The Mothership
FS Mothership
The Mothership

Vital statistics
First seen "Live and Learn"
Last seen "Brazil"
Location Boston, Massachusetts
Controlled By Espheni

Mothership seen from Bunker Hill, MA

This Mothership was the Boston node of the Grid. It is heavily guarded and fortified as it was the home base of the Espheni forces around Boston, Massachusetts.("Live and Learn")


This Mothership serves as the Boston node in The Grid, a defensive structures designed to prevent hostile ships from entering the planet's atmosphere.(On Thin Ice) It also serves as an air base for their Beamers

The Espheni use Harnessed children to gather steel and scrap metal to help with the building and repairs.(Prisoner of War)

Several months after the invasion Cpt. Daniel Weaver, Tom Mason, and Hal Mason were sent on a scouting mission to observe the Mothership. Weaver noted that despite its alien nature that the craftsmanship was very basic and could be easily taken out with the right amount of explosives.(What Hides Beneath)

The 2nd Mass launches an unsuccessful assault on the Mothership. Tom Mason fires a mech-metal RPG at a Beamer attempting to dock. The ship is hit and crashes in to the arm, causing significant damage and resulting in a chain of explosions running down that particular arm.(Eight Hours)

After replacing the Espheni Tom killed as commander of Espheni forces in Eastern North America, Karen Nadler based herself out of this Mothership. Tom Mason was taken here after being captured at Duane Pickett's farm. Here, Karen tortured him in an attempt to reveal the resistance's intended target. Tom resisted however and managed to escape, jumping off the leg he was in and using a Skitter to break his fall. It was around this time the Espheni activated the Grid in order to prevent the Volm from landing reinforcements.(Strange Brew)

After returning to Charleston, South Carolina Tom wanted to go after this Mothership to get revenge on Karen. Weaver was initially hesitant due to the heavy defenses around it. However, the resistance managed to launch another assault on the Mothership, this time equipped with a Volm cannon. The cannon was able to destroy the Mothership, deactivating the Grid. Shortly after its destruction a Volm transport ship landed on top of its ruins.(Brazil (episode))


Boston destroyed

The Mothership is destroyed by the Resistance.

While Colonel Weaver led a diversionary attack on Chicago, Tom led the real attack on the mothership in Boston. With a cannon devised by the Volm, Dr. Roger Kadar fired on the ship. The projectile hit one of the Motherships legs and there was initially little effect. Two Beamers were sent to attack the cannon, but they were shot down by Ben and Hal. Shortly after, when it appeared there was no effect, the leg that was struck by the cannon collapsed, taking the ship with it. With the mothership destroyed, the Espheni defense grid went down as well and the Volm were able to land in Boston (Brazil).