Skitter Harnesser 1
Seasons Season 1
First Appearance Live and Learn
Last Appearance Live and Learn

Race Dornia
Allegiance Espheni
Origin Skitter homeworld
Occupation Harnesser
Cause of Death Wiped out after the death of the Espheni Queen.
Alien Killed
This skitter wiped out after the death of the Espheni Queen.

This skitter harnesser is the first skitter encountered. It harnesses one of the children which was shocked by a mech.


Season 1Edit

"Live and Learn"Edit

After the forces break through the barricade, this skitter along with others approaches Jerrod's Cousin, a young teenage girl that was wounded after a Mech destroyed the Boston barricade. The skitters surround the girl and harness her while she is on the floor, which is seen by Tom and Hal as they were hiding in a store.

Season 5Edit


When the Espheni Queen is killed, the entire Espheni empire is killed along after, including the Black Hornet's and Skitters. If this skitter was not killed before, it was wiped out along with the rest.