Sonya Rankin
Actor Blair Brown
Seasons Season 1
First Appearance What Hides Beneath
Last Appearance What Hides Beneath

Allegiance Espheni (collaborator)
Age Mid 40's
Family Joel - Son (harnessed)
Amy - Daughter (harnessed)
"Just a little, through the children, the ones with the monsters on their necks. (..) No they wouldn't talk to us about that but what happened to us at the camp, I know they don't want us here, not any of us."
—Sonya about the aliens.[src]

Sonya Rankin is a woman who has been living near the aliens since the invasion, and is being used by the Espheni for Intel.


Allston, MAEdit

Sonya Rankin lived in Allston, MA, in an apartment building with her son Joel, and daughter Amy, and they used to play in the courtyard. She mentions having neighbors, the Gibson's who lived on the fourth floor were expert bridge players and John Hernandez on the eighth floor who loved his football.



Sonya was first taken to a camp by the aliens but was let go. She has been selling out survivors to the aliens for food and tea, she is told that they'll bring the survivors back to Sonya for company, but they never do. She has been waiting for the return of her family which the Espheni promised to bring back, which was the core reason she became a collaborator.

Season 1Edit

"What Hides Beneath"Edit

When Tom, Weaver and Hal arrived to her apartment, but then had to chase Weaver as he left, she told the aliens that they were at the apartment. When the arrived back, Karen and an Espheni Overlord came to the apartment with food. Later Tom Mason gave her the wrong location of where the 2nd Mass were going, he told her they were heading toward Gloucester, MA, as he knew she would sell them out. Her current fate is unknown.

Season 3Edit


If Sonya was still alive and in Boston, she was presumably killed when the city was destroyed by the destruction of the Boston Mothership and the arrival of the Volm battleship.


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