Tessa Greene
Actor Sarah Stunt
Seasons Season 1
First Appearance Sanctuary (Part 2)
Last Appearance Sanctuary (Part 2)

Allegiance 7th Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Age 16-17
Occupation Student (Pre-Invasion)
Cook (Post-Invasion)
Family Mr. Greene - Father
Uncle †
I was going to talk to them about you, fix it so that you could stay.
— Tessa to Hal.

Tessa Greene is a teenager in the 7th Massachusetts Militia Regiment. Tessa is the daughter of Greene.


Season 1Edit

"Sanctuary (Part 2)"Edit

Along with her father, Mr. Greene, she was willingly complicit in Terry Clayton's plan to gather as many children as possible for the Skitters. As the 2nd Mass came to the safe-house were they where staying, she interacted with them and played soccer with them. She was attracted to Hal, and attempted to negotiate with her dad for his safety. Tessa starts to make the dinner along with Hal assisting her, later at dinner she watches as Rick asks Ben how he eats "their" food. While Hal and the others of the 2nd Mass were trying to escape, Tessa caught them and alerted the men of the 7th Mass. When Weaver was informed of the 7th Mass' collusion with the Skitters, he said the 7th would be left to fend for themselves. Tessa and the 7th would leave the sanctuary as told, and set up camp elsewhere.


Season 1 appearances
Live and Learn The Armory Prisoner of War Grace Silent Kill
Sanctuary (Part 1) Sanctuary (Part 2) What Hides Beneath Mutiny Eight Hours



  • Sarah Stunt speculates that Tessa and her father would later become isolated from the others in the 7th, and would later split off to try and fend for themselves.