Mr. Greene
Actor J.D. Nichoslen
Seasons Season 1
First Appearance Sanctuary (Part 2)
Last Appearance Sanctuary (Part 2)

Allegiance 7th Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Age Early 40's
Occupation Fighter (Post-Invasion)
Family Tessa - Daughter
Brother †
Line in the sand is that it? Or maybe you just think you're better than us.
— Greene to Mike.

Greene was a fighter in the 7th Massachusetts Militia Regiment and Terry Clayton's Second-in-Command. Greene is protective of his daughter as she does not want her to get close to anyone who will be traded into the Espheni.


Season 1Edit

"Sanctuary (Part 2)"Edit

He and his daughter Tessa were willingly complicit in Clayton's plan to collaborate with the Skitters and ensure their continued survival. He tastes the food that Tessa is cooking before asking for Terry, and they go down to the barn. It was mentioned that when Pope broke in to the supply shed, and stabbed his brother. He was ordered by Terry to kill John Pope, but was overpowered by him. However, Pope decided to spare him and left him tied up in the basement. After the 2nd Mass fled he shot at Mike and kept him distracted while Terry went around to kill him. He continued to help Clayton hunt down the escaped kids for the Skitters. After Clayton's defeat, they were forced out on their own by Daniel Weaver. Greene and the 7th would leave the sanctuary as told, and set up came elsewhere. (Sarah Stunt Speculates) Greene and her daughter Tessa would later become isolated from the others in the 7th, and would later split off to try and fend for themselves.


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