Kate Gordon
Actor Lynne Deragon
Seasons Season 1
First Appearance "Live and Learn"
Last Appearance "Silent Kill"

Allegiance 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Age 50's
Family Uncle Scott - Husband †
Anne Glass - Niece
Lee - Nephew-in-Law †
Tom - Nephew-in-Law
Sam - Great-Nephew †
Alexis - Great Niece †
Unborn child - Great Nephew/Niece
"Every bead represents a wish or a good thought, or a piece of good advise so that when you go into labor you put this bracelet on and you'll have all of us right their with you."
—Kate to Sarah.[src]

Kate Gordon is the wife to Scott and a civilian traveling with the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment.


Kate, Scott, Anne and Sam went on a weekend trip to Lake Huntington, and while fishing with Sam, Scott caught a fish but as soon as he pulled the hook out it swam away.


"Live and Learn"Edit

The morning of the exodus from Boston, Aunt Kate is helping her husband, Uncle Scott, try to start an old station wagon . Captain Weaver tells him they only have ten minutes before they have to move out. Their niece, Anne Glass, then approaches carrying a box of medical supplies, asking if she should load them in backpacks or his car. Scott says "The car", but Kate is afraid he won't get it started and leans out the window and tells her, "Backpacks!". Miraculously the engine sputters to life and they load the car just in time to move out with Captain Weaver and the 2nd Massachusetts unit.

"Prisoner of War"Edit

Aunt Kate argues vehemently with her husband when John Pope is recruited as cook. She doesn't trust Pope, but grudgingly admits that his soup tastes "pretty good....considering."

"Silent Kill"Edit

Aunt Kate organizes to give a baby shower for Sarah who is pregnant.

"Worlds Apart"Edit

When Tom returns to the 2nd Mass, Anne reveals to Tom that she pinned up pictures of the people they lost; when Tom looks at the pictures, a picture of Uncle Scott and Kate is pinned up, assuming that she was killed during the Battle of Fitchburg along with her husband.


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