Matthew Mason
Matt 5x10.PNG
Actor Maxim Knight
Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
First Appearance Live and Learn
Last Appearance Reborn

Allegiance 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Origin Cambridge, Massachusetts
Age 7 (Live and Learn)
8 (Season 1)
9 (Season 2)
13 (Season 4)
14 (Season 5)
Occupation Student (Pre-Invasion)
Fighter (Post-Invasion)
Family Tom Mason - Father
Rebecca Mason - Mother †
Anne Glass - Stepmother
Ben Mason - Brother
Hal Mason - Brother
Alexis - Half-sister †
Mira - Ex-Girlfriend †
Evelyn - Girlfriend
(Unnamed) - Unborn brother/sister
"I'm making a list of everything I want to keep about the world, you know, when the war's over. And, uh, everything I think we should get rid of. (...) Well, we're gonna lose dictators, keep democracy. Lose weapons people use on each other and keep weapons to use on aliens. Uh, lose anything jerky or anything pickled. Keep anything chocolate-covered."
—Matt to Evelyn.[src]

Matthew Spencer "Matt" Mason is a main character in the first, second, third and fourth season. Matt is Tom Mason and Rebecca Mason's youngest son.

In season one Matt makes a birthday wish that everything returns to the way it was before the invasion, Matt volunteers to help Scott with the radio and Pope with making ammunition.

In season two Matt participates more in the fighting, and in season three he continues to fight.

In season four he has been captured and placed in a re-education camp to brainwash young humans into believing that the Eshpeni are benevolent. Matt later escapes when his father breaks him out and Matt reconnects with the 2nd Mass.

Pre-Invasion[edit | edit source]

Boston, MA[edit | edit source]

Matt Mason is the youngest son of Tom Mason. He has a close relationship with his dad and his two older brothers, Ben and Hal. The Mason family once went on a trip to 6 Flags, and while their Ben and Matt both threw up on Hal!

Story[edit | edit source]

Post-Invasion[edit | edit source]

When the aliens invaded, he lost his mother and soon after Ben as well. His father and other brother, Hal, joined up with the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment after these incidents to better protect each other. He is worried constantly that his dad and remaining brother won't come back, and expresses these fears through art work with the rest of the kids at the militia camp.

"Live and Learn"[edit | edit source]

The morning of the exodus from Boston, Matt is drawing outside while the others are packing, when his father, Tom, sits next to him. Matt asks why they are leaving, and his dad tells him that they are going someplace better. Matt, saddened by this, says its the 8th and asks about his birthday party that was supposed to be tonight. His oldest brother, Hal, jokes around saying take it easy your highness, stinging Matt into a response, saying Hal had a birthday party, and it was after the invasion. Tom reassures his son that they'll do something when they get settled, which mollifies him, as the 2nd Mass begins to move out.

Later, after scavenging what's left in a grocery store, Matt worriedly asks his dad repeatedly if he'll be at the meet up location; as Tom volunteered to go back to find supplies. Hal tells him to give it a rest, while Tom continues to reassure him that he will be there. Matt tells him he already knows what he is gong to wish for. Tom inquires what it is, and Matt is hesitant at first, but caves saying he wishes everything would go back to normal, including having his mom and Ben back. His dad hugs him and tells him he wishes that too, and reassures him that it will get better. Hal then offers a high five, but quickly dodges it saying too slow. However Matt quickly high fives his other hand saying Hal's the one who is slow, before moving out with the rest of the civilians.

"The Armory"[edit | edit source]

Matt is woken up in the morning in a bed by his father as the 2nd Mass are camped in a neighborhood. After waking up Matt fusses over his food and Anthony tells him he isn't a morning person. Before leaving for the Armory Matt asks if he'll play lacrosse with him as he found sticks, and he tells him later. At the new camp Matt and his father play some lacrosse before Tom has to leave to scout.

"Prisoner of War"[edit | edit source]

Matt finds out that his dad Tom Mason is going after his older brother Ben Mason. He tells his dad that he overheard some kids at school talking about the harness kids. Matt gets scared that if they try to get the harness of Ben that he might die. Tom tells his son that they will get Ben back safely. Tom comes back carrying a skitter. He tells him that they got Rick but not Ben. Tom tells Weaver that was going to go back and get his son. Matt was standing there the whole time and heard his dad. He tells his dad to go get him.

"Grace"[edit | edit source]

Matt ditches school to say goodbye to his father. Matt starts to help Uncle Scott with his radio and becomes his assistant, winding the handle to get communication. While turning the handle he gets static, saying he didn't do anything. Anne later informs Tom that Matt now has a job as Scott's assistant.

"Silent Kill"[edit | edit source]

Matt is seen sitting next to Ben who had recently gotten his harness taken off.

"Sanctuary (Part 1)"[edit | edit source]

Matt counts how many push up Ben can do, which is 102. Which amazes Matt but not Ben. Matt tells Ben that some of the kids with spikes, spikes go away. Matt ask to touch, and when he did Ben yells in pain only to be joking. Matt plays red light green light with other kids.

Matt is getting sent to the sanctuary along with Ben, and Hal who decides to tag along. He tells his dad that he doesn't want to go.

"Sanctuary (Part 2)"[edit | edit source]

Matt at the sanctuary with his brothers playing soccer. That night Hal, Mike, and Lourdes take the kids and they escape. Only to have Tessa finding them and screaming for her dad. In the morning Hal and Lourdes take the kids into a house so that the kids can sleep. Matt is playing battle ship with Jimmy when Terry Clayton comes. After arriving back at the sanctuary Weaver and his fighters are there. Matt reunites with his dad telling him that he's glad to see him again.

"What Hides Beneath"[edit | edit source]

Matt keeps insisting that he can be of more help to the resistance and says that he wants to fight like his father and his brother. He starts to help Uncle Scott in his "laboratory" where they figure out that the Skitters used radio frequencies to communicate, sometime later that would be of great use for the resistance. Matt also helped John Pope in his attempt to figure out how to destroy a Mech. This led Pope and Matt to develop a peculiar relationship in which they mutually taunt each other. In a rare moment of care, Pope tells Matt that he should stop hanging around him and start listening to his father more often. He later tells Matt that this is because he doesn't want him to end up like him.

"Mutiny"[edit | edit source]

Matt is helping Pope by cleaning the Mech bullets. He tells him that his father keeps treating him like a little kid. Matt confront Pope, he tells him that he couldn't believe that he betrayed his dad. Pope tells him that he should listen to his dad because people like him prevent kids from turning out like him. Matt tells him that he would never turn out like him.

"Eight Hours"[edit | edit source]

Matt asks his dad if he's mad that helped Pope, his dad told him no and Matt says he will never to it again, but Tom says he will probably do the same thing tomorrow as he is a kid. He later leaves the school along with the 2nd Mass civilians, being looked after by Lourdes Delgado.

"Worlds Apart"[edit | edit source]

3 months later Matt see's his dad and starts yelling, he's about to go over to him only to be stopped by Hal. Matt finds Ben and tells him that he's knows that he didn't mean to shoot their dad. Matt then tells Ben that it's not fair, he should be going out with them to fight. That everyone keeps treating him like a kid. Ben makes a promise telling him that he will talk to someone when he gets back. Matt is on the med bus when his dad finally wakes up. He runs towards him but Anne slows him down.

"Shall We Gather at the River"[edit | edit source]

Weaver tells Matt and Hal that they could see his dad again. However Matt yells that he doesn't want to before he runs off. As they start to move out, Hal tells Matt that he's riding on the Med bus. Matt tells Hal that dad is on the bus. Hal wants him to look after their dad. Dad tells his son how glad he is that he's riding with them, but Matt isn't very happy about it. Tom tells Matt that he hasn't heard a single word from him since they stepped on the rocket. Matt tells him he knows, and then ask about the parasite that came out. He ask how he knows he it didn't do anything to him. Tom explains. Tom wants Matt to cut him loose with his pocket knife. Matt protest saying that not too, Tom tells him that he knows, what he said and to forget about it. He cuts his dad loose. Tom takes over the .50 cal but a skitters climbs on top of the gun. Matt shoots the Skitters which get his dad nod of approval. After they witness their dad being blown up along with the bridge. Hal ask Matt if he was alright. Matt confess that he felt bad because he avoid his dad. Hal told him he was sure that their dad understood.

"Compass"[edit | edit source]

Matt attends Jimmy Boland's funeral.

"Young Bloods"[edit | edit source]

Matt starts off the episode, he's at some school riding a scooter. He rides it down a ramp bumping into thing making as much noise as he can. When he goes around the corner he get hits a dead end. 2 Skitters appear in front of him corner. The skitters get really close to him, and when is about to get him. The other skitters head blow up. This distracts the other skitter, who's head also blows up. Tector and Boon are seen standing on the roof. They ask if he was alright to which Matt replied that it was awesome. Later that night Matt is seen with others during a camp fire. Boon offers him a beer to which Tom ask him if he was crazy, before taking the beer. Matt then tells his dad what had happened. Tom was not happy that Tector and Boon used his son as bait. Tom tells his son that he's going to sit out on the next couple mission. Matt tells him that he's ruined everything. Matt plays soccer with the group of kids that came with Diego and Jeanne. Tom walks up to his youngest and apologizes for embarrassing him yesterday. Matt doesn't believe that his dad is. His dad tells him that he has to smart if he want to be a fighter. Matt tells him that getting on a spaceship wasn't either. Diego talks to Matt, telling him that he has a nice hat. Matt tells him about his missions on how he killed two skitters.

Matt hangs out with the Diego's kids while they waited for the news. Diego announces that they are going to get their kids back. As they got on their vehicles Diego ask skitter-killer(Matt) if he wants to join them. Matt wakes up clamped down to a table, with his head in a hole. There are screaming kids, calling out for their mom. Matt is is a room with Jeanne and Johnny. A Skitters goes up to Matt looking at him before moving onto Johnny. Matt see's how the harnessed is done. A harness slides down the shoot and onto Matt. However before the harness can attach onto Matt, Tom grabs it and throws it off. Matt sleeps with his dad that night.

"Love and Other Acts of Courage"[edit | edit source]

Tom wakes up to his son running out with the rifle. Everyone outside of the tent is yelling. When Tom ask Matt what's going on he tells him that he doesn't know and runs out. Tom ask Matt to guard the Med bus and keep Anne safe.

Ben is sitting on the edge of the roof looking at the sky when Matt joins him. Ben ask Matt if he not afraid of heights anymore. Matt tells him no, that he's not afraid of anything anymore. Ben tells him that, that's impossible. Matt ask why, and Ben tells him Just because. Ben tells Matt that he needs to keep a secret. He tells Matt that he has to go away for a little while. Matt thinks it's because of the Skitter.

"Homecoming"[edit | edit source]

Matt storms in after Tom speaks to the fighters saying that they Karen.

"Molon Labe"[edit | edit source]

Matt is looking out the window waiting for his dad, Hal and Ben. Lourdes mentions that Matt hadn't left the window since they went after Ben. Jamil is speaking with Lourdes when Matt tells him that they will get Ben back and they are not leaving until they come back. Weaver tells Matt that Lourdes and Anne will need security. Matt, Lourdes, and Anne are downstairs when the Mechs arrive. They get trap downstairs when Tom blows the Mech up. Matt, Anne, and Lourdes find Jamil, who is yelling move back while clutching onto a door handle. Matt puts his ear to the door and was about to open when Jamil yells no. Matt mentions how the scratching noise are coming from the ceiling. Matt moves over to the door, telling them that it's weird how there was a hole where it wasn't before. When the alien spiders crawl out of Jamil mouth the three of them run. Matt offers to go through the vent to try and save Lourdes and Anne. Matt is in the crawlspace when Tom, Ben, and Pope find him. Pope almost shot the air duct when Matt whimpered. He told them that Crawlies were after him. On the bus Tom and Anne tell Matt how proud they were on how well of a good job he did saving their lives. He tells them that he was just doing his job. Matt tells Hal about how he saved Anne and Lourdes life.

"Death March"[edit | edit source]

The Second Mass is on their way to Charleston.Matt interrupts his dad thought to ask how much longer it will take to get to Charleston. Matt then gives his dad a piece a paper that his will on it. He tells his dad that everyone is saying that they won't make it too Charleston. Tom tells his youngest son that they will make to Charleston alive. He tells him to write in his journal. By accident Tector and Weaver hit a harnessed girl. They put her on the Med bus with Tom, Anne, Matt, Anthony, and others. Matt walks into the back of the bus where the girl is locked up. She asked him what he's staring at he tells her nothing. He offers her some food to which she ate up quickly. Matt tells Jenny about how hungry his brother was when his harness came off. The two of them talk. Jenny tells Matt a little about her adoptive siblings when she became harnessed. Jenny tells Matt that her guardian/Skitter really took take of her. She felt part of a real family. Matt tells her that they can be her family too. Matt runs off to find his journal to show Jenny how great Charleston will be. Matt reads a list as to why Charleston will be great. Matt begs Jenny to come with them. Jenny takes his journal and writes 'Maybe'. Suddenly Jenny starts having trouble breathing a little. She tells him that Tyler is here. Tyler jumps onto the back of the bus trying to get to Jenny. Matt tells her that he won't let her go. He tries to block her but she gets past him knocking him unconscious. Matt wakes up asking where Jenny went. Tom tells him that Jenny probably went back with her brother. Matt ask if Ben loves the skitters more then them. Matt ask a bunch of question on if Ben loves them, or is going to leave them. Tom tells Matt that Ben will come back and Ben loves them. Matt then asked for his journal.

"The Price of Greatness"[edit | edit source]

Matt is sitting with Anne, and Tom in Charleston. He ask if they think they have school. Tom tells him that he sure that they do.

"A More Perfect Union"[edit | edit source]

After Ben Mason arrives to Charleston, Matt runs over to greet him.

"On Thin Ice"[edit | edit source]

At the mine where harnessed kids are working, Weaver, his daughter Jeanne, and Matt peer from the edges of the mine as they try to rescue her harnessed boyfriend Diego. Matt sneaks in and plants alien charges around the mine, and when it detonates it destroys the mech guarding the mine entrance. When they arrive back, Matt is called over by Roy and his new friends. After Anne goes into labor, and says she feels it's going to be a long night, Matt offers to get the Monopoly board, with Tom explaining that it's a Mason family tradition.

"Collateral Damage"[edit | edit source]

Matt skips school with his friends, Billy and Markley, blowing up a damaged house with a stick of dynamite; he gets hauled in by Anthony's patrol and told off by Anne. Matt harshly tells her she's not his mother much to Anne's upset. Later, Matt then talks with Tom; he apologizes for what he did, but cannot understand the importance of school when they should be joining the fight. Tom understandingly tells him they will need educated, skilled people to help rebuild the country after the war ends, Tom also apologizes for not being around more but is going to change that. Matt also tells his father he said something harshly to Anne, in which Tom said he should talk to her. Matt apologizes to Anne, who quickly forgives him.

"Badlands"[edit | edit source]

Matt runs batteries to various defensive positions in the Badlands on the outskirts of Charleston, as a mysterious sniper takes notice of the activity. Meanwhile back with Pope, Crazy Lee, and Tecto, Matt dishes out some snacks to the crew. Crazy Lee tells everybody she's going to go use the bathroom which Pope tells her to make sure she puts on her bullet proof vest. While Crazy Lee uses the bathroom, Matt tries to sneak a peek at her which Pope laughs and says she's old enough to be his grandma. While she leaves, Lee is shot. Craze's condition continues to deteriorate. Pope is about to cut the rebar with a hacksaw while Matt steadies her head. However, Pope realizes the injury is more serious than he thought: Crazy Lee has been mortally injured, since the rebar curved through her brain and came out beside her ear. Later in the hospital, Crazy Lee lays on the hospital bed accompanied by Matt. Tom visits Crazy Lee, who is sleeping, and finds Matt is still with her as well. He tells Matt that sometimes the best thing other people can do for one another is be there when they die. After Lee dies, Pope gives Lee's charm to Matt, who wears it around her neck. At the opening of the Liberty Tree, Matt is about to put Lee's charm on the tree to honor her, but decides it's best to keep it around his neck.

"At All Costs"[edit | edit source]

Matt accompanies Ben Mason, and gives him advise on if he should keep his spikes or not.

"Search and Recover"[edit | edit source]

Weaver, Ben, Hal, Matt, and Maggie are all briefed by Dr. Roger Kadar that Lexi is not human but an entirely new species. Later, Weaver takes a team that includes Hal, Ben, Matt, Maggie, and Jeanne to search for Anne Glass. Meanwhile during the search for Anne, they come across a body of a woman, who is revealed to be not Anne, and Matt convinces the group to take some time to dig her a proper grave.

"Be Silent and Come Out"[edit | edit source]

After Hal Mason, controlled by Eye Worm's takes their father hostage, Ben, Maggie, and Matt go behind Weaver's back and find a different way into the building where he is. After Matt and Maggie enter the room and talk to Hal, he attempts suicide, however Ben sneaks through a door behind him and quickly enters and helps everyone save Hal. After they arrive back and kill the bug inside Hal, the Mason's leave to search for Anne.

"The Pickett Line"[edit | edit source]

While stopped, Hal and Matt reminisce about past experiences camping, before Ben and Tom return and prepare to flee. Out on the road, the Masons find themselves confronted by four masked figures with guns, who take the horses and supplies, shrugging off Tom’s suggestions of taking them to Charleston. Ben uses his powers caused by the spikes to find the robbers, and while Hal is fighting with one, Matt shoots him in the back, marking the first time Matt has shot a human. Later, the Mason's leave, but Tom goes back to the Pickett's farm to inform them that alien forces are headed to their direction.

"Strange Brew"[edit | edit source]

Matt Mason is a normal teenager living at home with his family, as part of a dream caused by Espheni tech to get answers from Tom. Matt prepares to leave for school, and Tom walks him out. Rita walks over to get a ride from Hal, and Matt mentions that he never liked Rita.

"Journey to Xilbalba"[edit | edit source]

Matt was sitting under the Liberty Tree when Tom returned. When Tom approached him, Matt told him they waited for him at Mechanicsville and reminded him that he didn’t show. Tom told his sons how he was captured at the Pickett’s farm. Matt asked why they didn’t just kill him, Tom said it wasn’t part of their plan and they brought him to a tower. Matt asked if that’s where they took Anne and Lexi, Tom said yes. Ben asked if they were ok and with him. Tom told them they weren’t, Matt asked if they were ok, Tom told them they weren’t. Hearing this, Matt felt there was nothing left; Tom told Matt they still had each other. Tom told him to take the pain he was felling and use it, that they were going to go after Karen. He said they’d grieve for Anne and Lexi when Karen was dead. After the second bombing, Matt figured if they went through the storm drains maybe Ben could hear the people below better, he and Ben told Weaver who told them to do that. Later when he and Ben get down to the storm drain, Matt said he was worried, Ben said he was worried too that the others might be dead. Matt said maybe that wouldn’t be so bad, since Tom had changed, Matt believed Karen did something to him. Ben said Matt would change too if that happened to him. Matt said Ben was the only one Karen couldn’t kill, Ben said he could die just like anyone. Matt said that whatever would happen, Ben would be there to see it, that it wasn’t up to Ben who lived and died. Later when Hal responded to them, Matt told Ben to stay there while he went to get Weaver and a crew to help.

"Brazil"[edit | edit source]

Matt Mason goes on the barge where Roger Kadar and Cochise use the newly built Volm weapon to take down The Grid. Matt later leaves Charleston after the Volm force them out.

"Ghost in the Machine"[edit | edit source]

Matt, along with the 2nd Mass are on their way to Charleston, as he walks up the hill with his father, Ben picks him up and carries him. As they reach the top of the hill he sees Charleston, and then the beamers coming at them. It is unknown where Matt disappeared to as they scatter, Lyle ends up finding Matt and tries to bring him back to the group but Lyle is killed when he runs into the Obelisk. As Tom is injured lying on the grass, he tells Matt to run. Some time during the four months that the 2nd Mass is separated, Matt was captured and brought to a re-education camp.

Matt, sits next to Mira as they watch a video about the Espheni, after the video is finished, the students are told to line up. When Kent asks a question to one of the that he cannot answer about parents, Mira interrupts and says that the Skitters killed her parents. Kent, after speaking to Mira, approaches Matt and asks him why did he let Mira step out of line. Outside, Matt walks up to her and tells her that she cannot act like that as she will be sent out on a bus, Mira responds by saying that she doesn't want to be here. Matt explains to her that this is a re-education camp to brainwash kids into becoming soldiers or spy's, and Mira responds by saying like Rolfe from the Sound of Music. Matt tells her to meet him at his dorm, with a few other students at 8pm. During the meeting at the dorm, Matt explains his plan to screw over the guys working for the Espheni.

"The Eye"[edit | edit source]

Matt gets a message from Skip to meet at the dorm room after Lunch at the same time as before, he does so and while walking he holds Mira's hand, and says it's not against the rules; then is soon kissed by her. He enters the dorm room with Mira, however Skip and the other kids are not there, and Matt tells Mira to leave. Kent soon enters and tells Matt that Skip graduated and he will have a new roommate.

"Exodus"[edit | edit source]

Matt witnesses a few days later, Sheila bringing in her parents, who are later taken to be mutated. Mira, wanting to escape steals a wire cutter, and when telling Matt lies about taking them, as he tells her that they will know if someone has taken them. She tells Matt that she needs to leave, as she won't be able to hold out much longer and that she doesn't want to end up like Sheila, Matt replies that he used to be like her, but stayed strong and didn't break. During the night, Mira hides the wire cutters under an empty bed that is next to Matt's, and in the morning when Kent walks in demanding for the cutters, Matt takes the fall for her, then is told by Kent that they learning will be more painful, then is taken to an unspecified location.

"Evolve or Die"[edit | edit source]

Matt, who is locked in a dark room, is visited by Kent who brings him a tray of with soup and glass of water on it, as he thinks that Matt may be hungry. Kent tells Matt that he wouldn't be down here if he had thought he didn't potential. Matt asks Kent what he wants, in which he replies that he wants to know who else was part of Matt's escape plan. The two argue about the Espheni, and after the argument Kent hands Matt a journal, to write down who was part of the escape plan. Later, when Tom breaks into the camp, he is led to Matt by his girlfriend Mira. When the alarms go off, Matt tried to pick the lock of the door, but is soon interrupted when Kent enters the room, the two argue and Kent pulls a gun out on Matt. Matt pushes the gun away but is soon overpowered in the struggle, and Kent puts him in a headlock; but soon after Tom walks in, pushes Kent to the wall and repeatedly punches him in the face, but is told to stop by Matt, who walks up to his father and hugs him, then Mira. He gets to the skirts of the camp, but cannot escape as a skitter guard is patrolling the gate. Mira provides a distraction, saying that she owes him one, letting Tom and Matt escape the camp. The next morning, after Matt fell asleep in the forest, Weaver said to Tom what happened to him, then was greeted by Matt who hugged him.

"Mind Wars"[edit | edit source]

Hiking through the bush to Cochise's shelter, Tom finds a rabbit, and puts his sights on it, before Matt pushes his pistol down, saying they don't need it that much. Right after Weaver and Cochise arrive and they start heading back to the shelter. Tom and Matt head inside the shelter, and Tom marks the map to the directions left by Hal. Matt who is tinkering with the radio, tunes into Lourdes' loop message. Tom and Matt soon hear a noise, hide behind a desk and see a Skitter and the burnt overlord Scorch walk into the room. Tom and Matt make their way through the shelter, hiding behind cover and escape alive. The two reconnect with Cochise and Weaver, and Cochise says that he must leave to find his squad, then hands Weaver a rifle. They hike through the terrain to Chinatown, and on the way they find two survivors camped out, Nick Phillips and Cooper Marshall. They sit down at a campsite, and during the night Tom and Weaver speak to Nick, and Matt sits with Aaron and the two talk. Tom and Weaver later decide to sleep, but as the two are wary of Nick and Aaron, they use one of their tactics to provide that they survive the night, and Tom takes watch on the road. Weaver and Matt who stuffed there sleeping bags, are sitting in the forest; later the two witness Cooper unloading a clip into there sleeping bags, and Nick and Cooper capture Tom, to trade to the Espheni.

Matt and Weaver follow Tom's trail that he creates by dragging his foot in the dirt. Matt starts walking ahead of Weaver, but is soon stopped and Weaver has a talk with him, about anger. After arriving to where Tom is captured, Weaver lines his scope up with Cooper's leg to injure him, however Matt asks to take the shot. Weaver hands Matt the rifle, and Matt tries shooting Cooper, but breaks down and apologizes to Weaver. Later after Nick and Cooper argue, Cooper shoots and kills Nick after learning that he traded in his family, and when Cooper aims his gun at Tom he is shot and killed by Weaver. Later that day, at a new campsite, Matt asks his father why Cooper shot his brother, and Tom replies that they weren't real brothers, as it doesn't matter what blood you share, it's about if they look out for each other.

"Door Number Three"[edit | edit source]

Tom shows up, along with Ben and Matt, and the Masons reunite.

"Saturday Night Massacre"[edit | edit source]

After Alexis kills Lourdes Delgado and leaves Chiantown, Ben tells Matt that while he believes their father’s plan is good, a lot of people can die so he is going to track down his sister Alexis because he feels she can stop the fighting. Matt tells Tom that Ben left to find Alexis and Tom is not surprised. Matt doesn't participate in the fight with the Espheni forces.

"A Thing With Feathers"[edit | edit source]

Matt is frantic to find Tom, as Anne finds the scarf that Tom wore in the Ghetto In the aftermath of the Espheni assault, the survivors are searching for anyone trapped under the rubble. Pope voices his opinion that Tom is dead, and Matt tackles him, also punching him, saying his father is alive. Weaver hauls Matt off of Pope, and begins to help Matt search for his father. Matt finds the long-range rifle that Tector had, and hears noises under a large pile of debris so starts to search there. Dan unsuccessfully tries to get Matt to take a break, but he refuses. After the Espheni missile goes off, they find Dingaan and Tom and are reunited.

"Til Death Do Us Part"[edit | edit source]

Tom, Anne, Matt, Weaver, and Cochise head out to search for the Volm supply cache nearby. When they arrive, Matt reunites with Mira, however Tom ties her up as he finds it suspicious that she just showed up. Matt unties Mira when she complains of her hands hurting, and she blows her whistle, summoning a Beamer strike and the Team Leader's. Mira runs off, with Matt giving chase. Matt is darted by the Team Leaders, and pleads with Mira to help him. She says it is too late. Weaver and Cochise come to Matt's rescue. Tom and Matt are reunited, and they head home, with only a few of the Volm weapons.

"Drawing Straws"[edit | edit source]

Inside the beamer, Matt manages to pop open a hidden panel on the beamer which turns out to be the control panel for the flight controls. It is decided by popular vote that everyone will put their name into a drawing where 2 will be picked to go on this mission. Tom only agrees to it after being outvoted by everyone. Matt wants to put his name in, since it was his idea but Tom refuses with a rather funny line, “You have to be 15 to fly an alien space ship and you don’t have your learners permit yet.”

"Space Oddity"[edit | edit source]

Before Alexis leaves on the beamer, as she replaces Ben, Matt tells her "I don't care how powerful they say you are. If you hurt my dad, I'll find a way to make you pay."

"Shoot the Moon"[edit | edit source]

Matt is being taught how to throw knives by Weaver. After the portable harness farm lands in Chinatown, Weaver and Matt hide out in a basement below Chinatown. The two try to block anything from entering, however are unable to and end up getting stuck on the ground as of the glue like substance. A harness tries to attack itself to Matt, however throws a knife at it. Weaver and Matt begin to chant "the fight isn't over until it's over". Anne find the two, and uses her flamethrower to destroy the glue, however it dies out and she is also stuck. The next morning, the farm is destroyed as a result of the Espheni Power Station being destroyed. Matt, Weaver and Anne regroup with the others, and after Cochise tells them the news that Tom was lost in space, Matt begins to get angry at Cochise.

"Find Your Warrior"[edit | edit source]

Matt listens's to Anne's speech about finishing the war, as they now have the upper hand. After Tom Mason arrives back, Matt listens to Tom's story. After, he listens Tom's "find your warrior" speech. Matt joins team Charlie, with his father's approval, where they go to destroy an escape pod which crashed into the woods. The team is ambushed by skitters, and Matt witnesses Scotty's death by the skitters. After Tom moves Scotty's body for bait, and the skitters start to attack the body, Matt is disturbed by this and begins to shoot at the skitters, before the bomb is shot by Sara, from team Bravo. That night, Matt attends Denny's funeral, and asks how Ben is as he knew they were close.

"Hunger Pains"[edit | edit source]

Matt defends Chinatown from the herd of skitters. When Matt picks up the specimen jar with the bug that bit Tom, he is told to put it down. Dingaan Botha speaks Matt, and when Evelyn picks up the specimen jar, Matt tells her to put it down, and when she leaves tells Dingaan that he cannot trust people like that. After Evelyn faints while inline for food, Matt visits her and Anne mentions that she is not doing good. Matt speaks with Dingaan again, Dingaan tells Matt the story of a girl from England he met before the invasion, and just wishes he could've told her that he loved her laugh before she left. Later, Matt visits Evelyn who is in better condition, and after he makes her laugh, Matt tells her that "I love your laugh".

"Hatchlings"[edit | edit source]

Evelyn is still resting from her previous illness of being starved, and Matt is by her side. After she wakes, she sees Matt writing in a journal, and asks what he is doing. Matt tells Evelyn that he is writing what they should, and should not get rid off after the alien are gone, such as keeping anything chocolate covered, and get rid of everything pickled. Evelyn mentions that she wishes death could be gone, and that she misses her mother. Matt later accompanies Dingaan Botha as he finishes off the rest of the skitters and hornets in the crop field.

"Pope Breaks Bad"[edit | edit source]

Matt informs his father, Tom that there is a nearby police station that may be untouched. After arriving, Matt finds a box of radios and mace, asking his father if they can use it. While scavenging, Ryan opens a door releasing the alien bugs which devour him in seconds, and Matt and Dingaan Botha shelter in the communications van. After arriving back to Chinatown, Matt watches the confrontation between Tom and John Pope.

"Non-Essential Personnel"[edit | edit source]

Matt leaves Chinatown for DC. He fires at the man who begins to shoot explosives at the 2nd Mass. He helps load half of the 2nd Mass's ammunition in exchange for Weaver, and later unpacks it after Weaver convinces Marty to join the 2nd Mass.

"Respite"[edit | edit source]

Matt arrives at the whiskey distillery with the 2nd Mass as Daniel Weaver tells the 2nd Mass that they will be staying here for the next few days. After Tom Mason and Hal Mason arrive back to the 2nd Mass, Hal introduces Matt to Isabella.

"Everybody Has Their Reasons"[edit | edit source]

Matt arrives at the naval base with the 2nd Mass. During the night, Matt sits down in the cafeteria and speaks with his dad. Matt has been reading the book Alicia gave Tom while he was away from the 2nd Mass. Tom praises Matt for writing in his journal, as it will need to be documented after the war is over. As the 2nd Mass begin to be detained, Matt watches as the fighters are rounded up by the soldiers. Matt begins to search the base, and finds a shattered mirror in the bathroom, where Ben threw a soldier into. Matt runs in Daniel Weaver, who gives him a military uniform so that he is able to walk out of the base without anyone noticing. Matt tells Weaver that "the fight isn't over till it's over". Matt successfully leaves with a motorbike, and goes back to the whiskey distillery to get reinforcements.

"Stalag 14th Virginia"[edit | edit source]

Matt continues his travels to the whiskey distillery, and when he arrives informs the others of what has happened. Later, as the Masons are on the firing line, the soldiers don't shoot on their command, and when Tom Mason arrives with a truck, Matt reveals his position on top of one of the buildings to which Hal excitedly greets him.

"Reunion"[edit | edit source]

While out on patrol with Maggie, Matt finds Alexis alive but injured in the woods. Against Maggie's objections, Matt insists on taking her back to base where Colonel Weaver wants to kill her, believing her to be another Espheni clone. Matt convinces Weaver to spare her until Tom returns and she is instead locked up. Matt is upset by Hal's reaction to Alexis' return and stalks off. When John Pope attacks, Matt takes part in the fight and later apologizes for brining Alexis to the base as it turns out she was just a clone sent to assassinate Tom. Tom forgives his son, telling him that thanks to Matt bringing the Alexis clone back, they now have a major piece of the puzzle. Matt watches as Tom starts to broadcast to the other militias before a massive swarm of Black Hornets appears headed straight for the base.

"Reborn"[edit | edit source]

Months after the war has ended, Matt is seen recapping the last battle, recording the information in a book.

Tom decides to use service tunnels to sneak a strike team into the city rather than a full-out assault on the Lincoln Memorial. Matt joins the strike team, and tells JickJack not to touch the Espheni egg. Maggie pulls Matt back, and watches as the Espheni bursts out of the egg and explodes through JickJack's stomach. Matt takes cover when Lt. Demarcus Wolf shoots an explosive at a nest of baby Overlords. As the group is trapped, Tom continues on his mission to kill the Espheni Queen. Matt is present when Anne Mason dies, after being hit by shrapnel, and is shown to be in tears. Matt watches as Tom arrives, then takes Anne off to be resurrected by the Dornia. As Tom killed the Queen before arriving, all Espheni forces are destroyed.

Matt begins to play a tape of Evelyn singing while he writes his book. As Matt looks at the time, he discovers that he's late, blows out the candles and shuts the book, revealing the title to be "Last of the World War", by Matthew Spencer Mason. Matt gives his father the book, and Tom is proud of him for writing it, always saying during the invasion that someone will have to record what happened for history. Tom asks Matt if he'd like to be secretary of state, however Matt denies saying he has a date, being Evelyn. Matt tells his father that this book might make them ask Tom to be president again. Matt tells his father just to give a good speech. Matt leaves and when Daniel Weaver approaches, Matt salutes, then immediately hugs him. During Tom's speech, Matt is next to Tom along with the important figures of the 2nd Mass.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season 1 appearances
Live and Learn The Armory Prisoner of War Grace Silent Kill
Sanctuary (Part 1) Sanctuary (Part 2) What Hides Beneath Mutiny Eight Hours
Season 2 appearances
Worlds Apart Shall We Gather at the River Compass Young Bloods Love and Other Acts of Courage
Homecoming Molon Labe Death March The Price of Greatness A More Perfect Union
Season 3 appearances
On Thin Ice Collateral Damage Badlands At All Costs Search and Recover
Be Silent and Come Out The Pickett Line Strange Brew Journey to Xilbalba Brazil
Season 4 appearances
Ghost in the Machine The Eye Exodus Evolve or Die Mind Wars Door Number Three
Saturday Night Massacre A Thing With Feathers Til Death Do Us Part Drawing Straws Space Oddity Shoot the Moon
Season 5 appearances
Find Your Warrior Hunger Pains Hatchlings Pope Breaks Bad Non-Essential Personnel
Respite Everybody Has Their Reasons Stalag 14th Virginia Reunion Reborn

Weapons[edit | edit source]

In Seasons 2 and 3, he uses an M1 Carbine, then in Season 4, he switches to an CZ Evo Scorpion 3 A1, he also used an M4A1 in "Shall We Gather At The River" and uses a knife in "Shoot The Moon" 

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I was in school when the ships came. They were really big, and they said that we weren't gonna attack them with the nuclear bombs, because they might have wanted to be friends. But they didn't want to be friends... not at all." - Live and Learn
  • "Whats it like having hair like a girl?" - Matt to John Pope
  • "I don't care how powerful they say you are. If you hurt my dad, I'll find a way to make you pay." - Space Oddity

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Matt's dorm was 337 at the re-education camp.
  • As of "A Thing With Feathers" Matt was the last Mason to hit Pope.
  • Matt was briefly in a relationship with Mira. However, she was ultimately brainwashed and betrayed him along with several other members of the 2nd Mass, thus ending their relationship. In the series finalie, he states that he has a date and is seen holding hands with Evelyn, indicating he is now with her.

Description[edit | edit source]

Tom’s youngest son, 8-year-old Matt, has been forced by circumstances to face the kind of loss and upheaval no child should ever have to confront. Matt desperately wishes for everything to go back to normal. He struggles to understand why he can’t have all the things his brothers had when they were his age, like a birthday party or a new skateboard. Despite being too young to join the fight alongside his father and brother, Matt wants to help, even if it means going against his father’s wishes.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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