Mass Militia Regiment
The Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Commanders General Jim Porter (Mass Militia)
Colonel Daniel Weaver (2nd Mass)
Lt. Terry Clayton (7th Mass, Deceased)
Anderson (10th Mass)
Other 9 Commanders Unknown
Status 1 Known Operating
1 Disbanded
10 Unknown
Current Location Unknown, 2nd Mass currently operating in Chinatown
Strength 3600 (Beginning of Invasion)

Current numbers unknown

Fighters 2400 Estimated (Beginning of Invasion)

Current numbers unknown

Civilians 1200 Estimated (Beginning of Invasion)

Current numbers unknown

The Massachusetts Militia was the group defending Boston, Massachusetts from the onslaught of Skitters and Mechs. However, when defeat was imminent, Commander Porter ordered that the militia be split up into subgroups of 300 (200 civilians, 100 fighters).


There are 12 Regiments. Porter put Captain Weaver in charge of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment, with Tom Mason as second-in-command. Anderson leading the 10th Massachusetts Regiment, and Sam leading an unspecified Regiment. Terry Clayton led the 7th Massachusetts Militia Regiment, with Philips as the second-in-command, however the 7th was wiped out.

The 7th Mass was eventually wiped out by a massive Skitter attack that left all but a few fighters and about a dozen civilians dead. The 7th Mass survivors made a deal with the Skitters to be left alone in exchange for giving them children, but its unknown what happened to the survivors following the death of Terry Clayton, the leader.

All Regiments except the 2nd Mass have lost contact with the command. While Porter and a few others managed to survive and make it to Charleston, the status of the remaining regiments remains unknown.

Porter's fate is unknown following the Espheni counterattack at the beginning of Season 4. After being trapped in an Espheni Ghetto and suffering heavy losses in an attack, the 2nd Mass organized a counterattack that destroyed the Espheni Power Station. The destruction of the power station crippled the Espheni war machine and allowed humanity to organize into a Global Resistance led by Tom Mason of the 2nd Mass. Following the end of the Invasion of Earth, the 2nd Mass and any surviving regiments disbanded.

Known Regiments

  • 1st Massachusetts Militia Regiment (Position Unknown)
  • 4th Massachusetts Militia Regiment (Communication Lost)
  • 5th Massachusetts Militia Regiment (Last Position Dorchester, MA)
  • 6th Massachusetts Militia Regiment (Position Unknown)
  • 8th Massachusetts Militia Regiment (Position Unknown)
  • 9th Massachusetts Militia Regiment (Position Unknown)
  • 10th Massachusetts Militia Regiment (Last Position Marblehead, MA)
  • 11th Massachusetts Militia Regiment (Position Unknown)
  • 12th Massachusetts Militia Regiment (Position Unknown)