sky or the roads, that the people in the sanctuary seem to be more concerned with keeping everyone in rather then keeping anything out. Mike tells them it's probably nothing and sends them away, but checks around anyway. He discovers more of Eli's things around the sanctuary and is confronted by Clayton who tells Mike that he is trading children to assure his safety and the safety of his people. He asks Mike if he's in. That night, Mike is telling Hal how Rick never used to complain and how he wished Hal could've met Rick before he was harnessed. Hal, suspecting something is up, asks Mike to tell him what's going on. Mike tells Hal that Clayton made a deal with the Skitters and that they have to get out of there. Hal and Lourdes wake everyone up and begin to head out the barn. Before they can leave, Hal runs into Tessa and asked her if she knew about the deal with the Skitters. Tessa tells Hal that she was going to talk to them about Hal to see if they would let him stay. Hal can't seem to believe what he is hearing and ignores her. He hurries the rest of the kids out but not before Tessa calls for help. Hal makes a move to quiet her but Mike tells Hal to forget it and that they are running out of time. Hal listens and the kids make a run for it. Mike stays behind to try and hold them off and tells Hal to watch out for Rick. Mike and Rick say their goodbyes to each other and Hal and Rick run off. They hear a gunshot in the distance and know that Mike's life has reached an abrupt end. Hal urges Rick to keep moving, who shows little to no remorse for his father's death. Hal and the rest of the kids take refuge in an abandoned house so everyone can rest. Ben, who requires very little sleep, tells Hal that they need help and he can move fast to get it. Hal doesn't like the idea at first, but then agrees it's for the best. Before Ben leaves, he thanks Hal for rescuing him from the Skitters and they share a little brotherly love, and Ben is off. Later, Hal tells Lourdes that he's not only worried about Ben but about all the other kids too. Lourdes asks Hal if he thinks they can beat the aliens to which Hal responds, "I think we're gonna kick their alien ass". The moment is interrupted, however, as Clayton and his men find the house Hal and the others were hiding in. He tells Hal to come out, but Hal tells Clayton that he knows about his deal with the Skitters. Clayton says that he won't feel any remorse or regret if he kills one of Hal's friends. Hal tells Clayton to go to hell and shoots his gun. Clayton gives the order to take out Hal, but Pope, who was previously a prisoner at Clayton's sanctuary, takes out the shooter who was going to kill Hal. Clayton and Pope have a small shoot-out, which leads to Pope being shot in the leg. Tom arrives on the scene, tells Clayton that Pope is dead, and offers himself up as hostage to save the kids. Tom tells Hal to come out of the house and Hal does, albeit frustrated. Tom and Hal are both disarmed and are walked back to the sanctuary, where Weaver and more of the 2nd Mass fighters are waiting for them. Most of Clayton's men drop their weapons and Clayton, seemingly, drops his. Clayton asks Weaver if he's going to shoot him, to which Weaver responds "if I have to." He then turns to Tom and tries to pull a gun on a nearby Hal, but Tom shoots him without a moments hesitation. Tom asks if Hal is okay and Hal says that he is, and the Mason family is reunited once more. Back at the 2nd Masses camp, Hal says a few words for Mike, about how he sacrificed himself to save everyone and how he'll be missed. Hal finishes and stands by Margaret, who holds his hand, hinting at a romantic link between the two.[6] Later, Hal spots Ben doing an excessive workout regimen. Although Ben says that he's fine and shakes it off, Hal still seems bothered that Ben doesn't appear to be acting normally ever since he came back from being harnessed. Commander Porter returns and informs Tom and Weaver that they will be launching an attack on the aliens in 4 days time. In order to carry this out, Tom, Hal, and Weaver go back to Boston to stake out the area. In the process, they find a new breed of alien, and a woman named Sonya Rankin who has been living on her own. She had worked out an arrangement with the aliens where, apparently unknown to her, she could live peacefully if she told the aliens where people who popped up in her area were with the aliens "promise" not to hurt anyone. After Tom and Hal leave her shortly after to follow a troubled Weaver, a Mech shows up and Tom kills it. Putting the pieces together, the three figure out about Sonia's deal. It turns out that the harnessed child that she's been communicating with was Karen, Hal's girlfriend, who is not in control by Skitters, but by the new aliens. At this realization, Hal is desperate to save her but, because of how little they know about the area and these new aliens, Tom convinces Hal that it's too dangerous. They leave Sonia, after a debate about what to do with her, and head back to the school. Once they return, Hal vows to his father that he'll go back for Karen the first chance he gets. Meanwhile, Anne and Lourdes discover that Skitters are harnessed. This brings to light the idea that Ben, despite being de-harnessed, is still in danger. This proves that Hal being wary of his brothers new attitude wasn't so far off.[7] Weaver orders Tom and Hal to be put on sentry duty, an idea that doesn't sit well with either of them. Hal tries to argue this with Tom, but Tom convinces Hal that Weaver isn't thinking rationally due to the abuse of medications he is taking and they shouldn't confront him because they need to work together. Eventually, Tom does confront Weaver about the medication he is taking, a notion that sends Weaver over the edge. He has Tom imprisoned and forces Jimmy to tell Hal and Margaret, who hatch a successful plan to rescue him. Tom speaks to Dai, who was injured and was being tended to by Dr. Glass at the time, and discovers that the 4th and 5th Mass never made contact with Porter so the plan for the 2nd Mass to meet up with them and attack one of the alien ships is no longer happening. Weaver intends to go through with the attack anyway and didn't inform anyone that the other groups probably wouldn't be showing up, putting the 2nd Mass at risk. Tom talks to Pope and seemingly convinces him to hold off on giving Weaver the weapons he needs for the alien attack unless he calls the whole thing off. Weaver then finds Tom, Hal, and Margaret and is forced to give up his weapon since he is outnumbered. Pope then shows up and pulls his gun on Hal, Tom, and Margaret, explaining that he would rather take out the alien ship with less people then not take it out at all. Tom then reasons with Weaver and they come to an agreement to let everyone know about the recent developments and let everyone decide for themselves whether they want to join Weaver in taking down the ship. After informing the 2nd Mass of the plan, Hal tells Tom that he wants to go with Weaver and Tom reluctantly agrees.[8] The volunteer's for the plan begin their trek out to Boston, with Hal leading the way. Later, Hal tells Weaver that they've been lucky so far, as they've made the trip without running into any major problems. While they're talking, Hal notices that Weaver's hands shake as a result of being off the medication he had been abusing for some time. Weaver notices Hal's recognition of this and asks how much he knows. Hal explains that there aren't many secrets between him and his dad and, now that Weaver stopped taking the pills, he feel's comfortable executing the plan with him. Hal believes that Weaver is still wondering why he came and, proving the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Hal makes a historical parallel referencing Pearl Harbor. He explains how soldiers his age wanted to fight back against the enemy despite how long the war would last or how much danger they'd be in. Weaver says that this is different because the aliens don't make the same mistakes and that "they haven't missed a beat yet". Hal disagrees, referencing the 2nd Mass soldiers behind them and how they're still alive. Hal and Anthony return from their scouting mission and tell Weaver that the Mech's are positioning themselves around the alien structure. Anthony says that they couldn't make contact with any other teams but he saw smoke coming from one of positions at the base of the structure where the bomb was supposed to be, insinuating that an attack took place. Hal adds that he thinks none of the teams made it. Anthony continues and says that the Mech's look like they are on the attack. At this grim news, Weaver tells Hal to get on his bike and go back to the school while the rest of the group continues on. Hal is upset at this and says that he want's to see this through but Weaver tells Hal to go back once again and tell Tom that he was right and that the civilians need to be evacuated from the school. Hal argues that Weaver is going to need every fighter but Weaver tells Hal that there will be other battles as long as people know that Skitters can be hit hard. Hal doth protest some more, but Weaver tells Hal that he can lead the next fight and the one after that, but to tell everyone that the resistance drew blood from the Skitters, which isn't true since the 2nd mass hasn't done damage to any aliens on this trip. Weaver tells Hal to lie to give people hope. Hal, conflicted on what to do, eventually decides to head back to the school, albeit disappointed. Hal returns to the school and tells Tom that the 4th and 5th Mass really didn't show up but Weaver is following through with the plan anyway. Tom says that it's a suicide mission and Hal agrees, telling Tom that he thinks it's why Weaver sent him back. Tom says that Weaver must know it won't work and finds it odd that Hal didn't run into any trouble on his way back to the school, concluding it must have had something to do with Ben and Scott jamming the Skitter frequency during a Mech attack earlier in the episode. Tom believes the aliens are withdrawing their forces and trying to figure out what happened. Tom says he wants the generator and the transmitter loaded onto a vehicle as soon as possible.[9]

3 months later Hal leads his own group during a mission. When Weaver calls for everyone to cease fire Ben continues to shoots, despite Hal yelling at him. He finally stops after a moment. The teams have 8 minutes until the beamers come down on them. Hal and his team are about to leave, however Ben see's a skitter moving. He tells Hal that he doesn't have a clear shot. Hal tells Ben to leave it however Ben disobey's him and jumps down to get a closer look. When he jumps down and stabs him in the head. Hal follows him asking what the hell he was thinking. Before the boys hear a noise from the alley. A skitters appears and Ben takes his gun and out and shoots it right away. Only when the Skitter fell Tom was behind it. He takes one look at his son before falling. He thanks god that his boys are alive. Ben tells Dr. Anne Glass that it was dark and that he didn't know. Matt finds Ben, he tells him that knows he didn't mean to hurt dad. Matt tells Ben that it's not fair, he wants to go with them. Ben tells him that he's old enough how to handle a gun. Hal calls for Ben telling him that what happened what dad was an accident. That he needs to know that next time he will listen. Ben blows him off telling him whatever. Ben tells him that he'll follow his orders but he's not dad. Ben is teaching Matt how to shoot a gun when Hal and Maggie show up. Hal finds Ben teaching Matt how to shoot. Hal ask why he has a gun and Ben replies saying how he figured how it was time that Matt learned how to shoot. He then tells him that he may have to follow his orders on mission, but other than that he doesn't. He tells Matt to go back to camp. He tells him that Matt may or may not be ready to shoot a gun, but that it dad decision to decide. That when dad comes back that he we decide. Ben tells him if Matt is old enough to load a gun, he's old enough to shoot it.. Ben tells him that he doesn't want Matt to get taken away like dad, or him... or Karen. This causes Hal to charge him, only to have Ben grab him by the wrist slowly making Hal back down. Hal later sleeps in the med bus until his father wakes up.[10] Hal, Maggie, Ben, Dai, Jamil, and Jimmy go to check out one of the bridge to make sure that it's safe. He tells Maggie that this is the only bridge that hasn't been blown within a 100 miles from them. That they got them pinned down on the other side of the river. A beamers roars above them causing a slight panic. Hal yells at Ben and Jimmy to get to their side. Dai manages to blow the beamer up before it shot at them. Unfortunately for them the beamer goes down crashing in the middle of the bridge, leaving a huge gap. Hal goes back to the bridge with others to check out the bridge, and find a solution. After they find he offers to go with Maggie across the river to scout the other side of the river, tom make sure that they won't be ambushed. However Ben tells him that it's better if he goes. When they arrive back, Hal and Tom go into their tent. Hal tells his father that it's Ben's spike, that"He could run miles without breaking a sweat. He has ears like a jack rabbit. He can see like a hawk."Tom tells Hal how proud he is of Hal, at how he stepped up. Tom ask Hal for a favor. He thinks that the alien done something to his mind. He wants Hal to keep an eye on him. He wants Hal to stop him if something goes wrong. Tom eye starts to bleed causing Matt who was eves dropping and Hal to worry. Matt ask Hal if he's going to be ok. Hal told that it was going to be ok. Matt ask if everything he heard was true. Hal tries his best to convince Matt that their dad is going to be ok, that he can fight through anything. Maggie and Hal talk about how the skitters keep reproducing, with the way that they are killing them. Hal suggested that maybe they are Hermaphrodites, like earthworms. Maggie says no way. Hal suggest that they mate for life, which Maggie says. "No. They got to have multiple sex partners."Maggie talks about how the skitters have to mate for life and have rich gene pool. To which Hal jokes asking if she's still talking about the skitters. Hal, Maggie, Ben, and Dai set out to take the tower that Ben found, down. They cross the river with one of the boats. When they arrive at the tower, Hal tells Maggie that he wishes they had a bigger rocket. They wait for Pope and his team distraction, so they can blow the tower. Dai is going to take the tower down with the rocket launchers. Maggie ask what if he misses, but Hal tells her that he won't. When Dai shoots the rocket both Hal and Maggie say "Tick, tick, boom!" Lucky for them Dai hit the tower causing it too fall. Weaver tells Hal that they are going to go back to find Hal. Pope walks up to Hal apologizing for what he had to do. This causes Hal to grow angry and punches Pope.[11] Tom enters the tent to find Matt sleeping with a gun. Hal wakes up telling him that he insisted on sleeping with it, but Hal empty the mag. Hal tells his father that Ben is out on patrol with Jimmy. He tells his dad that he and Jimmy are a good team. Ben grabs Pope who is threaten his dad to leave. Jimmy creates a distraction, letting Ben grab Pope and put a knife to his neck. He told them to drop their weapons. When no one did Jimmy shot against close to Pope's feet. Ben told them that he won't miss next time. Therefore everyone put their weapons on the ground. Ben tells his dad that they were on their way back from patrol. When Ben came back with a dying Jimmy. Weaver, Tom, and Hal went off to the side to talk to him. Hal asked if that's what he and Jimmy were doing last night when they found dad. Tom has Hal take Ben away to change. Ben is sitting at the mess tent, with Hal, Maggie, and Weaver a few tables over. He see's Hal looking at him and ask him why he's looking at him like that. Maggie walks up to Hal asking if he's ok. Hal tells him that he doesn't know what Ben was thinking, going out like that. Maggie tries to reason with Hal about Ben. Ben leaves when he hears the news of Jimmy. Tom has Hal go look for Ben. After searching Hal finds his dad. Hal ask if he thinks it time that he stops chasing after Ben. Thank when Ben was little he would his toys or his books or whatever, and that he would pick up after him. He tells him that he can't keep doing this, Tom tells him that this isn't what it is. Before Hal could say anything else a plane flies above them, causing a panic. Weaver ask Hal to accompany their guest to the mess hall. Hal goes looking for Ben, since he couldn't find him. He finds Ben back at Jimmy's grave, he looked a little confuse. He ask if he's alright but Ben tells him that he is.[12] Hal and Ben are staking out near a factory. They are checking out the places that are not safe. They are talking when 2 people come out of nowhere and take their bikes. Hal tells Ben that they aren't going back without their bikes. When Hal see that Ben is doing something he ask. Ben tells him that they are heading east, he tells him that he can hear their engine. Hal and Ben find the area of where the bikes have been taken. He gives Ben his gun telling him to go in a different direction. He enters the building to find the warehouse full of children. He tells Diego that he has 5 seconds to tell everyone to put their guns down. Ben is on the second floor with his sights on Diego. Hal tells Diego that he and Ben are brothers. That they were going to take their bikes back. After looking around he notice that there were no adults. He tells him that his people are camped out nearby. That they could spare some bike parts, and at the very least some food and water. Diego agrees to this bringing some his while leaving the others. Hal works with Diego finding all the places the skitters are camped out. Hal then gets hit in the head with a soccer ball by Maggie, who tells him it her bad. Hal laughs and tells her that he's going to get her back. Diego then asked if she's his girlfriend. Hal tells him that their just friends. However Diego doesn't believe this and tells him "That girl just kicked a soccer ball in your face, and your smiling like you just won the lottery." Hal and Maggie go with Diego to drop off supplies. He tells her that he's going to get her back, and she ask if that that's right. Hal gears up to go help Diego find his kids. Hal tells his dad that he can't find Matt. In the harnessing faculty Ben gets attracted to this big container which is containing some sort of liquid for the harnessers. Hal looks over at Ben and see his spikes glow. Ben freaks out shooting the tank. Hal makes his way over to Ben giving him a stick of gum. He ask Ben how this has been going on. Ben doesn't understand and ask what he means. Hal tells him at the harnessing faculty. Ben understand but plays dumb telling him he doesn't know what he means. Hal tells him that he knows what's he's talking about, hope that it goes away. Ben tells him yes, he hope does. He said he can rat him out but he's not sign his own death warrant Hal tells him that he won't tell. Ben tells Hal he needs to back off.[13] Maggie is sitting in the woods watching the sun rise. She tells Hal that she can hear him. She tells him that he scrapes his heels when he walks. Hal tells her that his mom said the same. Maggie tells him that she was right. Hal responded that he doubt that she giving him pointer on how to survive. The two discuss how Hal was spying but really he was just looking out for his partner. He tells her that Weaver want them to scout pharmacies and hospitals. She tells him how she's going stir crazy. Suddenly in the city there is huge explosion, they can see a fiery explosion. Weaver goes with Hal and Maggie to the city if they need their help. As Hal goes to the city to help, they find that it wasn't what the expected. As he walked around he looking he see's spikes glowing from underneath a skitter body. He assumes that this is Ben and calls his dad over. Only to find that it's Rick. After searching for Ben, Hal tells his dad that there has been no sight. Maggie tells Hal that he needs to tell his dad about Ben's spikes. Hal, Maggie, Tector, and Lee go out on a medicine run. Hal say how 2 hospital down 1 to go, and no luck. Suddenly the sound of Mechs come around the corner. Hal and Maggie get into the nearest car. While Tector and Lee go into another. As a Mech gets closer Hal bring Maggie on top of her. He keeps whispering to keep calm. Maggie says she calm, and ask if he is. Hal tells her that he's never been more calm. Hal tells Maggie about the first car had, which was a Civic which had 212,000 miles on. He tells her about this girl he just started dating, Rita. He continues to tells Maggie about how there weren't many places to go. Maggie then goes and makes fun of the name Ri-ta, telling Hal that it was kind of an old lady name. He tells her a little about Rita. Hal then tells Maggie how he's never talk to someone like her. Maggie ask not even Ri-ta, Hal tells her that there wasn't a whole lot of talking. Maggie then ask about Karen, which Hal tells her that he didn't really get a chance to find out. By this time Hal tells her he thinks it time to move out. Outside of the car Maggie tells Hal that her problem is that she doesn't know how to stop herself from going too far. Hal tells her that it's ok. However Maggie tells him that she doesn't accept this and continues to apologize. Lee and Tector are outside with them. Lee ask how if they ever notice how quiet it is outside No traffic or jets in the air. Tector adds how he misses his neighbors T.V roaring of the baseball game. He tells them how much he misses the sound. Hal, Maggie, Lee, and Tector find themselves at the third hospital. They find a pharmacy in the hospital stock full with medicine and supplies. He tells Tector and Lee to catch a couple of hours of sleep. He goes outside to report the news to Maggie. Hal tells her that they should go inside and get a couple hours of sleep. However Maggie tells him that she's not going in. Hal ask her if it's because of the cancer. Maggie doesn't reply right away, so Hal takes a seat next to her. Hal mentions how she never mentioned what kind. Maggie replies telling her that she did. However Hal tells her that all she said, was that she had the bad kind, like there's a good kind. Maggie tells him that she had brain tumors. They had to operated on her 3 times, she then moves Hal's hand to her head telling her that she has actual holes in her head. She tells him by the third operations, she thought that if she just died on the table. That she would be okay with it. Hal then leans in, as well as Maggie and they share a long kiss. Maggie pulls away telling him. Don't, don't say anything. She walks away saying forget it. When Hal, Tector, and Lee come out of the hospital Hal tries to talk to her. However Maggie tells him how they are partners and how she needs to know that he's got her back, and she's got his. That they are just partners. They just partners, they look out for each. There can't be anything else between the two of them, nothing more. Hal them that they are almost when a random gun fire comes out of no where, crashing into a nearby car. Hal ask if anyone saw where it came from. Lee tells him hell no. This stops causes Hal to notice that Maggie is missing. Maggie is seen by a car flown from her motorcycle. She yells at them no, get out of her. Hal however gives his bag to Lee telling her to cover him. He goes after Maggie, and when he reaches her. She ask what the hell he's doing, to leave get out of here. Hal offers her, his hand telling that he's got to haul her lazy butt back to camp. The two leave safely and return to camp. Hal brings an unconscious Maggie onto the med bus. He asked Anne if Maggie was going to be alright. Anne tells him that she doesn't know. Weaver comes onto the bus moments later telling them that they got to move. He ask Hal who right away tells him he will. Anne tells him slow and steady, which Hal quietly repeats it. Hal enters the room with Lourdes. Lourdes tells Hal that there were no bullet fragments, that it missed her lung. Lourdes leaves them some time alone. Maggie ask Hal why he came back for her. When Hal tells her why? Maggie answer telling him that he could have gotten himself killed. Hal tells her that she would have died out there. Maggie however tells him that there are people who depend on him, people who need him. Hal however defends her telling her that people need her too. Maggie denies this, Hal then tells her that he needs her. He tells her that they got each others back, look out and care for each other. Maggie tries to ask him for favor but backs away, Hal asked her what. Maggie tells him that it might sound crazy, but Hal doesn't care. She tells him to sit down, and to stay with her. Maggie takes Hal's hand in hers.[14] Hal tells Maggie that he thinks she crazy that she's already on patrol. Maggie ask him how many times she has to remind him that she hates hospitals. Hal tells her that there are many dangerous to being out there. Just to be with him, he tells her that he thinks she likes him. Maggie tells him typical guy, making it all about you. Maggie tells her that they have to talk about some things. Hal jokingly say no not this again, that he knows what she means. Maggie tells him that she doesn't think he does. Causing a small short banter. Maggie tells him that she doesn't think she's the right girl for him. Hal questions this, stating that he should be the one to be able to decide this. Maggie tells him that she asked Weaver to move her to another a unit, Goodman's. Hal was about to ask a question when he hits a dead kids leg. Maggie tells him that there are more. The two of them go down the line of kids, they want to make sure that they don't miss someone who's alive. Maggie comes across Karen's telling Hal. Karen suddenly pops up gasping, telling him to help her before fainting. Hal and Maggie return to the hospital with Karen. Ben tells everyone that they can't trust him. When they bring her into the hospital, Hal gives Ben a dirty look. Tom, Hal, Maggie, Ben, Dai and Anthony are with Karen when she wakes up. After they leave the room, Ben talks to his father, making Hal to go talk to Ben.Hal ask why Ben is against Karen. Ben tells Hal he sure that Karen was a wonderful person before, but that the thing in there is not Karen. Hal goes and ask Ben why should he be any different. Ben tells him that he's not, that Karen can and will manipulate Hal. That she's already doing that. Ben tells the guards that he suggest they keep Hal as far away as they can. Hal walks away telling that he can such a ---. Ben ask him freak, Hal however tells that he was going to call him a tool, but if he wants to go with that. Hal and Maggie walks away from Ben. Hal tells her that he can be frustrating. Maggie agrees with him, but tells Hal that Ben is probably right. She ask Hal if he finds it strange that Karen just shows up less then a klick from the hospital. Hal agrees with this but doesn't seem to want to give in. Maggie tells him that the Hal Mason that she knows, would have just jumped all over that if it would have been anyone other then his girlfriend. Hal walks into the Karen's room the next morning to find Karen and Ben kissing. Karen faints and Hal rushes to her side. He ask Ben a few times what he did. He ask Karen what happened after she wakes up moment later. She tells him that they were just talking when their spikes started to glow.[15] Hal and Tom go to talk to Karen who attempts to make a compromise. However this does not get accepted. Weaver tells Hal took get Maggie and check out the tunnel. This is in case they need an escape route.Hal moves away from the others to find Maggie when. Ben stops Hal telling him how he screwed up, that he should have left weeks ago. That everyone is in danger because of him. Ben and Hal argue about how it was Ben's fault, but Hal tells him it wasn't. Tom tells Hal how he needs to go check out the tunnel. Hal and Maggie are searching for the tunnel. Hal attempts to open the tunnel. As Hal attempts to open the door, Maggie ask if he's still thinking about Karen. Hal tells her no, that the person he onced love was now gone. Maggie then ask if he's still in love with her. Hal tells her no of course not, but only tells her that how could he. Maggie then turns Hal around kisses him. When they separate Hal asked What happened to I'm not the right guy for you Hal? Maggie tells him that she changed her mind. Hal goes back to attempting to opening the door. When he does hundreds of alien spider come running towards them. Luckily Maggie managed to close it in time, only letting one out, which Hal killed. Weaver tells that Hal and Maggie need to get construction and sell every vent, door, anything that they could get through. Hal is with the front fighters when they witness Boon's death.

Hal and Maggie kiss.jpg
Hal walks with Karen to lead her to her master. She tells him about how great it is, then tells her how she can defeat them, how they can win. Hal shows Karen the plastic explosive. He explains to Karen that if they don't let them go they will blow the whole floor.[16] Hal, Maggie, and Pope are scouting ahead to make sure that there's nothing ahead. Hal tells Maggie that one day he's going to kill Pope. Maggie doesn't believe that Hal could do this. She tells him that he doesn't have enough dark in him. Hal tells her that he has plenty of dark in him. Maggie then asked what's the darkest thing he's ever done. This causes Hal to think to long for Maggie case and starts to laugh. Maggie ask Hal when they get to Charleston, what's going to happen. They discuss about whether Ben is going to come back or not. Hal doesn't believe that Ben will come back. Maggie tells Hal that he just have to "trust that fate is going to throw a favor every once in a while." Maggie tells Hal that she never thought that she would recover from the life she had. She tells him that she that her life got better, then he came along.Their car starts to over heat, Pope tells them not to pull over that there's a lake nearby. Hal is checking the engine, when Pope tells him to calm down. Hal tells him that they are way off course and that they are suppose to marking a safe route for everyone. Pope tells him that the radiator hole, has a hole. Pope tells him that he'll patch it up, if Hal goes to get water. Finally after awhile they get the car working. Pope says he would offer to drive but he knows the lovebirds have a lot to talk about. Maggie closes the windows, Hal ask if she's ok. She tells him that it ok. Hal is convince that Pope said something to get Maggie upset. Maggie tells Hal that after she got of the hospital that everything was fake. She tells him that she was 18 living with some guy in a hole sleeping on a dirty mattres. Maggie and the guy break into houses looking for whatever they can get. They get busted and Maggie finds out she's 3 months pregnant. She had her baby boy in the prisonision, all she can remember is the beautiful blue eyes. Maggie ask Hal if he has to say anything, anything. Hal tells her that it's a lot to take in. That he needs time to think. Maggie tells him to take all the time in the world. Suddenly there's a bright light causing Hal to stop suddenly. Pope stood up yelling come and get it. Hal, Maggie, and Pope arrive with Colonel Porter and the soldiers. Matt says that now their is missing is Ben. Hal tells Matt that he figured out that sometimes you have trust that faith will throw you a favor every once in a while. To which he glances at Maggie. He continues to tell Matt that they just have to be there to catch it.[17] Over 3 months later at Charleston, is among those who defend the rebel skitters and Ben from Bressler's forces. Once the rebels are permitted to stay Hal visits Ben asking for him to come home only for Ben to say no insisting he stay with the skitters. He is later among those who attack the weapon only to be captured by Karen. Karen then kisses him while he is restrained which strangely knocks him out. Later when he wakes up in a hospital room a parasite (planted during the kiss) emerges from his eye and enters his ear and smiling ominously, heavily implying he is under the aliens' control.[18]

During the Raid on the Skitter mining camp, Maggie and Hal drive through in Jeeps, with Hal manning a turret. After the get back to Charleston, Hal is helped out of the Jeep's firing turret by Lars and into his wheelchair. At night, asleep in a bed he shares with Maggie, Hal dreams he is walking through a forest to meet Karen, his old girlfriend turned alien collaborator. They kiss passionately until he wakes up, shocked. He tells Maggie he doesn't remember what the dream was about. The next night, Hal is with Karen in the forest again. She talks about her "transformation" to become one of the Espheni. She planted a probe in Hal's brain, so they'll be connected. She kisses him again. She says he woke up paralyzed from the neck down seven months ago because he was fighting the probe. She strips and climbs on top of him as they begin having sex, while her alien spine glows. Hal wakes up in the morning and neither him or Maggie can find his boots, which he left by his bed, which are now in the back of his closet covered in mud, raising both his and Maggie's suspicions.[19] Maggie and Lars flirt as Hal discovers them, in jealousy he leaves in which Maggie responds to Hal lying about being paralyzed and hiding something. Later in the night Maggie wakes up and finds Hal gone. She finds him in the woods apparently sleepwalking away from the town, and stops him, telling him he is walking. Snapping out of it, his legs start to buckle almost immediately, and he needs Maggie's support to make it back to town. Behind a tree, Karen and a Skitter watch them.[20] Hal is packing his things and making ready to leave, but is caught by Maggie, who refuses to let him go. Hal insists that he has to go and reveals that he has been seeing Karen and that she controls him by the probe she placed in his brain. He doesn't want to endanger anybody and feels he is a risk to his family and friends. Maggie refuses to let Hal leave, stating that every relationship she's been in has ended with somebody walking away and that she refuses to just walk away from Hal and wants to figure things out together. Later, Maggie persuades Hal not to say anything to anybody about him being the possible mole, for fear of what others will do to Hal. and says that he needs to be absolutely sure of himself before he tells anyone. Hal insist that he's sure and both of them walk out of the room. Hal, noticing a moment of opportunity to talk to his dad about him being the possible mole is stopped by a sudden explosion that rings out just as Espheni beamers pass over.[21] Hal, Maggie, and many other fighters are involved in defending Charleston during the attack. During the attack, Hal saves Lyle's life and is thanked after the battle. Hal later is having conversations with himself in the mirror as he wrestles with the reality that he might unwittingly be the mole for the Espheni. At the end of the conversation, it appears that his alter-ego has taken control of Hal. Alt-Hal is firmly in control. He tells Maggie he has no plans to tell anyone about his nightmares about working as Karen’s spy. After Anne Glass leaves Charleston with her alien daughter, she is stopped by a skitter and harnessed girl, and when she tries to go the other way Alt-Hal stops her.[22] Alt-Hal stares at Maggie while she sleeps, Ben comes to inform Hal and Maggie that Anne and Lexi are missing. Weaver, Ben, Hal, Matt, and Maggie are all briefed by Dr. Kadar that Lexi is not human but an entirely new species. Weaver takes a team that includes Hal, Ben, Matt, Maggie, and Jeanne, however they fail to find them.[23] Alt-Hal drives up in a Humvee and knocks Marina to the ground before holding Tom at gunpoint to come with him. While leaving, Marina recovers and warns Maggie about what Hal did, she shoots the Humvee with the 50 cal. After the Humvee flips Hal drags Tom into an upper floor of a building, the 2nd Mass surround the building attempting to come up with a good strategy. While in the building Tom figures out that someone is controlling Hal. Maggie reveals to Weaver and Marina that Hal has been having nightmares about meeting Karen. Hal says he needs a Humvee to leave Charleston but it only breaks out in a fire fight between Hal & the 2nd Mass, which manages to briefly knock Hal out. Ben, Maggie, and Matt go behind Weaver's back and find a different way into the room. Tom attempts to talk to the real Hal by pulling past memories and discussing his mother's love for him, as well as him being a great soldier, which then causes Hal to panic. After Matt and Maggie enter the room and talk to Hal, he attempts suicide. Luckily Ben sneaks through a door behind him and quickly enters and helps everyone save Hal. Hal shooting the gun but only suffering a minor bullet graze. Lourdes briefs everyone on how they cant locate an eye-worm. Meanwhile Paint Face tells Tom the implant must remove the bug but the skitters have come up with a device, he gives Tom a Hunter Killer to go in Hal's body and kill the bug if there is one but if there isn't it will kill Hal. Hal tries to convince Maggie that the eye-worm left when he was shot, and that the Skitters device would only kill him. Lourdes prepares Hal's surgery and sends the hunter killer in, after a few painful moments Hal passes out and the bug is killed, but only for his heart to stop. Lourdes saves him and Hal wakes up to find Maggie, and Tom next to him and says he doesn't remember anything that happened since the week before, Tom tells him he had a bug but they got it. That same night Hal leaves with his family to search for Anne and Lexi.[24] On the road, Hal and Matt reminisce about past experiences camping, before Ben and Tom return and prepare to flee. Out on the road, the Masons find themselves confronted by four masked figures with guns, who take the horses and supplies, shrugging off Tom’s suggestions of taking them to Charleston. Using Ben’s abilities to track the robbers, Tom and the Masons slowly make their way to the family’s farm, surprising and overtaking the members of the thieving group. Hal struggles to subdue Gil, the lead patriarch’s brother, before Matt shoots the man in the back to save Hal the trouble.[25] Hal is part of Tom Mason's dream caused by Espheni technology to get answers. Hal is at home with his family in Boston, and leaves for school. While outside the house, Rita arrives to get a lift from Hal, and Hal tells his father "don't wait up".[26] Hal finds Maggie in the armory, as Maggie assures him they’ll get vengeance on Karen, before Lourdes’s bomb goes off and sparks several cave-ins around the complex. Trapped, Hal and Maggie realize they might soon run out of oxygen, and begin arguing about Hal’s last mission without her. Hal worries that he might have planted the bomb before his bug was extracted, as the two console one another for the end. Maggie continues to bang on a pipe in their enclosure. Finding the source, Matt and Ben manage to make contact with a weakened Hal and Maggie through the pipe, and open the nozzle to allow oxygen into the room. Tom explains that Lourdes had been the true mole, relieving Hal, as he and Maggie agree to go after Karen together.[27] Hal and Maggie on the barge to the tower discuss what they think will become of their lives after the war is over. Matt, Ben, Hal, Jeanne, Maggie and many other fighters watch as Kadar, Tom and Cochise fire the weapon at the Boston Espheni Tower. As Espheni aircraft begin to approach them, Hal shoots it down, then the tower collapses into rubble. Later, Hal speaks with the captive Lourdes. She looks terrible and is desperate for the bugs to be out of her brain. Hal vows to help her get better. Maggie says they may have to “put her out of her misery.” The 2nd Mass are on the road, headed south to return to Charleston. Maggie appears happy, and Hal sourly remarks it is because she's glad that the war will go on. Maggie and Pope admit it helps energize them, and Maggie says that even Hal would never be able to return to a conventional life after the conflict finished. On the road, Karen comes out of the trees with some of her forces. She is carrying a white flag and says she can see that the Volm alliance with the humans has already gone sour. She is confident there will be more unpleasant discoveries for humanity about the Volm, saying their war with the Espheni has waged for centuries and will continue for centuries. She tells them that there may be a day when human and Espheni interests coincide. She tells Tom she brought a gift for him. Tom says he has a gift for her too, then shoots her in the chest, mortally wounding her. The Espheni guard of Heavy Mechs and Skitters attacks, but they easily destroy them all. Karen is lying on the ground almost dead. She tells Hal she only wanted to be with him and her final words; "I'm sorry". Maggie pulls out a gun and puts two bullets in Karen, which shocks Hal.[28]

"Ghost in the Machine"[edit | edit source]

As the 2nd Mass reach the top of the hill to Charleston, beamers start coming at them. He scatters with the rest of the 2nd Mass as the beamers drop obelisks that deploy a laser fence. As Tom destroys the last mech, Hal survives and during the four months that the 2nd Mass is separated, and he is imprisoned in a ghetto camp along with Pope, Weaver und Tom.

When the skitters drop food down into the camp, Hal tries to get some, but most of it has already been horded by Pope and his gang, and Hal calls him out on it, but then his father, rides on a motorcycle, and threatens Pope with a flamethrower until he gives up the food. Hal and Tector have became closer friends during their time in the ghetto camp, and they work together to try to tear down the laser fence. When they try the first time, there is not enough power to take down the wall, so they go to Pope, to see if he will lend them his generator; when he doesn't, Hal unplugs it and drags it away. Hal and Pope then engage in a fight and Pope comes out on top and takes back his generator. The following night Hal and Tector are talking, and Dingaan Botha approaches them and talks about escaping the ghetto camp.

"The Eye"[edit | edit source]

When the ghetto's are all thrown into the courtyard, a harnessed teenager is sent from the Scorch's ship, and warns Hal and the ghetto's to hand in the one they call Ghost. After, Hal speaks with his father about the plan to escape the ghetto, telling him that the plan is changed; and after he listens in as Tom speaks with Cochise on the radio. Later, as Tom is on Scorch's ship, Hal dresses up as Ghost along with Tector and other ghetto residents, and launches flaming rubble at the ship.

"Exodus"[edit | edit source]

60 hours before escaping the ghetto, Hal speaks with his father about their Favorite Led Zeppelin, Tom asks Hal when did he become a fan of Zeppelin, Hal replies the second he heard it. When the ship flies by Hal asks how it was up there, and Tom says that it was scary, but he learned a few things like that they are going to skitterize everyone in 48 hours. The two also look at the giant tether, and Tom says that if they cut the tether, the wall goes down. Later the next day, Tom demonstrates his plan on a miniature version of the ghetto, however Hal voice's his concerns with the plan Tom has suggested. Outside, Hal waits for the ship to fly past, then whistles, bringing out Kaden and more than 15 ghetto residents, Kaden tells Later Hal returns to Tom and Weaver telling him that he moved the first half of the population to the tunnels in groups of 15 to avoid detection, Tom remarks saying "look, he does know how to listen", then is sent to do a final sweep to make sure no one is left behind. In the tunnel, he waits with the ghetto's until the wall is down however, Skitter guards start attacking the ghetto's when they spot Henry and Ellen who fell behind, climbing down into the tunnel. Henry is killed by a skitter, and Hal gets the ghetto's to start barricading the entrance to the tunnel; and Hal kills the advancing skitters with a metal pole. After the wall is down, the ghetto's run out, and Hal waits behind and hugs Ellen as she cries over her dead husband.

"Evolve or Die"[edit | edit source]

Hal goes with Tom and Weaver to check out the shelter that Cochise had set up for the former ghetto captives. When the are near the front of the shelter, it appears that there is no one around however, Beamers soon fly over them. While Weaver is still hiding in the bushes, he hears a rustling around him but sees nothing. While Tom is at the front of the shelter, crosshairs are focused on Tom's head, and Hal and Weaver both go to dive at him. After realising it was the Volm, Cochise walks out and introduces his second-in-command Shak-Chic. Hal greets Shaq, but is correcting saying his name correctly. After Tom, Weaver and Cochise leave, Hal is put in charge and talks to the former Charleston residents, about finding the supplies they need. After getting directions, Pope goes to get the water without Hal's permission. Later, when Tector tells Hal that the Volm are leaving because Espheni troops are heading their way, Hal argues with what they said before Tector tells him shoot the messenger. Hal deciding to leave, writes a message for Tom that he would understand, writing "CROATOAN" on the wall.

"Mind Wars"[edit | edit source]

Dingaan and Pope scout some of the routes for a way to Chinatown. Dingaan and Pope are spotted by Mechs and barley made it out alive. They reach Hal, and tells them which route on the map they cannot take, and Dingaan mentions that they are trapped and it's only a matter of time. After Shaq informs them that they need a power source to track the Espheni movement, as they cannot use there own recon drones, Hal creates a plan to capture a Mega-Mech. Tector ties a rope to a tree trunk, that crosses over a road to another tree trunk, and when a Mega-Mech comes close to the rope, Dingaan and Tector pull the rope tightly, but the plan failed as the Mech noticed he rope. When the Mech faces Dingaan and the group, Pope drives his pickup truck into the Mech, causing it to fall to the floor and getting the new power source. When they find a new route to Chinatown, when they get close, Hal and Dingaan walk on a hill, and witness the outskirts of Chinatown, and in response Dingaan says there might actually be a safe-zone.

"Door Number Three"[edit | edit source]

While walking to the outskirts of Chinatown, Hal notices a green light on the moon. Later, Hal walks in on Maggie telling the escapees Alexis has met with an Espheni Overlord, and what they need to do. She stops when Hal walks in, but Hal tells her to go on, interested in what his half-sister has been doing. Hal, Pope, and Maggie lead a riot, trying to break into where Alexis is to kill her. Tom shows up, and berates Hal for joining them. Hal argues with his father, saying his father told him to protect his family no matter what, and Ben silently pleads with Maggie. Hal asks Maggie to tell Tom what she saw, but Maggie joins Tom's side. The rest of the Masons are clearly mad at Hal, and Hal relents, though he and Pope stay in the courtyard.

"A Thing With Feathers"[edit | edit source]

Hal searches for and finds Maggie amongst the rubble, and assures her it will be okay even though she cannot feel her legs. Later, when Anne says Maggie is paralyzed from the neck down, Hal proposes they use spikes to cure her. After Maggie asks him to let her die, he tell Anne she said yes to the operation. At first, they try to use some fluid from Denny's spikes, but it fails. Ben returns, and Hal tells him what is happening. Ben says they can use his spikes, and they transplant three of his to Maggie. Later, Hal thanks him, though Ben says coldly "I didn't do it for you". Hal is later slapped by Maggie for allowing the transplant then is kissed by her. He walks with his father afterwards, and along with his father he finds the beamer beneath the rubble, as well as a light on the moon.

"Til Death Do Us Part"[edit | edit source]

Hal helps unbury the Beamer, though when Maggie complains of her new abilities, he supports her going with Ben to train. Later, he sees her and Ben kiss. After, he punches Ben. When Tom come back and asks Ben and Hal if they need to tell him anything, Hal lies and says nothing.

"Drawing Straws"[edit | edit source]

Despite the fact that it was Maggie who kissed Ben first, Hal will not forgive his brother, even after Ben goes to him to try to explain. Later once the drawing of names occurs and Ben is picked first. Hal realizes he may never see his brother again. Just as they are preparing the ship for takeoff Ben finds Hal on board and Hal finally tells him that he forgives him and that Maggie cannot be told who to love, that’s up to her. Ben tries to explain that he does in fact have feelings for her and he can’t help it. However, he does try to help Hal by telling him Maggie doesn’t have those same feelings but he doesn’t care at this point.

"Shoot the Moon"[edit | edit source]

After the portable harness farm drops in Chinatown, Maggie, Ben and Hal all flee together, running into a garage. Hal attempts to close the roller door, and Maggie and Ben both use their abilities from their spikes to jump to the top of a bus. Hal is glued down to the floor, and has to shoot the harnesses before they attach themselves to him. Maggie and Ben come up with a plan, and use their strength to pull Hal out of the glue like substance onto the bus. The next morning, after the farm is destroyed, the trio regroup with the survivors.

"Find Your Warrior"[edit | edit source]

Hal listens's to Anne's speech about finishing the war, as they now have the upper hand. After Tom Mason arrives back, Hal listens to Tom's story. After, he listens to his motivation speech about getting mad, to find your warrior, and that now is the time for overkill. Hal Mason leads team Alpha on a mission, and the team has an easy time destroying some wild skitters and a beamer that crashed into a barn. On the walk back from the mission, Maggie asks Hal about how he made sure Ben was assigned to a different group; Hal romantically declares, "I’m not letting you go," as he swoops her up in his arms. But as much as Maggie loves Hal in return, she reiterates, "These feelings for Ben, I can’t control them, and neither can you."

Hal later joins the mission to the high school, to find the nearby Overlord. When they enter the gym, they find all the skitters finding under the bleachers, preparing to ambush them. When they reveal themselves Hal and Dingaan Botha bring the Mega-Mech weapons they took, the two both shoot the pack of skitters. After, Hal attends Denny's funeral.

"Hunger Pains"[edit | edit source]

Hal defends Chinatown from the herd of skitters, and during the 2nd Mass's food supply is destroyed. After Maggie's team arrives back with the food, Hal jumps over the barricade to help but fails to help due to his hunger. Hal makes it back into Chinatown, and faints from starvation. Hal is out for several days, being forced fed food, and Maggie mentions that his father has the record for most amount of times visited. Maggie reveals to Hal a unopened can of pringles they retrieved from the food factory, as Maggie remembered that they were his favorites.

"Hatchlings"[edit | edit source]

Hal goes with Maggie to search for Caitlin against his fathers order. After they find Caitlin, held by his brother Brian infront of an Overlord, Maggie connects with the Overlord and pushes Hal against a rock. After the Overlord through Maggie tells Brian to kill his sister, Hal runs up behind the Overlord and stabs him multiple times. When Maggie goes to shoot it, Hal takes her gun as they need answers from it, and points it at Brian. Brian extends him arm, takes the gun and shoots Maggie, however accidentally shoots his sister. Brian out of guilt shoots himself, and Caitlin soon dies after. Hal and Maggie drag the Overlord back to Chinatown.

Hal later joins the mission to destroy the hatchlings which are creating skitters and black hornets. They successfully destroy them, but during Anthony froze. As they all pile in the truck, Tom takes them to Sara and John Pope as they needed help, but when they arrive, Sara has been eaten and killed by the mutated bugs, with Pope sitting next to her.

"Pope Breaks Bad"[edit | edit source]

Hal tries to speak with Pope and apologize about Sara, however Pope does not want him apologizing for his father. Hal watches the confrontation between Tom and Pope after he arrives back from the police station. Later, John Pope kidnaps Hal, and when reaching his destination takes the bag off of Hal's head and tells him that he will not kill him. Instead, he says, he will kill Hal when his father, Tom comes to rescue him, in revenge for Sara's death.

"Non-Essential Personnel"[edit | edit source]

While being chained up, Pope cuts Hal's arm so Tom can hear him scream over the radio, and is patched up by Isabella. Isabella patches Hal Mason up and he tells her that it will not take Pope long to realize that she is not really a nurse. He also tells Isabella that he knows why she fought to keep her friends with Pope's crew, "you care". Pope speaks with Hal, teasing a drink of water, and spitting water on him. Pope says he will give Hal water if he will tell him that his father has gotten people killed, and Hal comments that he would love to spit the water right back at him. Hal denies it, and is punched multiple times until he says the words, but Pope soon has to leave after gunshots are heard. Hal gives a speech to Isabella, about "being there", which is why she decided to release Hal rather than just escape. Back at the camp, Tom infiltrates the camp, and Hal spots Tom. Hal watches as a Black Hornet carries Tom away. Hal and Isabella get away and try to search for his father.

"Respite"[edit | edit source]

Hal continues to search for his father, following tracks along with Isabella. The duo come across the hornet that carried him away, and Hal unloads a clip into it. Isabella and Hal find vehicle tracks, and Tom's jacket. They two sleep the night off, making a fire, and during the night the two open up to each other, which ends with a kiss between Isabella and Hal. Hal and Isabella come across a farm, where they find Tom. The owner of the farm Willie McComb fixes them a vehicle, and they travel back to the 2nd Mass. Hal introduces Matt to Isabella, and also Maggie. When Maggie greets Hal, he puts his hand on the back of her neck to show that she has removed her spikes, and is now her own person, having no forced feelings for his brother Ben.

"Everybody Has Their Reasons"[edit | edit source]

Tom, Hal and Weaver scout the running naval base. When they go in for a closer look, Hal stops them from stepping on trap wire, however are soon ambushed by camouflaged guards. Katie Marshall who runs the naval base arrives, and spots Weaver who she knew from the military, and accepts the 2nd Mass into the naval base. As Tom and Hal show them the maps from the Volm, they all seemed a bit shocked and concerned that Tom and the 2nd Mass are working with Volm. Later, Hal and Tom talk with the Lt. Demarcus Wolf confused as to why all he is doing is listening and not communicating with all the militia groups out there. He explains that he is under orders to listen only and determine if any of the groups are compromised by the Espheni. While getting their first good meal Maggie and Hal have their first real conversation after she has her spikes removed.

To ends up getting himself arrested and then all of the 2nd Mass ends up getting locked up after trying to understand why his son was arrested. Hal is approached by Lt. Shelton outside and is quickly arrested. While being arrested, Tom and Hal try to craft small weapons before they soldiers show up. When Shelton and another soldiers shows up, Hal and Tom attack them, however they are quickly outnumbered by other soldiers. Marshall has an entire investigation on them and feels that Tom's story of flying to the moon and the fact that Ben has spikes that they are all collaborators and she is setting up a court-martial to determine the truth.

The court-martial taking place.

The court-martial begins and Ben is dragged in barely able to walk or think straight, and Tom and Weaver both find out he was tortured. She goes through each and every case in which Tom was captured and found his way back without explanation and she just can't believe any of its true. When Tom begins to berate her about the entire thing being a farce, she stares out into nothing and her wound begins to bleed again. She closes the file on Tom, Ben and Hal and declares them traitors, charging them with treason for which the sentence is death.

"Stalag 14th Virginia"[edit | edit source]

While inside the cell, Hal and Ben speak about Maggie, Ben confessing to Hal that he liked her before the spikes. Hal and his family attempt to escape their execution with the help of Shelton and Demarcus Wolf but fail.

Hal on the firing line.

Hal and Ben are the first to be captured, and are briefly beaten by some of the soldiers. Afterwards, Hal is lined up to be shot with several "traitors". When the firing squad is ordered to fire, they hesitate, giving Tom time to arrive with reinforcements. Isabella kills Kagel and Weaver kills Marshall who is an Espheni clone being used to weed out their enemies. After Marshall's death, the 14th Virginia sides with the 2nd Mass.

"Reunion"[edit | edit source]

Hal is present when Matthew Mason brings in Alexis Glass-Mason into the naval base, and is on high alert as she was last presumed dead. When Tom arrives back, Hal, Anne and Weaver inform him of the situation. Hal later speaks with Isabella at the cafeteria, and Isabella asks Hal is he has visited Lexi. Hal knows it isn't Lexi and she shouldn't have been brought back, and Matt overhears then confronts him, saying it didn't feel right to leave her. Hal is present when a large group of Black Hornet's make their way to the naval base.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season 1 appearances
Live and Learn The Armory Prisoner of War Grace Silent Kill
Sanctuary (Part 1) Sanctuary (Part 2) What Hides Beneath Mutiny Eight Hours
Season 2 appearances
Worlds Apart Shall We Gather at the River Compass Young Bloods Love and Other Acts of Courage
Homecoming Molon Labe Death March The Price of Greatness A More Perfect Union
Season 3 appearances
On Thin Ice Collateral Damage Badlands At All Costs Search and Recover
Be Silent and Come Out The Pickett Line Strange Brew Journey to Xilbalba Brazil
Season 4 appearances
Ghost in the Machine The Eye Exodus Evolve or Die Mind Wars Door Number Three
Saturday Night Massacre A Thing With Feathers Til Death Do Us Part Drawing Straws Space Oddity Shoot the Moon
Season 5 appearances
Find Your Warrior Hunger Pains Hatchlings Pope Breaks Bad Non-Essential Personnel
Respite Everybody Has Their Reasons Stalag 14th Virginia Reunion Reborn

Weapons[edit | edit source]

In the first three episodes of Season 1, he carries an M4A1, which he ends up losing in "Prisoners of War", then he switches to a IMI Galil MAR Carbine for the rest of the season, for Seasons 2 and 3, he switches to a IMI Galil SAR Carbine, then in Season 4, he switches back to a MAR, then in Season 5, Episode 5, he switches to a CZ 805 BREN A2. he also carries a Jericho 941 R in " Shoot The Moon"

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "You saw what happened to Karen, they turned a sweet, sarcastic girl into a monster (...) I was furious when you shot Karen, I was convinced that she could be saved and that she could come back to us but you knew that wasn't the case. The Karen that we knew and loved was gone and you took the shot and you made the right call." - "Door Number Three"
  • "You can give me a drink if you want. 'Cause I would love to spit it back in your damn face." - "Non-Essential Personnel"
  • "We'd all be dead if it wasn't for him! If you think that you're a victim and he's the enemy, you've lost your goddamn mind! Fine! Do it! Coward!" - "Non-Essential Personnel"

Personality[edit | edit source]

Hal is headstrong and brave, a talented scout and fighter. He shares a close relationship with his father that stems from the fact that they have been fighting side by side since the beginning of the invasion. Although sometimes cold towards his younger brother Matt, he cares for him as shown when he brought him a present back from a raid during Live and Learn. He had a complicated relationship with his brother Ben, but this seems to have left way to something new after Ben was rescued from the Skitters. Hal was apparently closest to his mother and many say that he looks like her. During Tom's period of absence, he had more or less taken on the role of a father figure for his younger brother Matt and an authority figure over Ben.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hal is temporarily put in charge of the 2nd Mass survivors from the ghetto in Season 4.
  • Tom told Hal that his mother thought he would grow up to be a fighter pilot. Tom told Hal that he was skeptical of that up until the invasion. While in the Espheni Ghetto, Hal informed Tector of this desire.[29]
  • Before the invasion, Hal played lacrosse, and ran track.
  • Hal used to hate eating raw vegetables. 
  • Along with his dad, he is a fan of Led Zeppelin.[30]

Description[edit | edit source]

Tom’s oldest son, Hal, has made his father proud by growing quickly into manhood during the months since the invasion. Before their world was torn apart, Hal was an athletic and popular kid destined for success. Now he fights alongside his father as a member of the 2nd Mass. Although Hal can be impulsive under fire, he proves himself both brave and confident in the field. Having gone to great lengths to rescue his brother Ben from the Skitters, Hal now appreciates how much his family truly means and steps up to help any way he can. He grieves for the loss of his girlfriend Karen, but in a world occupied by hostile aliens, love has to come second to basic survival.

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