Actor Nathan Mitchell
Seasons Season 1
First Appearance Sanctuary (Part 1)
Last Appearance Sanctuary (Part 1)

Allegiance 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Age Mid to late 20's
Occupation Fighter (Post-Invasion)
Cause of Death Shot by a Mech.
Parker found dead.
Yeah, that's the feeling of skitters coming our way.
— Parker to Jimmy.

Parker was a fighter in the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment. Parker was primarily a guard who stayed at an outpost.


Season 1Edit

"Sanctuary (Part 1)"Edit

Parker stayed at his post inside a bus at the south, and guarded the school where the 2nd Mass were set up in, and alerted the rest of the 2nd Mass if the aliens tried to attack. Parker was on night-shift in the bus with O'Neil playing chess before Jimmy Boland was sent by Daniel Weaver to assist him after Jimmy requested to return to the fight against the aliens. When Jimmy enters the bus it startles Parker who points his gun at Jimmy. Jimmy and Parker played chess during their watch where O'Neil left off. Moments later, a Mech shows up and attacked the bus the two were in. Parker was killed by the gunfire while Jimmy survived.


Killed ByEdit

As Parker stood watch on the perimeter with Jimmy Boland, a Mech appeared and opened fire on the bus the two were in. The gunfire killed Parker instantly.