Jeff Russell
Actor Bruce Hunter
Seasons Season 1
First Appearance Sanctuary (Part 1)
Last Appearance Sanctuary (Part 1)

Allegiance 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment (formerly)
Age Early 40's
Family Mary Russell - Wife †
Eli Russell - Son †
It's the wild west out there, if we get into trouble we're going to need something to trade.
— Jeff to Anne about taking the meds.

Jeff Russell was a civilian in the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment, before robbing the 2nd Mass and fleeing with his family, only to be captured and killed by Terry Clayton.


Season 1Edit

"Sanctuary (Part 1)"Edit

Jeff takes his son to visit Dr. Glass as he says Eli isn't eating or sleeping, as a ruse for him and his family to steal antibiotics from Anne Glass. Jeff pulls out a gun to get Anne to put the meds in a bag for something to trade. When Anne tries to run and call out Jeff punches her in the head with the gun, his wife Mary tells him enough and Jeff looks back at Anne, apologies and takes the meds. After the Russell's run away from the school they are chased by the 2nd Mass fighters, however is eventually stopped by 7th Mass' Terry Clayton. His son was later seen being handed over to Skitters by Terry Clayton in exchange for his continued survival. Like his wife, it is highly assumed that he was killed by the 7th Mass, to stop them from going back to the 2nd Mass.


Season 1 appearances
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