Falling Skies
Season Five
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Number of Episodes 10
Air date June 28, 2015
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Season 5 is the fifth and final season of Falling Skies. Season 5 premiered June 28, 2015.[1]


Tom and the 2nd Mass are filled with rage, ready to destroy the enemy in an all-out battle to determine the fate of Earth.


Title Director Writer(s) Original
Air Date
US Viewers
43 01 "Find Your Warrior" Olatunde Osunsanmi David Eick June 28, 2015 TBC 2.04
Fallingskies s5e1-800x450 061220150156
Tom’s life hangs in the balance as his beamer drifts into space; Tom encounters a surprising guest.
44 02 "Hunger Pains" Olatunde Osunsanmi Marc Dube July 5, 2015 TBC 1.82
Hunger Pains
A surprise skitter attack leaves the 2nd Mass without food. In desperation, Maggie, Ben, Pope, and Sara go on a dangerous mission hoping to find supplies. Tom and Anne make a discovery.
45 03 "Hatchlings" Robert Lieberman Jonathan Glassner July 12, 2015 TBC 1.88
Fallingskies s5e3-800x450 061920151250
The 2nd Mass makes a discovery about the source for a seemingly endless supply of enemy forces. Elsewhere, Tom's leadership spreads to remaining human militias; Hal helps Maggie on a personal mission; and Tom must make an agonizing choice. Hal disobeys his father.
46 04 "Pope Breaks Bad" Peter Leto Jack Kenny July 19, 2015 TBC 1.96
Fallingskies s5e4-800x450 061920151255
A mission to gather vehicles and fuel goes wrong. Meanwhile, Anne receives unnerving news that tests her medical and leadership skills; Anthony's loyalties are questioned; and Pope turns desperate and moves to his own agenda. Cochise shares troubling news with Anne.
47 05 "Non-Essential Personnel" Olatunde Osunsanmi Jim Barnes July 26, 2015 TBC 2.33
Fallingskies s5e5-800x450 061920150101
The 2nd Mass members leave Chinatown and head to what they anticipate will be the final Espheni battle. On their journey, they happen upon an unhinged gunman, who takes Weaver hostage. Meanwhile, Tom tries to rescue Hal.
48 06 "Respite" Jonathan Frakes Ayanna A. Floyd Aug 2, 2015 TBC 1.93
Fallingskies s5e6-800x450 061920150115
An injured Tom takes refuge with a family and learns about life without war in the process. Meanwhile, Hal and Isabella's relationship blooms as they search for Tom; the 2nd Mass locates an Espheni device; and Maggie makes a decision, with consequences.
49 07 "Everybody Has Their Reasons" Matt Earl Beesley Ryan Mottesheard Aug 9, 2015 TBC 1.97
Fallingskies s5e7-800x450 061920150119
The group finds a safe haven in the form of a functional military base run by Weaver's old flame. Meanwhile, plans spin into motion for a final assault on the Espheni, yet it dawns on the 2nd Mass that things aren't exactly as they seem.
50 08 "Stalag 14th Virginia" Noah Wyle Jack Kenny Aug 16, 2015 TBC 1.93
25076 008 0340 R
Weaver discovers a startling truth about an old friend and sets out to protect the 2nd Mass. Elsewhere, Maggie and Isabella are forced to work together, and Tom leads an attempted escape by the 2nd Mass.
51 09 "Reunion" Brad Turner Marc Dube Aug 23, 2015 TBC 1.76
Tom gains a powerful new weapon against the Espheni. Meanwhile, Ben risks his life to snatch enemy plans; Pope launches a final attack; and an unforeseen visitor appears, causing the 2nd Mass to reevaluate their situation.
52 10 "Reborn" Olatunde Osunsanmi David Eick Aug 30, 2015 TBC 2.39
Fallingskies s5e10-800x450 071620151154
The final standoff begins in the series finale. Here, the Masons, the 2nd Mass and their newfound allies face unforeseen obstacles in the core of an iconic American location, as they try to persevere with hopes of reclaiming Earth and humanity.




It has been revealed in casting news that Catalina Sandino Moreno will be joining the cast and will be portraying a survivor named Isabella, a leftist-leaning academic prior to the invasion, but now on the run and seeking sanctuary, she is a realist and canny survivor who poses as a nurse in order to win John Pope's approval and trust.[2]

Taylor Russell has been cast to play the role of Evelyn, a survivor found by the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment while she's roaming.[3]

Principal photography began on September 15, 2014, and concluded on January 27, 2015.[4]


  • This is the first season in Falling Skies not to be directed by Greg Beeman, but instead directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi.
  • Season 5 will pick up moments after Season 4.[5]
  • Anthony is said to have a bigger role in Season 5, as said during the last Falling Skies Wonder Con. [6]
  • Confirmed by executive producer David Eick, although the power core was destroyed, Season 4 is not the last you've seen of skitterized humans.[7]
  • Doug Jones notified via twitter, "I'm in every episode as Cochise again and ep 504 is a story-line that will make you laugh and cry for me."
  • David Eick in an interview states that the 2nd Mass discover a strategic weapon of sorts that will prove to have a great impact on what happens in the fifth season.
  • David Eick also quotes that "The tease I will leave them with is that whatever reason they think is behind the Espheni’s invasion is absolutely wrong. And I’m really excited about the depths that we’re going to explore in the culture of the Espheni this coming final season."
  • Executive producer David Eick confirms that in the finale we don't see what happens to Denny, but we will see.[8]
  • Drew Roy confirms the finale will have deaths.[9]
  • At Comic Con, it was confirmed that someone who attended the Comic Con event (Moon Bloodgood, Connor Jessup, Colin Cunningham, Drew Roy, Sarah Carter, Doug Jones) will not make it to the end.




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