Sophia Weaver
FS Character
Seasons Season 1 (mentioned)
Season 2 (mentioned)

Age Early teens
Family Daniel Weaver - Father
Linda - Mother †
Jeanne - Sister †

Sophia Weaver was Daniel Weaver's youngest daughter.


Season 1Edit

Her father and mother separated a year before the invasion and her mother got engaged again. When the invasion came, she was captured by the Skitters and harnessed. Her father found her and brought her back to their house where he attempted to remove the harness. However, this resulted in her death. Weaver has been mourning his daughter's death ever since - and seems to suffer from insomnia as a result. He keeps one of her drawings with him at all times.

Season 2Edit

After reuniting with Jeanne, Daniel Weaver lamented his inability to protect his family, particular Sophia.


Killed ByEdit

After rescuing the harnessed Sophia, Daniel took her home and attempted to remove her harness. However, the harness removal was fatal to Sophia and she died.