Volm complex bombing


Battle of Chinatown

Second Assault on Boston
Boston destroyed


Invasion of Earth




Boston, MA


Global Resistance victory, Boston Mothership is destroyed, The Grid is deactivated, the Volm reinforcements arrive



Global Resistance


Karen Nadler

Chicago- Col. Daniel Weaver
Boston- Tom Mason


Chicago- 3 Mega Mechs
Boston- Beamers

Weaver's team
Tom's team


2 Beamers
Boston Mothership

Several members of Weaver's team


The Second Assault on Boston was a critical offensive launched by the 2nd Mass-Volm alliance against the Espheni.


With the Volm cannon completed, the Resistance began planning an assault an Espheni Mothership. Karen Nadler knew of the cannon and captured Tom Mason.(The Pickett Line) He was brought to the Mothership in Boston and interrogated by Karen for which city the Resistance was going to attack. Tom resisted however, and managed to escape. During this time the Espheni activated the Grid in anticipation of the Volm's reinforcement's arriving. Tom returned to Charleston, South Carolina and asked Col. Daniel Weaver and Gen. Jim Porter to attack Boston instead of their original target. Tom revealed that Karen was headquarted in Boston. Destroying the tower there would take down the Grid and kill Karen at the same time. Weaver was initially reluctant due to the heavy resistance, but was convinced by Jim Porter to go ahead with it.(Journey to Xilbalba)


Col. Daniel Weaver, Anthony, Pope, and Lyle commandeered a train to Chicago as a diversion. They brought Lourdes Delgado with them hoping Karen Nadler would track them through her, expecting the cannon to be with them. Before they reached Chicago they were attacked by three Mega Mechs and later additional Espheni forces.

While Weaver led a diversionary assault on Chicago, Tom led the main assault against the Mothership in Boston. On Tom's order Dr. Roger Kadar and Cochise fired the cannon. It drew in energy from the Grid and fired; the shot hit on the right most leg. However the Mothership did not collapse and Tom ordered the cannon fired again, Cochise informed him it would take 10 minutes to recharge, Tom was worried that would be too long. The Espheni launched two Beamers to destroy the cannon; Ben managed to shot one down with a Volm Rocket launcher and Hal shot the other down with a machine gun. After this the Mothership began to collapse and Matt Mason pointed it out to everyone else.(Brazil)


With the Mothership destroyed the Grid was quickly deactivated allowing Volm reinforcements to arrive on the planet. A rescue team was immediately sent by Waschak-cha'ab to Chicago to aid Weaver's team, bringing them back that night.

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