John F. Kennedy High School

John F. Kennedy High School was the HQ and home of the 2nd Mass. It is located in Acton, MA. They had stuck out in the school for several weeks. The school had most of the supplies needed to survive. There was also a Science Lab located within it. An infirmary was also located in the school. The rooms are most likely living quarters, with the cafeteria serving food, and the Gym being the meeting area.


Falling Skies filmed JFK High School in Season 1 in the Etobicoke High School in Canada.

Command PostEdit

This is one of the security posts of the school.

Commad Post


Here Dr. Glass was seen often taking care of wounded and/or sick members of the 2nd Mass. It was here that the resistance began successfully removing the Harnesses without killing the children. The Skitter that Tom Mason captured in Prisoner of War was eventually kept here.

Work ShopEdit

Appears to have a lot of parts from various electronics. It is also the room where they build a radio, out of a radio kit. The room was also used to make the first skitter jammer. They also developed a bullet that can destroy a mech. It was also here that Pope built the bomb intended to be used in the Assault on Boston.

Ammunition RoomEdit

This is were the 2nd Mass stores their weapons and ammunition.

Ammuniton Room


Note: The Map below from the Falling Skies site shows the 2nd Mass near Westborough, MA. But Porter tells Weaver to head towards Acton.

John F. Kennedy High School

As a Fortress