Tom Mason
Tom Cropped 5x10.PNG
Actor Noah Wyle
Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
First Appearance Live and Learn
Last Appearance Reborn

Allegiance 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
International Mason Militia Resistance Coalition
Origin Cambridge, Massachusetts
Age 43
Occupation History Professor at BU (Pre-Invasion)
Former 2nd Mass Second in Command (Post Invasion)
Former President of the New United States (Post-Invasion)
2nd Mass Commander (Post-Invasion)
Professor Emeritus at the new United Nations University (Post-War)
Family Rebecca - Former Wife †
Hal Mason - Son
Ben Mason - Son
Matt Mason - Son
Anne Glass - Current Wife
Alexis - Daughter †
(Unnamed) - Unborn child
"You still don't get it, do you?! You can kill me, you can put my head on a stick. You failed to learn the lesson for the second time! We will never surrender!"
—Tom Mason to the Espheni queen

Thomas "Tom" Mason is a main character in the first, second, third, fourth and fifth season.

Tom is a former Boston University military-history professor, and becomes second-in-command of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment, a group of civilians and fighters fleeing Boston. In his wildest dreams, he would never imagine that his vast knowledge of warfare would be used in an actual war, much less a war against invaders from another planet. He has three sons Hal, Ben, and Matt, and his wife died early in the invasion. Tom befriends Anne Glass, eventually becoming romantically involved with her.

At the end of season one, he boards an alien shuttle with Hal's girlfriend Karen and one of the Eshpeni in the hope of stopping the changes to Ben from his captivity earlier in the season. Tom is eventually freed, and finds his way back home. Between seasons two and three, he is elected president of the New United States. Tom continues to fight with the 2nd Mass, seeing himself as a military leader who belongs on the front line. In season three they have a daughter, Alexis, however due to interference by the invaders while the pregnant Anne was held hostage, Lexi is a hybrid of human-alien DNA.

Season four finds Tom in a concentration camp similar to the ghettos of the World War II era, however escapes to reconnects with the 2nd Mass. He officially marries Anne, Daniel Weaver being the conducting the marriage and in the finale flies to the moon to destroy the Espheni power core along with Lexi, however is lost in space.

In season 5, Tom is rescued from space by the Espheni's Great Enemy, the Dornia. The Dornia guides Tom into finding his inner warrior to defeat the Espheni. Tom rallies the militias across the world into a Global Resistance against the Espheni and leads an attack on Washington, D.C.. During the attack, Tom comes face to face with the Espheni Queen and kills her with the Dornia bioweapon, destroying the Espheni and ending the Invasion of Earth. Months later, Tom is asked to be humanity's new leader and has a new baby on the way with Anne

Pre-Invasion[edit | edit source]

Childhood[edit | edit source]

"There was nothing idyllic about my childhood, except maybe I survived it."
—Tom on his childhood.

Not much is known about Tom's childhood. His father owned a hardware store and was apparently an angry drunk. It is implied that he was abusive towards Tom.

Boston, MA[edit | edit source]

He met his future wife Rebecca, sometime before he attended grad school. While he attended grad school, they lived in an apartment in Boston, later joking that the landlord was attracted to Rebecca and was very helpful because of it. Sometime later they got married. He became an American History professor at Boston University. They eventually had three children: Hal, Benjamin, and Matthew. Rebecca Mason did most of the cooking as Tom was a bad cook. He did however like to cook on Saturdays because he liked the smell of bacon and hash browns. Tom once took his family to Six Flags, and was said by Hal to be looking green on one of the rides.

Story[edit | edit source]

Post-Invasion[edit | edit source]

During the initial attacks he joined up with the Massachusetts Militia to protect his family. His wife was murdered at the hands of the invading aliens and his son, Ben, was captured by them. Tom took it upon himself to protect the rest of his family. Tom met Dr. Anne Glass after helping her treat a patient and over time the two became close.

"Live and Learn"[edit | edit source]

Six months later, the Massachusetts Militia is attempting to keep Boston from being occupied, with very little success. Tom and Hal are attempting to scavenge food in a suburb of Boston' Back Bay, when Mechs, begin to take down resistance members. Tom and Hal grab a food cart and begin to wheel it down the street and Tom sees Hal being targeted by a Mech and pushes him out of the way, saving Hal but losing the valuable food. They continue to duck and cover behind cars as they run to the barricade further down the road. Resistance members give them cover fire as they dive through a hole to the other side. However the victory is short lived as the Mechs fires a missile blowing up the barricade and killing the resistance members on top. Tom quickly pulls his son to his feet and drags him into a store to hide. They then witness Skitters hunting down a young wounded teenager, strapping her up with a harness. Hal attempts to help the teenager but Tom grabs him and pulls him out the back door, recognizing that the position is lost. As they arrive back at the base, they are joined by Jimmy Boland, another fighter in the 2nd Mass. As Tom walks into the main base, the Militia doctor, Anne Glass, approaches, asking how the day went. He regretfully informs her that the enemy took the Back Bay, and that the only food he managed to get out was a can of tuna. She then shows him the drawings Matt had made that day, saying he is making progress as he drew his whole family. Before Tom can take Matt to go to bed, he's called to report to Commander Porter.

The briefing was already underway when Tom reported in. Porter informs him that they are leaving the city. Tom is shocked, knowing that Ben is still in there captured. Porter reminds him that he is not the only one with kids missing. Weaver attempts to back him up, at least on the point that they should stay and fight, but Porter counters saying that this area has been picked clean of food and weapons, and that more importantly, the Skitters would start picking up large groups of humans. He goes on to detail his plan to split up the Militia based on regiment and go to ground with groups of 100 fighters and 200 civilians. To Tom's surprise and shock, he gives the 2nd Massachusetts to Cpt. Weaver and makes Tom his second in command. The following morning is filled with energy as the 2nd Mass begins to move out, shepherding the civilians. Tom finds Anne and her assistant, Lourdes Delgado, preparing the last of the wounded and crippled to be moved. Anne tells him that there is a silver lining in all this, as if there wasn't a war, which she would be giving flu shots and dealing with neurotic mothers. Tom smiles and replies by saying he would be grading midterms, or rather trying to avoid them.

Weaver tells Tom that they plan on checking out a Sundash in Belmont for food, as the ShopSmarts are too close to the main city, and were sure to be traps. Tom readily agrees, but Weaver rebukes him anyway saying he doesn't have to agree, just follow his orders. Tom tells his son that they are going someplace better. Matt, saddened, says it’s the 8th and asks about his birthday party. Tom reassures his son that they'll do something when they get settled. Tom notices a large stack of books, and picks up two, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and A Tale of Two Cities. He weighs them both in his hand and picks the latter, and moves out with the rest of the regiment. As they move away from town, Tom is walking with Anne, when she points out a house she remembers, because it was one of her patients. She tells him that her husband has a landscape painting there. Tom smiles, and points out that 400 years ago, Native Americans lived here before Small Pox wiped them out. Anne says "Ever the history professor" and then wonders what will be here in another 400 years. Tom answers optimistically "Hopefully Humans". When they arrive at the Sundash in Belmont, they find it mostly picked cleaned. Hal comes back from scouting, reporting to Tom and Weaver that other places have been picked cleaned as well. Tom replies, saying their only options are the Shopsmarts back near Boston. Weaver tells Tom that they can't go back looking for more food as the numbers are too large, causing Tom to volunteer to go back. Weaver, not convinced Tom can pull it off, only gives him six fighters, a pickup truck, and as much as ammo as they can carry. Weaver lets him know that they will continue west, along the commuter rail, and that they will meet at the Littleton Bridge. Karen, eavesdropping on the conversation, shouts out that he needs two scouts. Tom relents and tells them to find Dai, Click, Anthony, and one other to come with them. As Tom is gathering supplies onto the pickup, Dai finds him. Tom asks if he is in, he agrees without hesitation. Tom then lets him know that Weaver is keeping all the heavy stuff, which Dai replies by silently pulling out a stick of C4 and handing it to him, before moving to help Jimmy with his ammo. Tom, surprised by this, asks him where he got it, which Dai simply replies with a don't ask look.

Hal soon after gets on his bike and leaves with Karen. Hal later returns to tell his father that he saw Ben with a group of harnessed kids. They are both overjoyed, yet Tom insists that they stick with the mission at hand. Hal disagrees and tries to go and find his brother. Tom wrestles him to the ground and convinces him to do the job the "right way". The group finds a supply store with food and scout the area for aliens. Finding none, they load the food into the truck. Hal is attacked by a Skitter. Tom fires at it and his son runs away. A Mech is alerted and comes after Tom. Hal stops the Mech from hurting his father by firing at it. It then runs after Hal. Tom puts a C-4 in a shopping kart and wheels it next to the Mech, killing it. The Skitter comes after Tom, but Dai shoots it. The alien dies slowly after its gun wound and the group observes it before it dies. The six fighters return and Tom informs Weaver of their success. He then tells Weaver that he and Hal must go looking for Ben. Weaver declines and says the must raid the armory for weapons. Tom tells him after that; they will go and find him. Before the 2nd Mass leaves the city, Hal gives his brother his birthday gift. The children of the 2nd Mass play with it as the adults watch. Weaver tells Tom it is time to leave and they all mount out on foot.

"The Armory"[edit | edit source]

At the Acton Armory, Tom and the other members gather to see if aliens are there. Hal throws a tennis ball to the entrance, hoping that the dog will go for the ball. The dog moves forward, barking and a Mech appears. Before it can kill the dog, Jimmy stops it, compromising their position. They all retreat before the Mech attacks. The next morning, Tom informs Weaver about the previous night's events. He tells Tom to return again tonight. Anne and Weaver are arguing about the current sleeping situation, where civilians are living in tents and the fighters in houses. Anne deems it unfair, yet Weaver believes the soldiers need proper rest. Anne and Tom then discuss "civilians vs. the military". Anne believes that the civilians deserve a greater role in the 2nd Mass; Tom says that civilians are "both a responsibility and a hindrance." Later that night, at the Armory, Click is shot by two arrows and as he goes down shoots someone in the leg. It is revealed not to be aliens, but a group of outlaws who capture the group. The outlaws, led by a man named John Pope, take the group to an auditorium, tying them up. Pope interrogates them and Tom responds to all his answers. Pope pulls a gun on Tom, but Hal tells him that they can help him get weapons. Pope reveals he knows all about the 2nd Mass and he wants the GTO, Hal is sent to get it. After the others are escorted out, Tom and Pope discuss the aliens and Tom discovers that Pope is a gifted fighter. Tom asks for a beer and is untied by Pope, who notices Tom eying his brother's sidearm. He confronts him about it and Tom asks "What would you do?" Hal returns with Anne, and they are both escorted back into the auditorium by Margaret. Anne offers her assistance to help Pope's wounded brother, Billy Pope. She bandages up his leg and Pope leaves him, Cueball and Margaret in charge of the prisoners as he and his other outlaws attempt to rob the 2nd Mass. Billy tells Karen to stand up and show her body, aggravating Margaret, who kills Billy and Cueball. She then lets the hostages go. As Pope and his group load up the car, Tom and the other militia fire at them, killing some of Pope's men. Tom offers him an ultimatum, "Join or die." Pope declines and waits for the alien's attack. An airship flies above Pope, who drives away, allowing his men to be killed by the ships. Pope pulls aside not far away, trying to escape, but Weaver pulls a gun on him, taking him hostage. The next day, Weaver talks to Tom about the events that occurred the previous night. He then hands Pope over to Tom, who puts him in custody. Tom meets up with Matt for a quick game of catch. After, Tom, Hal, Karen, Dai, Anthony and Margaret go in search for Ben at a local hospital.

"Prisoner of War"[edit | edit source]

Tom, Hal, Karen, Anthony, Dai and Margaret watch as kids with harnesses collect scrap metal for the aliens. Tom sees his son, Ben and the group prepare to grab him. Karen accidentally knocks a loose piece of rock from the building, alerting the aliens and the group runs away. Back at the school, parents of harnessed kids come over and ask Tom if he saw their kids. Mike tells them to back off as more and more badger Tom for information. Porter arrives and tells Tom that a doctor has a theory on how to remove the harnesses and that he wants to test it on Ben. Porter then tells him to bring Ben back safely. Tom meets up with a worried Matt who heard that when a harness is removed, the kids die. Tom reassures his son that Ben will be fine. Col. Porter calls a briefing for the fighters in a classroom. He informs Tom and the others of reports that runners have contacted another human resistance cells in the outskirts of Chicago, who in turn told them that they had contacted other resistance cells in Oklahoma and Texas, with fuzzy reports of surviving human resistance cells as far away as California. The Massachusetts resistance cell is no longer alone, and they are going to begin coordinating a nation-wide guerrilla war against the aliens. Col. Porter says this means they have to start thinking tactically, gathering reconnaissance on Skitter tactics, technology, and troop deployments. Later, Tom finds Anne and Lourdes, and Anne tells Tom about Dr. Harris. Tom knows Harris and the two of them discuss Ben and Tom's late wife, Rebecca.

Tom, Hal, Karen, Dai and Mike go to find Ben. Tom and Mike hide behind rubble. Mike sees his son and runs toward him, despite the danger of the Mechs and Skitters. Mike grabs his son and Tom destroys a Mech. Another Mech, however, blows up a car, which knocks Tom out. Dai grabs him and takes him in their vehicle, leaving Hal and Karen behind. Later, in a dark alley, Tom wakes up with Dai, Mike and his son. Dai tells Tom that Hal and Karen were left behind. Tom goes to find them and is attacked by a Skitter, but Tom shoots two of its legs off with a shotgun and beats it unconscious. Tom returns to the school with the Skitter and deems it a "Prisoner of War". Tom goes back out and finds Hal alive who tells his father of what he witnessed. Tom explains that the Nazis used similar tactics against Allied POW's in World War II: if one prisoner managed to escape, they would execute entire groups but leave one witness behind, to let the Allies know the harsh reprisal they would exact. The Skitters let Hal escape because they want to discourage the human resistance from attempting to free more harnessed children. Tom returns to the school and finds Anne. He reveals that Hal blames himself for Karen's abduction and is not taking it well. Tom asks Anne where he can find Dr. Harris. Harris drinks, watching the captured Skitter. Tom confronts him about his deceased wife. It is revealed that Harris abandoned Tom's wife and left her to die when the attacks began. Tom punches Harris in the face in anger.

"Grace"[edit | edit source]

Tom appears after Dr. Harris mentions the Skitter could be cussing them off and when the Skitter sees Tom it starts to try to attack him causing Weaver to order it in a cage. Once its inside the cage Tom says he remembers him too. He is next seen in the medical room watching Rick when Harris comes over and mentions to him that he might want to keep his distance to which Tom replies "I might" and when Anne goes past Harris moves away again. Weaver then walks past him telling him to come to the command post and Tom takes a last look at Rick before walking out of the room. When he enters the command post he sees Pope talking and questions Weaver about it. Weaver explains that Pope told him about a motorcycle shop and that he wants Tom to investigate it. After a small argument over rescuing Ben, Weaver finally persuades Tom to take a team and leaves after agreeing to take Pope. He then goes to talk to Anne and asks about the operation to remove the harness and also the attitude with Harris when he reveals Harris told him about his wife's death. He is then seen walking outside where Hal, Pope, Dai and Anthony are ready for the mission and he asks if they are ready. When Matt comes out asking to go with him. Hal makes him go back with Uncle Scott to class. After that Pope comments about it. Tom tells Pope if he wants advice from him he'll ask for it. They then leave for the bike shop. On the way Tom tries to talk to Hal but he is shot down when Hal states he doesn't want to talk. He then talks to Dai when he mentions the thing with Karen has got to be rough and then Dai goes on about how he was lucky he had no one to worry about when the invasion started. Tom then tells them to pick up the pace. Later they all come out of the trees and Pope notices a Skitter nest they all then walk over to investigate. They then all get closer while Dai is scouting ahead and discuss it. When Dai returns from his scout ahead he tells the group he saw Mechs which causes the group to sneak around them much to the displeasure of Pope.

They reach the bike shop and Tom and Pope discuss a little of Pope's criminal past. Tom then sends Dai and Pope into the back room to get fuel and anything else useful they can grab. Tom talks to Hal about Karen and they later joke a little that Hal's mother wouldn't of said what Tom said and instead would say to suck it up and also how Tom's parental advice was "pretty lame". Tom, Anthony and Hal are getting the bikes working when Tom hears Dai getting hit by Pope and they all see him escape so they go to check on Dai. They soon hear the explosion and see the smoke from Pope blowing up the Skitter nest and they know its going to draw attention to them. Later Hal returns from scouting to find out what happens and tells them harnessed kids are heading their way. They all look out and see the harnessed children arrive and they start to discuss it when they are shot at causing them to duck for cover. Anthony then brings up they may have to shoot the kids but Tom refuses that's when he figures out they only shoot when there is a target. He throws a bottle out of the window and when the kids shoot at that Anthony and Hal make their escape. He then helps Dai onto a motorcycle then gets on himself as a Skitter approaches them, Tom shoots it with his handgun and as they escape Dai finishes it off with his shotgun. They stop and see the kids have stopped being controlled but when Dai asks what they are going to do about them Tom tells him next time and they drive off. When they get back to the school Tom talks with Weaver about the tactic the Skitter used. Tom starts to leave after they joke about Tom's optimism a bit, but not before he tells Weaver he is going to start looking for the drugs they need for the next day to which Weaver grants him permission. Tom then has a talk with Hal about Ben and when they get him back how he may act. He then goes to Anne who updates him on what happened, he then gets told off when he tries to help Dai to the mess hall when dinner bell rings. Tom then has a short talk with Maggie before Matt interrupts them saying there is real bread. Tom then sits at a table with Anne, Lourdes, Hal, Matt, Dai and Anthony and they discuss Pope and his bread and the things they are thankful for before they all say a prayer.

"Silent Kill"[edit | edit source]

Tom Mason looks over the drugs Hal and Margaret scavenged. The next day Tom practices shooting a crossbow for when he has to retrieve that harnessed kids from the hospital. Hal visits Weaver while they have been discussing the plan to rescue the harnessed kids, saying he can go undercover with Rick's harness on his back and sneak into the hospital undetected. Tom pulls Hal aside and Hal tells him that he spoken to Rick, who told him that the Skitters allow the kids to walk around the hospital by themselves. He also tells Tom that he doesn't think the Skitters can tell if the harnesses are actually connected and wired to the kids unless they are trying to communicate with them. Weaver agrees with Hal, but Tom doesn't, given that they still don't know how to effectively kill a Skitter without making noise and, until they know how, Tom isn't deciding anything. Later Tom speaks with Anne about her son, and Anne has an outbreak as she has no pictures of him. Tom takes a group consisting of Maggie, Dai, Hal and Anthony on a mission to rescue the harnessed kids, and after Hal is in the hospital for too long Maggie takes Tom inside to rescue him. After Tom kills the skitter attacking Hal they take the kids back to the school where they de-harness them, Tom helping with Ben. After Ben wakes, Ben says "dad" and falls back asleep.

"Sanctuary (Part 1)"[edit | edit source]

Tom, Weaver and Mike chase the Russell family who fled the 2nd Mass with all their antibiotics. Jeff Russell starts to shoot at the three but is stopped by 7th Mass leader Terry Clayton. Terry speaks to Tom, Mike and Weaver and explains that the 7th Mass has been wiped out with only few survivors, and that the 3rd Mass will be joining with the 2nd Mass to defend the school from an upcoming alien attack. Terry says that they'll being taking everyone under 20 to somewhere safer, however Tom says he's not ready to give his kids up. Frank approaches Tom and asks him about the order to send the kids away, before Anthony steps in and says that they should think about it, as they are the targets. Frank is later arguing with Terry about the order, and Tom steps in and tells him to know who the real enemy is, before mech fire can be heard. Weaver, Tom, Mike and Terry investigate to find the Mech tearing up the school bus where Jimmy has been taking watch. Ben Mason later speaks to Tom, and tells him that he is fine with going to the farm with Terry Clayton, and Tom asks Ben is he's happy that he is back, Ben replies he is. Later Tom informs the 2nd Mass that everyone under 20 will be leaving with Terry Clayton, assisted by a escort of Fuller and O'Brian. The same day Hal tells Tom that he wants to go with Terry to look out for his brothers, Ben and Matt, and Tom later says goodbye to his three sons.

"Sanctuary (Part 2)"[edit | edit source]

Tom along with the help of Dai go to the marked sanctuary on Terry's map to check on them, as there has been no word from the 3rd Mass or the escorts. Weaver tells Tom that they must come back in case of the aliens attacking the school, and that he isn't just another civilian. They ride on the bikes where they find Ben Mason running on the road, and he informs that that the 7th isn't what they think, and he thinks that Mike Thompson is dead. Tom follows the road where he finds John Pope shooting at Terry and his men, and when Tom does the math that they cannot outgun them, he tells Terry that he killed Pope, and surrenders his weapon. Tom and the kids go back to the sanctuary, where the 2nd Mass come out the the house armed and cause Terry and the 7th to surrender. Terry asks Tom what his plan is now, then tries to grab Hal but Tom shoots Terry in the chest, killing him. Tom reunites with his three sons before going back to the school, where he checks up on Anne Glass and speaks to Pope about why he came back.

"What Hides Beneath"[edit | edit source]

Tom, Hal and Weaver go on a scouting mission to Allston, MA. While on top a roof, Hal tells Tom to look at a certain location, and they spot a new kind of alien. They take pictures before going back to their bikes, however are stopped when they spot someone following them. They run into a women who has been living in the city, Sonya Rankin and are invited inside her apartment to talk. Tom and Hal both go in while Weaver stays behind, guarding the bikes. Tom and Hal become suspicious of Sonya after they find her supplied with food and discover that she was let go by the aliens. Tom and Hal hear one of the motorbike engines before they run down and find Weaver driving away. Tom tells Hal he has an idea where he is going and the two follow him back to his house, prior to the invasion. Tom walks into the house where he finds dry blood, scissors and a cut shirt on the floor, before finding Weaver outside. Weaver tells him that he is staying behind after he tells his story about accidentally killing his daughter after pulling her harness off, and knowing that her eldest daughter and ex-wife Linda were killed by mechs. A mech is soon heard in the distance, and Tom and Weaver run inside, Tom worrying that Hal may be in danger. Weaver finds a pair of glasses on the floor, and he suddenly starts to help Tom with a plan to take down the mech. The two tape two grenades together, Weaver gives Tom cover and Tom blows the mech up. Weaver tells Tom that he found his ex-wives glasses, and mentions that they were not here before the mechs attacked them. Weaver has hope they may still be alive, and they go back to Sonya's house after the piece together that she sold them out to the aliens. After they hear a knock the door by a harnessed Karen Nadler, Tom looks through the peephole, and finds an Espheni looking into the peephole. Tom tells Sonya a fake location of where the 2nd Mass is heading as she is bound to sell them out, and they leave back to the 2nd Mass. Tom later witnesses Pope and his new mech bullets which can take down a mech without using a whole mag.

"Mutiny"[edit | edit source]

Tom is informed by Anne about Ben and the dry skin around his spikes, and is shown the harness inside the cut open skitter. Tom is later needed at CP to discuss plans about the Boston Tower, before he is sent to go on Sentry duty with his son Hal. After Tom is informed by Lourdes that Weaver has been taking pills that he asked for, Tom confronts Weaver about it but is jailed in the boiler room by Lt. Danner. Tom tries to convince Danner that Weaver is unfit for command, however is unable to. Jimmy Boland later walks in with a tray of food, gives the head nod to Tom as Danner is unlocking the cage door, and Tom kicks it open to ties up Danner. Tom later asks Dai what Jim Porter's orders where, and he tells him that the order what to not go on the attack unless they have confirmation that the 4th and 5th are still alive, and is told that he thinks Porter's dead. Tom holds Pope hostage, telling him is disarm the bomb, then goes back to the clinic to set a trap for Weaver. After Weaver walks into the clinic, Hal, Maggie and Tom disarm him, before Pope arrives holding a gun at Maggie, causing them to drop their weapons. Tom convinces Weaver to let the 2nd Mass know what they're getting into, and Weaver only asks for volunteers for the attack on Boston, and he now understands why Porter put him as second-in-command of the 2nd Mass. Tom later says goodbye to Hal as he wants to fight for his mother, Ben and for Karen. Tom is also informed by Uncle Scott and Ben, that Ben can hear the transmitter.

"Eight Hours"[edit | edit source]

Tom is able to cause significant damage to the Espheni structure in the city with a carefully aimed Mech rocket. He hits a ship that crashes in to the side of the structure causing significant damage. He and Weaver are returning to base when they encounter Karen and approach her. Tom asks her why she is there and she says the aliens brought her here because they don't understand; as she speaks an alien ship lands and an Espheni emerges. Karen explains that the aliens had not expected such resistance from the humans and that humanity's efforts has interested them and they want to talk. Tom is furious at this since the aliens obviously thought Earth was going to be an easy target and after killing millions and stealing children they now want to negotiate. However, Karen tells him that the Overlords want him to go with them and that in return, they will tell him how to stop Ben's transformation. Tom agrees and takes Karen's extended hand, leaving his gun behind as a shocked Weaver desperately tries to convince Tom not to go with them.

"Worlds Apart"[edit | edit source]

Tom is held on an alien ship for three months where he is subjected to torture and other unknown events. He is eventually brought before an Overlord to hear a proposition; the aliens will set aside a "neutral" zone where humans will be allowed to live in exchange for the surrender of the Resistance. Tom likens this to a concentration camp and demands to know why the aliens are really here but is rebuffed. The Overlords are revealed to consider humans primitive and naturally aggressive; claiming that invasion was the only course of action with mankind despite Tom's protest that they are just focusing on mankind's darker history. Tom flat out refuses the proposal and manages to attack the Overlord with a Skitter weapon before he is subdued. Later Tom is released along with other captured humans who all refused the same offer. Tom meets a woman, Bonnie Garcia, from the Resistance in Vermont. After the ship takes off the Skitter who was on the ship with Tom orders a Mech to kill the entire group except for Tom, letting him go.

He later find the 2nd Mass again, and is accidentally shot by his son Ben Mason, and smiles before he falls to the ground. He is taken back to the where Anne Glass and Lourdes Delgado perform surgery on him. After he awakes, Matt Mason tries to hug him but is slowed down by Anne as he is still injured. He later gets up out of the bus and is welcomed back by the entire 2nd Mass.

"Shall We Gather at the River"[edit | edit source]

Tom has a dream about the Red Eye skitter attacking him in his tent. When he wakes, he goes to get checked out by Anne, however she finds nothing wrong with him. Anne tells Tom about everyone they lost during Fitchburg, showing the pictures she pinned up as she started to forget their faces, showing a picture of Uncle Scott, Kate Gordon, Sarah and mentions that Rick Thompson just disappeared. Tom is told by Anne that the crusty skin on Ben is still spreading on his back. After Tom's eye starts to bleed and his falls to the floor, Hal takes him to Dr. Glass, and she does another check on his eye. Anne, Lourdes and Weaver all notice a growth in Tom's eye, and Anne says it wasn't there in the morning. The growth starts to move, and Tom tells her to take it out, and if she doesn't he will, and starts to struggle but is held down by Weaver. Anne opens Tom's eye and with a pair of tweezers she pulls the growth out, which happens to be a parasite. Tom asks Weaver to restrain him on the bus as he doesn't trust himself. Tom speaks to Ben about the aliens, and Ben tells Tom that the only thing keeping him going to the hate for them, and he shows Tom his back, which has the crusty skin spread all over. Tom tells Ben that the only thing that kept him going was his family. While crossing the bridge Tom asks Matt to cut him free, so he can defend the bridge and give the 2nd Mass more time to cross. After everyone is across, Tom starts to run but Pope detonates the C4 on the bridge, and Tom is lost in the explosion. Tom later emerges out of the river, and says the river took his boot before hugging his family.

"Compass"[edit | edit source]

Tom is kidnapped by John Pope's group of Berserkers, after they start to have an issue after they pulled a chip out of his head. Tom is saved by his son Ben and Jimmy Boland who were out hunting skitters, but said they were on perimeter watch. The next night, Ben arrives back to camp with Jimmy Boland, who has been impaled with a tree branch. Tom and Weaver asks what they were doing, and Ben says they have been hunting skitters, because of everything they have done to them and the 2nd Mass. Tom takes his anger out in Weaver's tent, kicking chairs. Tom later tells Weaver to let him be apart of Pope's berserkers, so he can keep an eye on them. After Jimmy passes from his wounds, Ben tells his dad that his compass is missing, and Tom soon finds it on Pope. Tom tries to take of him which leads to a brawl, Tom eventually taking the compass. Tom later attends Jimmy's funeral.

"Young Bloods"[edit | edit source]

While Anne is in the med bus Tom visits and tells her that he has good news. Anne jokes asking if the aliens left, and Tom replies that he thought he was the first to know, and laughs before revealing a choco pie. Anne gasps asking where he found it, and Tom mentions in an un-looted Korean market. Anne mentions that this kept her in baby fat till she hit high school. Anne starts to kiss Tom before Lourdes walks in. Tom later scolds Boon and Tector after they use his son Matt as skitter bait, and as he is the leader of the berserkers who sends the two to hand their guns in and begin working in sanitation. Tom later goes with a small group of fighters to a harnessing facility after Diego's group and Matt leave to save their own people who were captured. When the group breaks in they shoot the skitter and Tom rips the harness that has yet to implant itself into Matt's spine.

"Love and Other Acts of Courage"[edit | edit source]

After an explosion is heard in the distance, Tom wakes up and before leaving to investigate asks Matt to guard the med bus. Tom convinces Weaver to bring a small group of fighters as it may have been a resistance group under attack, and Weaver tells Tom to bring his berserkers. Tom later reaches the city to find dead skitters, and destroyed mechs with no sign of humans, however they do find Rick Thompson who is buried under a dead skitter. After Rick wakes he asks Tom if Ben is with him, and when Tom tells him no Rick mentions that he is in trouble then. Tom with a small group follow Rick to a building, where they find Ben finding behind a column, telling them to leave as they'll hurt him. The Red Eye skitter reveals himself and Tom convinces them to bring him back alive, and Ben informs Tom about the skitter rebellion. Later Weaver decides to kill the skitter but Tom protects it along with Rick and Ben, before it escapes. While it is escaping Rick is accidentally shot during, and after he dies Ben says he's in trouble (Red Eye) and Tom stops him from going. Tom later arrives to the new hospital camp, and mentions to Anne there are a lot of rooms.

"Homecoming"[edit | edit source]

Tom attends Weaver's meeting before he collapse from the harness bite. Tom makes the decision to leave for Charleston but cannot as of the lack of fuel, and sends scouts to scavenge for fuel. Tom is informed by his son Matt that they found a de-harnessed Karen. Tom is later present when Anne and Lourdes explain the procedure to pump Weaver's blood to warm it up, and after he wakes up he asks Tom how much fuel did they waste on his sorry ass. After Pope and Anthony are brought back to the 2nd Mass, Anthony tells Tom what happened when they left and Pope tells Tom that the 2nd Mass are in trouble, mainly his boy Ben. Tom runs to Karen's cell to find an injured Maggie and no sign of Karen, then finds an unconscious Hal on the roof.

"Molon Labe"[edit | edit source]

Tom brings a team of fighters to search for Ben. Upon finding him, Tom captures the Overlord along with saving his son. Tom arrives back with the overlord and tells Weaver that he's their ticket out of the trap. Weaver realizes the tactic and directs Tom to check on the flank. Tom finds a Mech bursting through the garage door. The Mech attacks and Tom desperately shoots at a set of oxygen tanks, destroying the mech but inadvertently bringing down the roof around Lourdes, Matt and Dr. Glass. Karen attempts to negotiate by raising a white flag and calling for Tom. Tom is accompanied by Hal. Karen tells them that if they give up the Overlord they will be let go. Tom refuses, believing that the aliens will kill them all. Hal is unresponsive and dismissive of Karen. The negotiation is at an impasse so Tom and Hal return to the 2nd Mass. Weaver warns Tom that he must make a hard choice because they can no longer protect Ben. Tom refuses to consider sacrificing his sons.

Inside the hospital, things are frantic. Ben confronts Tom, stating that he needs to leave when the 2nd Mass is out of trouble, and that this whole thing is his fault, that he made a mistake and is a liability. Tom refuses to accept this, stating that he doesn't believe it's his fault, and that his son belongs with him. Tom later creates a plan to use the Overlord as a way to secure their safety and to escape the hospital with the 2nd Mass.

"Death March"[edit | edit source]

As the convoy continues on its trek to Charleston, Tom reminisces about letting Ben leave the group. Matt asks him to hang onto a will he just wrote out, assuring him that no one is going to die, Tom comforts the boy telling him they’ll reach their destination soon. After Jenny is hit by the convoy and is brought onto the bus, Tom wonders over the little, slowly mutating girl, what the world will do with the millions of harnessed children if the Skitters should ever leave the planet, but Anne assures him that they’d find ways to adjust. After Jenny leaves to go back to the skitters, Tom comforts his Matt by assuring him that Ben won’t abandon them for the skitters permanently.

"The Price of Greatness"[edit | edit source]

Colonel Porter greets the 2nd Mass when they find the ruins of Charleston, South Carolina. He leads them into an abandoned shopping mall and explains to the 2nd Mass that the reason why they were never attacked was due to the Overlords believing they were dead. Porter also requests that Tom should tell him more about his meeting with the Overlord. After a meal, Tom is greeted by his mentor and professor Arthur Manchester. After introducing himself to Tom and Anne, he and Tom talk to each other and recollect on what happened after the invasion. Arthur gives Tom a book that he wrote himself and announces that he wants to lead the new government in Charleston and invites Tom's support. Shortly afterward, a minor riot breaks out due to the Continental Army requesting that the 2nd Mass is to forfeit their weapons. The members of the 2nd Mass cry out in protest until Tom and Weaver command them to give their weapons away.

"A More Perfect Union"[edit | edit source]

Having overthrown Arthur Manchester and assumed control of Charleston, General Bressler tells Tom that it's now or never to meet up with the rebel Skitters. Tom declines, stating that a forceful take over is not what he wanted. Bressler dismisses Tom's concerns and is ordering the 2nd Mass arrested, when proximity alarms go off. The rebel skitters have come inside to meet the humans along with Ben. Bressler orders the skitters to be shot, but before he can give the command, Tom, along with several others from both the 2nd Mass and the citizens of Charleston stand in front of the soldiers, shielding the rebel skitters from harm. Under duress, Bressler stands down.

After speaking with the Red Eye, Bressler dismisses the information, and orders Tom and Weaver detained. After a struggle, Weaver convinces him that if he will commit no units to the Rebel Skitters' cause, then the 2nd Mass will rise to the occasion. When Tom and Weaver leave the room Bressler conspires to kill the rebels and orders his troops to set up for an attack. Later, Tom talks with Arthur Manchester, with Tom admitting Manchester was well-intentioned and doesn't 'think with his rifle' like Bressler does, but he should have prioritized keeping up the fight over creating a Utopia at any cost. Later on Ben rushes in, superficially wounded, reporting that the Rebel Skitters have been attacked. Tom and the 2nd Mass go out to their camp and find Skitter corpses and shell casings from human weapons. After, Tom and Weaver announce that they they plan to act with or without any help. Bressler tells them it's suicide but agrees to let them go anyway.

Tom, Maggie, Anne, Weaver, Ben, Dai and Hal gear up and set out, along with the reconvened Berserkers, whom Tector has rejoined. Inside, Dai is killed in the ensuing melee, Hal and Maggie are quickly subdued and Tom surrenders his weapons when he sees Skitters holding Anne and Ben. Karen enters the room, and using her telepathy, binds the group within the wires of the weapon. Karen tells Tom that before they die, he will reveal how exactly they learned of the location. Tom refuses, claiming the rebellion has clearly shaken the Overlords' confidence. After torturing Tom with an electro-staff to get information, she walks towards Anne, pauses, sensing that Anne is pregnant with Tom's child, announcing it to everyone before moving to torture her. With that, Tom yields, saying that he'll tell her what she needs to know. Suddenly, the rebel skitters storm the facility followed by the Berserkers, attacking Karen's guards. Grabbing Karen's electro-staff, Tom charges the Overlord and swiftly gains the upper hand, knocking his feet from under him and then bashing his skull repeatedly, killing him. Karen sneeringly tells Tom he will never win and escapes by leaping up the superstructure wall, similar to a Skitter. Red Eye holds Tom's hand and tells him through Ben to keep fighting before succumbing to his wound.

Back at Charleston, Tom and Arthur make amends, with Arthur ruefully revealing that Bressler has restored civilian control on the condition that someone other than he rule as Majority Leader. Tom apologetically turns down his offer, reasoning that he and the 2nd Mass have to take their chances outside — where the fight is. He talks to Anne, who didn't reveal her pregnancy to him because she was uncertain if it would be kind to bring a child into such a war-torn world. Tom tells her, "If there's any future for us, for any of us- how can we not?" and they embrace. Later, as Tom and Weaver discuss what the future holds, the compound begins to shake and rumble from a huge storm brewing outside. The group run outside to see what's happening, just in time to witness dozens of drop pods raining to the Earth. A heavily armored alien emerges from a pod, retracts its visor and smiles.

"On Thin Ice"[edit | edit source]

During the Raid on the Skitter mining camp, Tom rides in on a horseback with Cochise, the new alien from the race called the Volm, at his side and they help end the fighting with Volm energy guns, destroying the Mega Mechs. Back at the surface level of Charleston, Tom is greeted by Cole Bressler. Marina Perlata, one of Tom's aides, beseeches him not to go out fighting anymore since he has been elected president, but he won't hear it. After greeting Anne, Tom reports to a debriefing attended by Weaver, Bressler, Porter, his sons, along with Paint Face & Cochise. During, Tom wants to appoint Arthur Manchester to head an investigation into the mole. Later, Paint Face meets with Weaver and Tom and tells them they've heard word of another major attack on Charleston.

Back at the base, Manchester tells Tom he's narrowed the list of suspects down to a dozen. He's about to inform Tom when Anne goes into labor. After Arthur is murdered, Tom asks Anthony to pick up the investigation into the mole; he shows regret for Manchester's death, saying he was basically a good man but sometimes misguided and blames himself for Manchester's death. Tom soon rushes to Anne's side as she gives birth. It's a girl. After their child's birth, Tom opens the Citizen's Forum by welcoming his new daughter Alexis and mourning Manchester's murder. He gives a rally-the-troops speech. Pope watches, annoyed, and says he has a plan.

Weaver and Tom share a toast to the future and the birth of Anne and Tom's daughter. Weaver admits he doesn't trust the Volm, warning Tom that they have no idea what the Volm may do to them once the Espheni are beaten. Tom, however, compares it to Roosevelt and Churchill working with Stalin against the Nazis; the humans may not like working with the Volm or have any definite reason to trust them, but he believes they need the support they are getting to carry on the war, and they have been winning more and more battles since they accepted Volm assistance 7 months ago. Tom then offers to show Weaver something that he hopes will change his opinion. Tom and Cochise take Weaver down to a secret underground tunnel that only they know about. The Espheni towers around the world prevent the Volm ships from entering the atmosphere. Tom shows Weaver a giant weapon the size of a building that's being constructed underground. Cochise says that the weapon will bring about the end of the war.

"Collateral Damage"[edit | edit source]

After the discovery of the nearby power plant, Tom and his team decide to enlist the help of Dr. Roger Kadar, who has been living underground because he is agoraphobic, to help with the nuclear reactor, as they plan to bring him to it to deactivate it. Tom takes his team, including Maggie, Anthony, Lars and Dr. Kadar to the reactor, while Hal and Tector plan to rescue Weaver's team. Tom's team is ambushed by advanced harnessed kids in which Lars is brutally attacked, Tom, Maggie, Anthony, and Dr. Kadar continue into the reactor but are once again ambushed by harnessed kids in which Dr. Kadar breaks his glasses which causes Tom to deactivate the reactor under Kadar's direction. Anthony plants the charges and Tom shuts the reactor down.

In the medical area of Charleston, Anne briefs Tom that harness fluid similar to Weaver's leg has been spread all through his body,including his organs and he only has a few hours. Tom and Porter pay their respects. Tom and Weaver discuss the mission and the Volm's participation in the war, just then Cochise enters and congratulates the Tom and Weaver on their considerable victory, but warns them they can expect an Espheni counterattack on Charleston; not willing to appear weakened, the Espheni are calling up large numbers of their Mechs and Beamers for the assault, so the humans should be on alert. Matt then talks with Tom; he apologizes for what he did, but cannot understand the importance of school when they should be joining the fight. Tom understandingly tells him they will need educated, skilled people to help rebuild the country after the war ends, Tom also apologizes for not being around more but is going to change that. Matt also tells his father he said something harshly to Anne, in which Tom said he should talk to her.

"Badlands"[edit | edit source]

After someone shoots Crazy Lee, Tom insists that they talk the attackers into a truce just as Weaver equips himself with a RPG. Just as Tom attempts to talk down the attackers, the sniper fires at Weaver, who instantly and without hesitation fires an RPG at them. Later Tom and Anne talk about her mental state, Tom reveals that he's talked to Lourdes about the situation and Anne reveals to Tom that Lexi may not be a human. Underground, Tom and Weaver interrogate the sniper, she reveals her name is Lt. Katherine Fisher while Tom explains the way Charleston operates. The sniper chuckles at Weaver when he tells her to respect the President of the New United States. When asked what's funny, the sniper reveals to Tom that she was sent by the still functional US government and she is on orders directly from the still living president to infiltrate and attack Tom's group.

Back at the hospital, Tom visits Crazy Lee, who is sleeping, and finds Matt is still with her as well. Tom says his last words to her and kisses her on the forehead. He tells Matt that sometimes the best thing other people can do for one another is be there when they die. Pope tells Tom his words are nice but they're empty. Growing frustrated with Tom about keeping secrets, he lashes out at Tom about him having his men be on the front lines protecting a project they know nothing about. Pope says it is Tom's fault that Crazy Lee is dying. Tom, without anything to say tells Pope, "You're right" and walks away.

Outside by the memorial, Tom gives a speech, at first trying to read a prepared speech, but then pockets it and speaks more candidly. He tells him that everything accomplished reminds him how much they have lost - that nothing has really changed and that friends and loved ones are still dying for freedom against their alien oppressors. He says that this night will be a night of remembrance as each person who has lost somebody will write and hang on the memorial the names of the fallen. Soon after, the Espheni forces infiltrate Charleston, however they are prepared for the battle.

"At All Costs"[edit | edit source]

Tom takes Lt. Fisher to watch the battle, she sees the humans winning the battle as the Volm use highly advanced weaponry to push back the Espheni. Tom hopes to convince her that the alliance with the Volm is a good idea. Later, in Tom’s office, Fisher tells Tom she is impressed by what his troops can do with the help of the Volm. She wants to get in touch with President Benjamin Hathaway via short-wave radio. She is able to get through to the President and Tom briefs him on what they have done lately. Hathaway suggests they have a face-to-face meeting.

Tom and the others arrive at the secret rendezvous with Pres. Hathaway, the military under Hathaway’s command get really angry when they see Cochise. But, before they can act, Hathaway comes out and orders them to stand down. He explains that he cannot take any chances with an alien and orders his men to keep Cochise under guard while he speaks with Tom. Tom does not like it, but Cochise says it is ok. Hathaway explains that he has been able to communicate with small groups of resistance fighters. He is not yet convinced that they can trust the Volm. Tom explains that for seven months he has fought alongside the Volm and are making progress, which is better than what other resistance groups are saying. Hathaway goes to speak to Cochise himself. He asks why the Volm are helping the humans, Cochise relays a story about his home world and a flower that grows there. He explains that though he will never see his homeworld, he hopes that someday the war with the Espheni will end and his children’s children will see it. Hathaway seems impressed. Col. Weaver is on the short-wave radio with Tom. Tom explains that he and Cochise are going to stay with Pres. Hathaway for a while in an effort to convince more and more people that the Volm are the good guys.

Tom and President Hathaway are talking when they are informed that Espheni aircraft are approaching. Everyone needs to escape and fast, despite Tom’s protests, Hathaway takes Cochise with him. As Tom, Pope, and Gen. Bressler are flying away from Hathaway’s camp, the Espheni attack. They manage to shoot down one of their plane’s engines and it crashes in the forest.

"Search and Recover"[edit | edit source]

Tom and Pope manage to survive the plane crash into the forest, while Bressler is killed by being impaled by a tree branch. Beamers begin searching for survivors around the area in which Pope convinces Tom to wait until sun rise before moving out. Tom and Pope quickly leave and head back to Charleston, as night approaches Tom suggests they set up camp, the two eventually connect on a new level: as fathers talking about their lives before the invasion, Tom's father was a drunk and Pope went to prison for accidentally killing a man for defending his son. As morning comes Tom and Pope get into a brutal fist fight but they soon attract the skitters, they manage to kill one and escape by jumping off a waterfall. Toms twists his ankle in the jump and tells Pope to leave him, in which he does.

After, Tom has some hallucinations, and when he’s ambushed by skitters, Pope comes back and saves him. Mason and Pope make it back to Charleston, and Tom wakes up two days later.

"Be Silent and Come Out"[edit | edit source]

Tom wakes up in the hospital only to find out about Anne, and Alexis going missing, he meets with Paint face as he reveals they're being held by Karen. He storms out and prepares to go search for them, Hal agreeing with him. After being calmed down by Weaver he decides to give the Rebel Skitters 24 hours to get information on where they are being held by Karen. While talking with Marina, in which she insists in shutting down the Volm project and Tom arguably deciding against it, Hal drives up in a Humvee and knocks Marina to the ground before holding Tom at gunpoint to come with him. After the Humvee flips Hal drags Tom into an upper floor of a building, the 2nd Mass surround the building attempting to come up with a good strategy. While in the building Tom figures out that someone is controlling Hal.

Tom attempts to talk to the real Hal by pulling past memories and discussing his mothers love for Him, as well as him being a great soldier, which then causes Hal to panic. After Matt and Maggie enter the room and talk to Hal, he attempts suicide. Luckily Ben sneaks through a door behind him and quickly enters and helps everyone save Hal. Hal shooting the gun but only suffering a minor bullet graze. Paint Face tells Tom the implant must remove the bug but the skitters have come up with a device, he gives Tom a Hunter Killer to go in Hal's body and kill the bug if there is one but if there isn't it will kill Hal, Tom is forced to make the decision but Marina comforts Tom and telling him "death is not the worst of all evils".

Hal passes out and the bug is killed, but only for his heart to stop. Lourdes saves him and Hal wakes up to find Maggie, and Tom next to him and says he doesn't remember anything that happened since the week before, Tom tells him he had a bug but they got it. Tom resigns as President and Marina takes over as the President. Later, the Masons leave Charleston indefinitely to go look for Anne and Alexis.

"The Pickett Line"[edit | edit source]

Traveling at night, the Masons arrive at the rendezvous point for the rebel Skitters, as Ben questions if they should even return to Charleston upon finding Anne and Alexis. Suddenly, one of the rebel Skitters appears wounded, and warns the Masons of an incoming patrol. Elsewhere, Ben and Tom return to Hal and Matt and prepare to flee. Out on the road, the Masons find themselves confronted by four masked figures with guns, who take the horses and supplies, shrugging off Tom’s suggestions of taking them to Charleston. After the robbers depart, Tom vows they get their things back. Using Ben’s abilities to track the robbers, Tom and the Masons slowly make their way to the family’s farm, surprising and overtaking the members of the thieving group.

Tom learns from Duane that their entire family had been raised in the house, as the alien invasion never came to their isolated location. Meanwhile, the boys upstairs learn that the family’s mother had died during the invasion, but by men who came to the house to rob them, rather than by aliens. With Gil likely to die soon, Tom allows Duane upstairs to say his goodbyes, unaware that Gil has been hiding a shotgun beneath the mattress. The tables quickly turn as the Pickett family get back the guns, and Dwayne orders the Masons down in the basement. Duane insists he has to kill them in order to protect his family, but when the youngest daughter protests, Tom manages to retrieve his gun, and the weapons change hands once again.

The Masons leave the Pickett house behind, but soon observe Skitters and Mechs headed in the family’s direction. Noting that the family ultimately didn't kill them given the chance, Tom elects to go alone and warn the family, sending the children onward. By the time Tom arrives to the Pickett household however, the family is nowhere to be found, as Skitters and Mechs step out to corner him.

"Strange Brew"[edit | edit source]

In the mirror shows a very clean-shaven Tom Mason waking up from a dream next to his long-dead wife, Rebecca Mason. They chat about mundane stuff and Tom mentions that he had a nightmare about an alien invasion. Tom gets in his car and pulls up to a stop light. At the light, a bum carrying a sign that says “The End Is Near” bangs on his car hood and says, “Open your eyes!” The bum looks exactly like Col. Weaver. Later, Tom is at work at his college and as he runs into various other professors and the such, they are all people from the real Falling Skies timeline including Pope, Lourdes, and Maggie. At work, people keep on telling Tom that someone named Anne is trying to get in touch with him. At one point, someone who claims to be Anne’s husband accuses Tom of having an affair with Anne. Outside, Tom keeps on seeing the Weaver-bum with his “The End is Near” sign. The other thing that keeps on coming up is that people keep on talking about Boston, New York, Jacksonville, and Chicago. Tom can sense something strange is going on. He looks in the mirror and sees the real version of himself looking back – the version with full beard. Tom talks to Pope about how things seem strange and Pope tells him about a condition where you can’t tell your dreams from real life. As he rambles on, Tom again sees the bum-Weaver outside. After talking with Pope, Tom goes to a coffee bar and Anne is waiting for him there. She says she is all ready to go to whatever city he wants for their special weekend – Boston, New York, Chicago, or Jacksonville. Outside the coffee bar, bum-Weaver is trying to get in. He is trying to get away from Anne but she keeps on asking him which city he is going to. Things start to get really weird and then, suddenly, we see the real world where Tom has some kind of alien technology attached to his face. Clearly the Espheni were trying to get information out of him but it did not work.

The probe is pulled off of Tom’s face and Karen, the Espheni Overlord, is there. She wants to know which one of the main Espheni ships Tom and the Volm are planning to attack – the one in Boston, New York, Chicago, or Jacksonville. “Go to hell,” is Tom’s response. Just then, machine gun fire rings out as a rescue party bursts in and shoots the surrounding Skitters. The humans grab Karen and Tom asks her where Anne and Lexi are. She says other Overlords took them and Tom says, “Then you are of no use to me!” He pulls out a gun and shoots Karen between the eyes. Everyone starts to evacuate and Tom gets knocked out.

He wakes up in a Charleston hospital. Matt tells him he has been out for 2 days. Tom rushes to a military planning room and Weaver asks him if he told Karen where the attack would go. Tom says no and Weaver asks him to explain the plan to everyone in the room. Tom approaches a series of maps – of Boston, New York, Chicago, and Jacksonville and he realizes that he is still in a Espheni-controlled dream. He wakes up again and is still Karen’s captive. He laughs and says she must be really scared to be doing all this. Karen threatens to hurt Anne and Lexi if Tom will not talk. He grimaces but says nothing. Karen soon takes Tom to see two covered bodies. She says it is Anne and Lexi and that she killed them, causing Tom to flip out. Karen tells Tom that the Espheni defense grid is about to be activated. It will gradually change the atmosphere of Earth and kill all the humans. She takes him outside so he can see it beginning to work. Tom seizes the opportunity as he grabs a Skitter and jumps off the ledge they are on. He uses the Skitter to break his fall and then he is free from Karen.

As Tom is wandering through the woods, he comes across a house that looks just like his home from his dream. He goes inside and starts to cry. He lies on a bed and sees his wife. She cradles him and talks about how much she loves him. Then she tells him to leave. "There is nothing here for you anymore" she says and she is gone. Tom goes outside and begins to walk away as we see a giant Espheni ship in the background.

"Journey to Xilbalba"[edit | edit source]

After escaping Boston, Tom found a boat and sailed back to Charleston, and he was greeted by Pope and Lyle. Pope reminded him he still owed him a plane, Tom said he could have the boat. He was greeted by several citizens but noticed Weaver and called out to him. Weaver told him it was good to see him and gave him a hug. He told Weaver they needed to talk, joined by Anthony who said he must have a good story to tell. Tom said he did indeed have a story, Ben and Hal then came, Ben was surprised he wasn’t hurt. Tom then noticed Matt sitting under the Liberty Tree, he asked Weaver to give him a second. Matt told him they waited at Mechanicsville for him but he never showed. Ben asked about the Picketts’ Tom told them they were gone when he got there. Matt asked why they didn’t just kill him, he said it wasn’t part of their plan and brought him to a tower. Hal quickly assumed it was Karen; Tom told them she was running the war from there. He told them they were going to go after Karen, and they’d grieve for Anne and Lexi when Karen was dead.

As he left to speak with Weaver, Ben reminded him about his speech on hate. He said that was a long time ago, and that hate was all he had left and he didn’t plan on wasting it. Tom met with Weaver and Porter and told them they were going to attack Boston. Weaver told him changing the target now would put them behind schedule. Tom felt now that they know Karen is in Boston, they could take down the grid and kill Karen at the same time. Weaver told him that Boston was more heavily guarded than their current target. Tom wanted to get Karen, Weaver said they didn’t need to kill Karen to take down the Grid. Tom told them how he wanted revenge on Karen, Porter interrupted him and said he need to get some rest. He met Cochise as he was leaving the meeting, they were both glad to see each other. Cochise passed on his condolences about Anne and Lexi. Tom was trying not to think about that, Cochise related saying that’s how he felt after losing his brother, but he thought of him anyway. He lamented that’s how war is, how they never get to say goodbye to the loved ones they’ve lost. Tom used to think love gave him an edge, but now it might be an impediment. Cochise asked what the alternative was, no love so they wouldn’t have to grieve. Tom went to see Pope, and told Lyle he wanted to talk to Pope alone. Tom asked Pope why he didn’t shot him why he first arrived, no one would have known. Pope said Lyle would have but that he got his point. Tom asked if he was worried about Karen putting a bug in him. Pope was actually counting on it, saying that if Tom did start behaving like he was implanted someone would have to put him down, Pope hoped it would be him, Tom thanked him. They were just about ending their conversation when they were thrown backwards by an explosion. They went to the river near the Volm complex; both suspected it was the mole. Tom noticed two Volm, one of them Cochise, Pope believed he must’ve pulled the other from the water. Tom and Pope carried Cochise to the hospital. They passed Lourdes on the way and he demanded her help, she tried to get away but Tom told her Cochise was more important. Cochise felt guilty for losing his soldiers, Tom held his hand and consoled him. Cochise was reaffirmed saying the human spirit was the most powerful weapon on the planet. He told Tom he hoped that one day they could restore each other’s hearts. Tom he looked forward to it. Tom later talked with Marina who questioned the status of the mission, and was mad that Weaver, Tom, and Porter left her out of the meeting. Tom told her not to worry, that they had dismissed him before a change of plans took place.

He looked for Marina after the bomb detonated, he helped get some debris off her, tended to a wound on her head and decided they should go to the infirmary. Tom arrived at the infirmary and got Dr. Sumner to treat Lourdes right away. He checked on Marina and Lourdes before leaving. On their way, Tom asked if Anthony was ok, he told Tom how his brother used to lock him in a dark closet for hours. Since then he’s always hated tight places. Tom was frustrated to learn the only remaining passage was blocked by rubble, he began to move it when Anthony calmed him down. He said there must be another way, Anthony confirmed there wasn’t. Anthony thought they should wait to be rescued, Tom disagreed. They then heard pipes banging, Tom thought it was crawlies. They approached the source, Anthony pulled the pin on a grenade as Tom opened the panel. They were both surprised to find Dr. Kadar crawling through the vent. He greeted Dr. Kadar and they returned to the infirmary. After looking over the blueprints, Kadar said he’d need a shaped charge to get through to the fire stairwell. Tom believed they didn’t have any explosives, but Anthony said he had 6 packs of C4 to use. Kadar said he’d need 200 ft. of wire, when Anthony asked where to get it, Kadar said from the no longer functioning power lines in the walls. Tom began knocking holes in the wall to get to them. He then overheard Dr. Sumner telling Lourdes to get back in bed. Tom walked in and agreed that she should rest, she told Tom she was sorry about Anne and Lexi, that she felt guilty since she was supposed to be watching them. She felt bad that they came so far only to die where they started, in Boston. Tom told her not to dwell, that’s not what Anne would have wanted. Tom later checked in on Kadar and the others while he was setting the charges, when Kadar noticed a support beam above him was cracked and may be compromised. Kadar said the charges may get through to the stairwell or collapse the ceiling and bury them in rubble. When he heard Kadar say they would have to go to a new location, Anthony said they were right back where they started, Tom caught this and remembered Lourdes saying that about Anne earlier. He then ran back to stop her just in time from harming Cochise. He lied to her, saying Anthony needed her help. Tom told Lourdes Anthony was hurt, Anthony pretended to lie on the ground until she was next to him, he then rolled over, pointing a gun at her. Tom asked to see the med pack, since it looked like the one she gave to him for Keystone, Tom believed Lourdes put a tracking device in it. She repeatedly denied being the mole until Tom said she delivered Anne and Lexi to Karen. She then attempted to pull a Volm-enhanced gun out of it, but Tom quickly stopped her. Tom took the Volm-enhanced gun she was using and quietly went to where the charges were, took cover and fired, detonating the charges, and setting them free. Tom later met with Cochise telling him he was glad to see him on his feet. Cochise regretted that his comrades died on a strange land to be forgotten. Tom said he wouldn’t forget them, and would make sure they didn’t die in vain. Tom asked that since the bunker was capable of withstanding a beamer attack, if the cannon could survive. Cochise said it did, but it was buried under the wreckage, and with his engineers dead he didn’t have the technical knowledge to operate the cannon. Tom thought Dr. Kadar could try, he would see it as a challenge. Cochise felt it was a long shot. Tom asked what the alternative was, referencing their earlier conversation. He told Cochise first they bury the dead, then dig out the cannon.

"Brazil"[edit | edit source]

Tom and Cochise are talking and they comment on the fact that more Volm are on the way, but cannot enter the atmosphere as long as the deadly defense grid is still active. Tom is nervous because the fate of his entire planet and race are riding on this one attack. Cochise tells him he understands, and reassures him, "Everything will be fine, my friend -in this, you must have faith.”

The Volm weapon has arrived in Boston Harbor onboard a freighter, along with most of the 2nd Mass. Matt, Ben, Hal, Jeanne and Maggie watch as Kadar, Tom and Cochise fire the weapon at the Boston Espheni Tower, and it hits. It takes a minute –during which they fear it was pointless, as Espheni aircraft begin to approach them– but then the tower collapses into rubble and the aircraft are brought down.Tom and the others celebrate as they see the defense grid in the sky begin to disappear. Moments later, a gigantic Volm ship arrives on the scene, landing on top of the ruins of Boston and demolishing what is left of the city.

It is the night after the Volm have arrived and the humans are celebrating, playing drums, drinking and dancing around while Tom is in a tent preparing for his meeting with the Volm leaders and talking with Ben. Cochise says his people are happy to help the humans. He tells Tom that he will get to meet the Volm leader tomorrow morning, which is faster than Tom wanted.

At the meeting on the Volm ship, the Volm commander begins by shaking hands and acting quite respectful. It turns out that he is also Cochise’s father. Tom wants to talk about military plans but the Volm say that will not be necessary. The Volm say they don’t need any input or help from the humans. They know how to fight the Espheni and the humans “would just get in the way.” Tom and Weaver are not happy. Tom wants to know what the Volm plan to do with the humans. The Volm leader says they will all be relocated to the south to Brazil; Cochise insists they can live there in relative safety, while the Volm take over the campaign against the Espheni. Tom says there is no way he will let that happen. The Volm leader seems to not care what Tom and Weaver think and says human relocation will begin today. Tom says they want to keep on fighting and then the Volm leader turns to walk away and Tom grabs his shoulder to continue talking, this causes the Volm to fling Tom aside and leaves the room, with his guards violently restraining Tom for touching their leader; Cochise has to shield Weaver from attacking them.

Meanwhile Tom and the Volm Commander are talking inside a chamber of the Volm ship. Tom is angry that Cochise lied to him about the Volm plans. The Commander says Cochise was simply operating under strict orders. The Commander explains that every other planet they have liberated has contained races who were glad to be relocated and leave the fight to the Volm. Tom explains that humans are different. “Allow us to fight for our freedom,” he pleads. The Commander admits that he has never contemplated doing anything but what he always does, since he and his kind have been raised all their lives as soldiers. He has never had to really consider other options. He tells Tom he will think about it. It appears that the Volm are not evil, they simply do not understand humanity and see the entire conflict as their own military campaign; they view the humans entirely as civilian resistance, not a military force in their own right.

Cochise arrives at the 2nd Mass camp and tells Weaver it is time for the humans to go to Brazil and they join with Tom. Cochise leads them away; however, he takes them over to a heap of Volm and human weapons, and says the humans are free to go, though he asks them to leave the Boston area, which the Volm are using as their base of operations. Tom says, “we are going to continue to fight," warning him they may get in the Volm's way; Cochise jokingly replies that he expects nothing less. Then Cochise says he hopes they will see each other again and he hands Tom a Volm rifle, the two of them apparently parting as friends despite the fragmented alliance. The humans arm up and head out.

An Espheni hovercraft appears and lands in the woods nearby; Tom and Weaver are sure it is Karen, confirming that she took the 'bait' that is Lourdes. Karen walks out of the woods with Espheni forces, and tells Tom she brought a gift for him. Tom says he has a gift for her too, then shoots her in the chest, mortally wounding her. The Espheni guard of Heavy Mechs and Skitters attacks, but the humans easily destroy them all. Tom suddenly hears Anne in the woods and rushes to her, finding her unharmed- Karen lied about her supposed death, and brought her and their daughter Alexis to Tom as a gesture of good faith for their truce. As Anne and Tom embrace, he sees that Alexis is with her, but she has aged quite a bit because of her alien DNA – she is now physically a six-year old and capable of speech, greeting him with, "Hello, Daddy!" In the morning, Tom talks to Dr. Kadar about Alexis. The doctor does not know if Alexis will continue aging at a rapid pace or if either of them have been implanted with tracking devices. Moments later, Alexis goes up to a caged Lourdes and touches her face through the bars. Suddenly, dozens of Eye Worms from inside Lourdes come pouring out of her, and they all gather in Alexi’s hands and she crushes them into powder. She is witnessed by a shocked Tom and Weaver.

"Ghost in the Machine"[edit | edit source]

As Tom is walking up the hill with Matt, he asks Matt if he would like to ride in one of the vehicles, and when he denies Tom tells him what Walter Payton used to say, and after Ben carries Matt away Anne starts speaking to Tom. As the 2nd Mass reach the top of the hill to Charleston, Lexi runs up to Tom and hugs him, and she says that they don't all have to die there then beamers start coming at them. He yells to the 2nd Mass to scatter as the beamers drop Obelisks that deploy a laser fence, when the first laser fence deploys and traps a few survivors on the other side, he watches as the are gunned down by a Mega-Mech and watches as one is set on fire. Tom manages to to take out a few beamers with the Volm rocket launcher Cochise gave him. Tom fired at the Mega Mech and destroyed it, however it managed to fire at him, the blast sends him to the ground. He watches as Lyle runs into the laser fence, Tom tells Matt to run and sees Anne being pulled away by Anthony and Deni, he also sees Weaver clutching his heart. Tom survives and during the four months that the 2nd Mass is separated, he is isolated in a ghetto camp.

In the camp, Tom has been marking words on the wall, and behind a mirror has the markings of the camp. When Weaver is thrown into the cell next to him, Tom calls out to him then breaks off part of the wall to find Weaver, who says that he is glad to see him; when a loud noise is heard from outside, Tom looks out the chained window and Weaver asks what they are, in which Tom replies that he doesn't want to know. When Pope hordes the food when it drops, Tom rides his motorcycle up to him, with his face covered, points the barrel of a flamethrower at him and threatens him with it until he hands the food over to the people who need it. Suddenly a Skitter climbs down a building, Tom rides away, with Skitters coming from each direction at him he jumps off a ramp and escapes. He gets back in his cell by climbing a ladder which he hides his motorcycle near, and going through the chain fence window that he has cut open, then marks on the map behind the mirror which direction the Skitters came from. When Weaver unscrews part of his bed and turns it into a weapon, Weaver bangs on his cell door in an attempt to get the Skitter to come in the cell so he can kill it, but Tom convinces him not to as he needs him. Weaver explains after what happened out there with Jeanne he needs to go find her, Tom explains his plan to escape. Later that night, Tom goes to the laser fence, where on the other side Cochise is waiting with a squad of Volm. Tom tells him that when he lit the beacon he didn't expect it to take this long for him to arrive, and with the limited time he has asks Cochise questions about what happened to the Volm and him. Cochise briefed Tom of the attack on the Volm's families and that the Espheni are preparing a new power source which could send the human race into extinction. Before Tom leaves he asks Cochise to search for his family in which, Cochise agrees to. Later that same night, a unnamed man sprays on a wall, a picture of Tom covered in the mask that covers his identity, and below his face says the words "Ghost", which makes the new Espheni leader angry, and he orders him to be executed.

"The Eye"[edit | edit source]

As a women with a baby steals a can of food, a black hornet tries to attack her, but Tom comes to her aid and tires to kill the Hornet with his flamethrower but fails to do so and is knocked to the ground; and is saved by the second ghost, who is impersonating him. When Tom is thrown out of solitary, he listens to the harnessed kid, about handing over the 'ghost'. Later, Tom meets with Dingaan and talks about the plan to use the faraday suit to escape and free everyone in the ghetto, but to escape Tom needs a better view of the land to know where the skitters are coming from. Tom surrenders himself as the ghost, and is brought up to the ship where he meets and talk with Scorch. He listens as Scorch tells him about a new enemy and that they ghetto camp members should surrender to the Espheni. While on the ship, Tom works out how to disable the Laser Wall and where the Skitters are coming from.

"Exodus"[edit | edit source]

Tom makes his final meeting with Hal, Dingaan, Weaver, Tector and Pope about escaping the Ghetto. Tom creates a miniature structure of the Ghetto camp and tells them the whole plan. Weaver, who is awake during the night is approached by Tom, and handed a bottle of alcohol, and soon after handing him the bottle he remembers that it is Jeanne's birthday. The next morning, Tom meets with Scorch about surrendering, but Tom has a different plan and lights Scorch on fire; he then rides his motorcycle that is rigged with an explosive around the camp gathering all of the Skitters. When he arrives to the base of the Solitary where he was held, he sets the bomb to explode and goes inside. The cycle explodes, killing the skitters that were herded up; To, upstairs runs into his solitary room and kicks the chained window off, he yells that the Laser wall should be down already, then uses his flamethrower on the approaching Skitters. As the wall goes down, Tom climbs over the railing, and with the Skitters approaching him from inside the room and climbing the building, he sets the bomb off that was planted throughout the whole solitary building, killing all the Skitters and sending him off the top of the building and into the lake.

"Evolve or Die"[edit | edit source]

Tom goes with Weaver and Hal to check out the shelter that Cochise had set up for the former ghetto captives. When the are near the front of the shelter, it appears that there is no one around however, Beamers soon fly over them. While Tom is at the front of the shelter, crosshairs are focused on Tom's head, and Weaver and Hal both go to dive at him. When Cochise comes out of the shelter, he introduces Shaq, the Volm who set the crosshairs on Tom, and they later discuss plans to retrieve Matt, with Weaver saying he is coming as he is the only one who know what Tom is going through. As they are walking to the camp, Weaver hears a noise, and pulls out his knife, Tom and Cochise watch as Weaver searches for the noise, but is soon told to come back by Tom. At the youth camp, Cochise is attacked by a creature, and after Tom shoots at it Weaver finds on a nearby stone with dabs of black blood from the creatures gunshot wound. Inside the camp, Cochise is left outside the camp to recover, and Tom inside the youth camp, walks inside on of the dorms to asks the kids if they have seen Matt, but a kid stands up and blows his whistle. Weaver again finds the blood and tells Tom to go without him; he investigates the blood, then is soon pulled into a room by the creature. When Tom is searching for Matt, Mira appears in the hall and takes him to his son, when Tom reaches Matt, he pulls Kent Matthews off him, pushes him to the wall then punches him multiple times before being stopped and hugged by his son. The next morning, Weaver staggers out of the bushes, and tells Tom what happened to him that night, and then is soon hugged by the retrieved Matt.

"Mind Wars"[edit | edit source]

Hiking through the bush to Cochise's shelter, Tom finds a rabbit, and puts his sights on it, before Matt pushes his pistol down, saying they don't need it that much. Right after Weaver and Cochise arrive and they start heading back to the shelter. Tom and Matt head inside the shelter, and Tom marks the map to the directions left by Hal. Matt who is tinkering with the radio, tunes into Lourdes' loop message. Tom and Matt soon hear a noise, hide behind a desk and see a Skitter and the burnt overlord Scorch walk into the room. Tom and Matt make their way through the shelter, hiding behind cover and escape alive. The two reconnect with Cochise and Weaver, and Cochise says that he must leave to find his squad, then hands Weaver a rifle. They hike through the terrain to Chinatown, and on the way they find two survivors camped out, Nick Phillips and Cooper Marshall. They sit down at a campsite, and during the night Tom and Weaver ask Nick a few questions about his life before the invasion and during, and find out that Nick was captured and taken to an Espheni farm. Tom and Weaver soon decide to sleep, but as the two are wary of Nick and Aaron, they use one of their tactics to provide that they survive the night, and Tom takes watch on the road. Tom who is taking watch is greeted by Nick, and the two briefly speak before Nick knocks out Tom and Cooper unloads a clip into Weaver and Matt's sleeping bag.

After being taken by Cooper and Nick to trade to the Espheni, Tom creates a trail for Weaver and Matt to follow. Tom tries letting Weaver and Matt get some time to catch up, so he aggravates Cooper, and head buts him, and in response Cooper punches Tom twice in the face. Later, at the new campsite Tom is tied to a post, and when Nick leaves to get firewood Tom tries getting into Cooper's head. After Nick arrives back, Tom says that he made a deal with the skitters, and when Cooper asks if he traded in his group, and his sons Nick cannot deny it. After arguing Cooper shoots Nick and kills him, then Cooper turns around to shoot Tom, but is saved by Weaver when he shoots him in the back. Later that day, at a new campsite, Matt asks his father why Cooper shot his brother, and Tom replies that they weren't real brothers, as it doesn't matter what blood you share, it's about if they look out for each other.

"Door Number Three"[edit | edit source]

At Chinatown, Hal and his group of escapees arrive, only to be held at gunpoint by some of Anne's fighters. Tom shows up and the fighters recognize him and put their guns down, and the Masons quickly reunite. Anne wants Tom to meet Alexis, and leads her to room where Alexis normally is. They discover Alexis is in her cocoon, and call the rest of the Masons together, the only non-Masons being Weaver and Kadar. Kadar compares it to a butterfly and its chrysalis, if you cut the butterfly out, it dies. They discuss what to do with her, and eventually agree on waiting to see what happens and Tom, Hal, and Weaver remain in the room.

Later, Maggie holds a meeting to address the 2nd Mass about the dangerous powers Alexis Glass-Mason holds, and Tom walks in, and sees Hal, giving him a look of disapproval, and Tom warns them that if any of them try to harm Alexis, he will shoot them. Later, Pope, and Maggie lead a riot, trying to break into where Alexis is to kill her. Tom shows up, and berates Hal for joining them. Hal argues with his father, saying his father told him to protect his family no matter what, and Ben silently pleads with Maggie. Hal asks Maggie to tell Tom what she saw, but Maggie joins Tom's side.

"Saturday Night Massacre"[edit | edit source]

Alexis opens her eyes inside the cocoon, and soon emerges in a bright white light, and momentarily faints before waking up and recognizing Tom. Alexis walks into the courtyard, uses her powers to make everybody freeze, and Tom witnesses her kill Lourdes Delgado. Later, Anne and Tom argue over their ability to save Alexis and Kadar explains that Alexis’ human and Espheni DNA have combined and created something completely different and unknown. After Anthony reveals that Bennett was burned alive by an Overlord, Tom realizes this was a personal attack from the burned overlord and that this attack could be used to their advantage. Tom and Weaver devise a plan to bring the skitters/mechs into the city to destroy them.

During the battle, a gas explosion killed many of the 2nd Mass fighters. Tom says everyone needs to hide so that Overlord Scorch thinks that the gas main explosion killed everyone, and Pope suggests that they hide in the fallout shelter. During the battle, Dr. Kadar slowly bleeds out from a piece of glass lodged into his hip, and dies after telling Tom to save Alexis and never let her go. As everyone goes into the fallout shelter, Tom decides he is going to stay out and wait for a clear shot of the overlord. He takes an antique long-range rifle from Tector Murphy, and goes to post where he can get a clear shot. Tector explains to Tom how to use the rifle, but says it is dirty and that he needs oil from down stairs, and Tom offers to go get it. Tector then goes to a tool box and pulls out a large wrench and knocks out Tom. After Tector fails to kill the Overlord, he is knocked off the building by a beamer, and when a skitter walks up to him, Tector starts laughing because he has explosives strapped to him which he detonates. Scorch mistakes Tector's burned body for a dead Tom Mason. After, Tom is shown waking up after having been buried under rubble from the blast, lying next to the large wrench that Tector had used.

"A Thing With Feathers"[edit | edit source]

The next morning, the main group leave the fallout shelter to search for survivors. Matt is frantic to find Tom, as Anne finds the scarf that Tom wore in the Ghetto. Under the rubble, Tom finds Dingaan Botha also trapped underneath. Tom finds Dingaan pinned under a large slab and helps him out from under it. Tom and Dingaan are trying to figure out how to open the hatch and realize they are under an Espheni Beamer. Tom sticks his arm in a hole which opens the hatch but he exclaims that it felt like his arm was bitten. They enter the ship and after Tom touches the wall, a spike enters his arm, and worm-like creature starts crawling under his skin before he passes out. Dingaan finds a scalpel and cuts the worm out of Tom’s arm. They hear a beeping, and discover a panel with blue lights flashing and beeping, realizing it is a count-down for a missile. Dingaan loses it and explains to Tom what happened to his son and wife. The beeping becomes rapid, and the missile fires. A hole appears and Dingaan and Tom are found. Tom is reunited with his family.

"Til Death Do Us Part"[edit | edit source]

Cochise says the Volm have a supply cache, which can be used to unearth the Beamer faster. Tom, Anne, Matt, Weaver, and Cochise decide to head out to retrieve it. At the chemical plant where the Volm cache is, they run into Mira. Tom ties her up, saying they cannot trust her but they will take her with them. Matt unties Mira when she complains of her hands hurting, and she blows her whistle, summoning a Beamer strike and the Team Leader's. Kent Matthews traps Tom inside a burning container. Anne comes to Tom's rescue, distracting Kent enough to save Tom. Tom shoots Kent, and a dying Kent reveals that he gave his own mother to the Espheni. Tom and Matt are reunited, and they head home, with only a few of the Volm weapons.

The next morning, Tom proposes to Anne, and the day after, they are married by Weaver. As they kiss, Shaq interrupts, using Mira's whistle to unearth the Beamer.

"Drawing Straws"[edit | edit source]

Tom finds himself at odds with everyone, including his own family as he tries to dictate who will go on the mission to the moon to destroy the enemy power core. Everyone wants a fair shot at going and possibly saving the entire human race. It is decided by popular vote that everyone will put their name into a drawing where 2 will be picked to go on this mission. Tom only agrees to it after being outvoted by everyone. Matt wants to put his name in, since it was his idea but Tom refuses with a rather funny line, “You have to be 15 to fly an alien space ship and you don’t have your learners permit yet.” Tom finds a way to fix the drawing and he is the second person to go, along with his son Ben Mason. Everyone says their goodbyes to Ben and Tom as they get ready to take off, but suddenly alarms go off as a squad of beamers are seen heading towards the town.

"Space Oddity"[edit | edit source]

While the beamers fly towards them, they are mysteriously shot out of the sky, and Alexis Glass-Mason walks towards Tom, however Tom doesn't trust her and tells everyone to take cover. Tom and Alexis talk, and decide that Alexis must go on the beamer instead of Ben. Post launch, Hal hands Tom a syringe of poison strong enough to kill an Espheni, and mentions that he can save it in case for Lexi. On the beamer, Lexi informs Tom about hairline fractures messing with life support on the ship and that the only way to survive the mission is for both of them to use a cocoon, which leads into the dream sequence, implanted by Alexis. The dream is implanted as Alexis knows that Tom still doesn't trust her.

"Shoot the Moon"[edit | edit source]

Tom and Lexi make their approach to the Moon, their payload becomes ruptured due to the hull leak. When the Espheni power core finally comes into view however, their Beamer is pursued and overtaken by another larger beamer piloted by Scorch. Tom and Lexi are captured, and after Scorch attempts to burn Lexi to death, Tom sneaks up behind him and injects Scorch with the synthetic Volm venom, which causes Scorch to shrivel up and die, but not before Scorch destroys his ship's autopilot with his dying action. Seeing no other alternative but to crash the Beamer into the Power Core on the moon, Lexi opts to manually pilot the Scorch's ship on a collision course with the core and leaves Tom on the smaller beamer to head back to Earth. Sacrificing herself to destroy the core, Lexi crashes Scorch's ship into the Moon, killing herself and creating a powerful explosion which sends large seismic waves towards the Volm ships and Tom. The resulting explosion subsequently knocks Tom's Beamer away from Earth, being lost into space.

Tom awakens in a room identical to his Boston bedroom but soon realizes that something is wrong when a nearby family picture is a hologram. After opening the curtains and realizing he is in space, a voice speaks to Tom claiming that "it's time." Tom looks into the mirror while the door opens, revealing a new alien who Tom responds to with familiarity. Tom replies to the alien, "your beautiful".

"Find Your Warrior"[edit | edit source]

Tom has a conversation with the Great Enemy that he had woken up to after the moon mission, though he sees her as his wife Rebecca Mason, showed as a memory of a conversation they had once about her breast cancer, Rebecca speaks in words that apply just as well to the war on Earth, saying how she wants to "hit it with both barrels, and maybe this monster goes into remission, I want to eradicate this."

"Rebecca" speaking to Tom.

Continuing with the double meanings, she warns Tom, "You never know where a rogue cell might be hiding," and then counsels him, "You have to get more than mad. You must tap into your primal rage, even if it costs you." "Find your warrior," she sums it up, before volumes of water come splashing through the Boston bedroom’s windows, submerging Tom, who later, mysteriously, resurfaces in the water on Earth, and then makes tracks for the 2nd Mass.

Tom making his way back, he fends off a winged Black Hornet along the way, but he’s not satisfied with leaving it wounded, but seeing to it that it’s dead, "find your warrior". Once reunited with the 2nd Mass, Tom shares some of his "memory" with Anne and his sons. Anne posits that he was hallucinating aboard the cold beamer, while Ben suggests the ship used autopilot to get him back to Earth safely. Whatever the case, Tom gets a clean bill of health before addressing the 2nd Mass. There, he asserts that for the many sacrifices they each have made to mean anything, they need to get mad, with rage, not anger. "It’s time for overkill," he trumpets. Later, the Charlie group, led by Tom, to find enemy tech, is lured into a trap, and surrounded by skitters. When one of the skitters kills Scotty, Tom uses the Scott's corpse to bait the skitters in the direction of a bomb, but the remote doesn’t work. Soon after, Sara arrives with team Bravo and she shoots the bomb.

After Matt, whom Tom had encouraged to be a part of Charlie group, reveals that he was unnerved by his father’s tactics involving Scotty’s dead body, Tom and Anne touch on his new “warrior” mentality. With a nod to how Tom made her take off the pendant that reminded her of lost Lexi, lest she get lost in depression, Anne says, “I don’t want to get lost in rage either. Having determines that an Overlord must be situated nearby, Tom insists that the nearby Woodrow Wilson High School must be the hiding spot, seeing as he saw a conspicuous bust of Wilson during his “memory” with Rebecca. At the school, they take out a gymnasium full of skitters which where finding under the bleachers. Tom splits off from the group and Tom finds the Overlord in a storage room, and talks to him using Ben. The Overload says he is “not afraid,” contending that he has leverage in his connection to Ben, but Tom argues that he could shoot the big guy right there and all his son will get is “a headache.” And Tom does just that, shooting the leader in the head. After, Tom attends Denny's funeral, Tom gets stung on the back of his neck, and when he looks at the swatted bug, he sees that it’s unusual.

"Hunger Pains"[edit | edit source]

Tom defends Chinatown against the herd of skitters which attack, and during their food source is destroyed. Later, Anthony has started to lose his grip a little after what he witnessed the Skitters do to his Denny and Tom is trying to get him to keep that rage and focus it so it can be used as a weapon instead of a burden. He seemingly takes this advice to heart, and Anthony and a few other fighters manage to take a Skitter alive and proceed to torture it out of some form of misguided justice. Tom sees exactly what his men are doing and just stands back forcing Weaver to come in and become the voice of reason, shooting the Skitter.

Later, As Anne is trying to investigate the bug that bit Tom, a task which is admittedly made harder by the fact she has no microscope or anything to magnify it. Anne finally has a chance to take a close look at what it could be after Matt makes her a microscope. She notices it has skitter legs, Espheni arms, Black Hornet wings and which shocked Anne, human eyes. When Tom goes to investigate, he sees the human eye before it moves and stares at Tom. The bug flies away, Tom and Anne follow it to where a swarm of alien bugs join together, and a herd of skitters and Black Hornets are in a field.

"Hatchlings"[edit | edit source]

Tom is being helped by Cochise to send out a video message using Volm tech so that he can start trying to unite the other freedom fighters of the world. Cochise also helps Tom by using Volm tech and shows the area of where the Volm recon cannot access, and shows that the Espheni are using what little power they have left to shield certain locations and the entire of Washington D.C. Cochise later helps Tom identify the alien species he saw, Ben draws a picture as Tom describes it, and Cochise tells Tom that it is the species Dornia, the extinct species which the Espheni enslaved and mutated into skitters.

After bringing back a wounded Overlord Tom knows that he needs to get information from him and that this will involve violence or other, however this isn't the problem, the problem is that the only way he has to communicate with the Overlord is through Ben and any pain he inflicts of the Overlord, Ben will feel as well. Ben comes up with a plan about how he can get into the Overlords mind without going through too much pain. Back when he had all of his spikes he had gotten into an Overlords brain, so he thinks that given the right amount of time he could do it again, however Maggie would also need to partake as she has some of his spikes. Tom, Ben and Maggie successfully get the information they need of where the skitters and hornets are being replenished, and Tom sets a team to destroy it.

On their way out in the only working vehicle, John Pope is in a delicate situation as Sara has been grounded in leftover Espheni farm fog, however Tom knows the best plan will be to destroy the hatchlings, then save Sara. The team successfully destroy the hatchlings, even though Anthony freezes up during. When they arrive to the location of Pope and Sara, they find Pope cradling Sara's body. Pope tells Tom that he is too late. Back at Chinatown, Tom dwells on the fact that Sara died, and blames himself.

"Pope Breaks Bad"[edit | edit source]

John is leaning over a shrine that he has erected. Tom shows up and tells Pope that he could have had help setting up the statue and that others wanted to say goodbye to Sara. Tom says a number of things meant to comfort John who does not reply. Back at camp John angrily berates Tom for his decision to leave Sara until after the mission. He breaks a shovel in half and throws the pieces in a burning barrel. "Say goodbye to this," he says and then states that Sara meant no more to Tom than the broken tool.

Tom asks Ryan to join his group who head to a police station to recon for gasoline and weapons. Weaver has explained that the 2nd Mass will not go very far without extra fuel or vehicles, hence the trip, as John continues to connect with others who feel that Tom Mason has killed too many people in his role as leader.

Tom, Weaver, Matt, Ryan and Dingaan Botha arrive at the police station and find a group of vehicles that appear to be in operating order. Matt finds radios and cans of mace. They also find a short wave radio and make contact with an English woman, Professor Cecily. Ryan discovers the same flesh eating bugs that killed Sara and is consumed in seconds. Tom is chased by the flying insects, and he remembers that they have human eyes. He sprays the mace that Matt found, disabling the bugs and escapes.

When they arrive back Pope very loudly questions Tom about why Ryan is not there. He then begins a tirade against Mason for killing yet another member of the 2nd Mass. Pope continues his attack on Mason and then zeroes in on Tom’s deceased daughter Lexi. Mason finally confronts the man. Cocking his pistol, he shoves the weapon in John’s hand, with the barrel placed on his own forehead and tells the Pope to shoot him. He refuses and walks away. Tom banishes John from the 2nd Mass and tells him not to return, he is no longer part of the battle or the war.

Anthony approaches Anne and asks to speak privately with her. He leads her into a room where Pope is waiting. He has shaved off his long hair and it is clear he intends to kill her to punish Tom, but talks him out of it. Tom has another vision, Rebecca telling him that things are coming to a head with the alien threat and Tom angrily asks to speak to the Dornia directly. He says he does not need his dead wife to talk to them any longer. As he struggles to learn what they want, Rebecca asks where Hal is. This warns Tom that his son has been taken by Pope. Tom goes to save his son and Weaver tells him to be careful. Weaver tells him that the war has changed people, Tom says he knows that Pope has changed. “I was talking about you,” says Weaver.

"Non-Essential Personnel"[edit | edit source]

Tom follows the clues that Pope relays via radio transmitter to find his son. On the radio, Tom tries to talk down Pope, however fails and Pope cuts Hal so Tom can hear him scream. Tom Mason tells Pope, "I will kill you." On the road, Tom comes across three survivors, Rob, Drew and Beth. Rob gives Tom answers about Pope and Anthony. Tom continues his slow journey to get Hal back and has another vision from the Dornia.

Appearing as Rebecca once more, the creature tells Tom that if he dies the war and Earth will be lost. Mason refuses to stop going after Hal as he will not let his son die for the "greater good." "I love you," says the Dornia Rebecca, "you’re not her," replies Tom as he leaves to rescue his son. Tom stealth's into the camp, avoiding the fighters. Tom reaches the bowling alley where Pope exists and spots Tom. Tom shoots Pope in the face as Hal and Isabella start to drive away. As Tom waits for another shot at John, the giant hornet that attacked the camp earlier comes back and grabs Mason; lifting him up and flying away.

"Respite"[edit | edit source]

Tom Mason wakes up in a bed, with a woman he thinks at first is Rebecca treating the wounds on his face. He has been reacts badly to her presence and the woman leaves the room locking the door behind her. Tom finds a weapon and a older man enters with a rifle, and asks if he is actually going to bring a knife to a gun fight. After a brief standoff explanations are given from both sides, and gives his name to be Willie McComb. Willie tells Tom that the war has not come to the farm, however it has had some scares of rockets and explosions. Willie gives Tom a tour of the farm, explaining that he reason the aliens haven't attacked is the tree coverage, and to survive they trap rabbits, squirrels and catch crawdads in the creek to eat, and get water from the spring. Willie says he owns a gas generator on the farm, and was big on stockpiling before the invasion hit.

Tom comes downstairs for dinner, Willie tells Tom he can sit at the head of the table, and they pray before they eat the food. As Tom sees how life was before the invasion, he begins to break down at the table. Alicia cuts her hand on a jar, and Tom teaches Kyle how to treat it, however he leaves as he is not fond of blood. Tom tells Alicia the reality about the aliens, and someone like Kyle should be fighting, and should know how to use a band-aid. Tom finds Kyle drinking and smoking in the barn, and Tom tells Kyle smokes haven't been cool since the Nixon administration. Tom is handed a beer, and Kyle tries to ask Tom what is actually happening, but does not answer.

Alicia later again speaks with Tom. Alicia tells Tom her story about her husband, and teaching the kids even though she dropped out of high school. Tom tells Alicia that Kyle is angry, and has questions. Back at the farm, Tom has to tell Alicia's oldest son about the war that she has hidden from him. Kyle runs away and finds remains of a Mega-Mech, and Kyle tells Tom that he wants to be a fighter like his late father after a brief conversation. Alicia and Tom speak about Kyle, with Tom telling Alicia that he will protect him if he joins the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment. While speaking, Alicia kisses Tom, however he pulls back. Willie begins to yell at survivors to leave his property, which turn out to be Tom's son, Hal. When Tom prepares to leave, he tells Kyle what is best to stay, and to protect his family, in which Kyle understands. Alicia gives Tom a history book for reading material, and Willie fixes Tom a car. After arriving back, Tom is greeted by many of the 2nd Mass fighters, and Daniel Weaver shows him what they discovered, being the Shadow Plane hub.

"Everybody Has Their Reasons"[edit | edit source]

Tom, Hal and Weaver scout the running naval base. When they go in for a closer look, Hal stops them from stepping on trap wire, however are soon ambushed by camouflaged guards. Katie Marshall who runs the naval base arrives, and spots Weaver who she knew from the military, and accepts the 2nd Mass into the naval base. As everyone settles in, Tom quickly starts to explain what they need in order to take the fight to the enemy but it doesn't seem like the military are all that interested in going out there to fight, but just to survive. As Tom and Hal show them the maps from the Volm, they all seemed a bit shocked and concerned that Tom and the 2nd Mass are working with Volm. Later, Hal and Tom talk with the Lt. Demarcus Wolf confused as to why all he is doing is listening and not communicating with all the militia groups out there. He explains that he is under orders to listen only and determine if any of the groups are compromised by the Espheni. Katie Marshall approaches Tom asking why he is giving orders to her men. Tom wants to know why they are not contacting other militias and that they are all supposed to be on the same side. However she seems dead set on focusing on human collaborators and not major offensives.

Tom finds out Ben hasn't been seen since last night and starts to raise hell asking where he is and Lt. Shelton refuses to tell him. He ends up getting himself arrested and then all of the 2nd Mass ends up getting locked up. Tom mentions while being arrested that he had eye worms and was on an alien ship, trying to defend his son, as they think he has commutation with the Espheni as of his spikes. While being arrested, Tom and Hal try to craft small weapons before they soldiers show up. When Shelton and another soldiers shows up, Hal and Tom attack them, however they are quickly outnumbered by other soldiers. Marshall has an entire investigation on them and feels that Tom's story of flying to the moon and the fact that Ben has spikes that they are all collaborators and she is setting up a court-martial to determine the truth.

The court-martial taking place.

The court-martial begins and Ben is dragged in barely able to walk or think straight, and Tom and Weaver both find out he was tortured. She goes through each and every case in which Tom was captured and found his way back without explanation and she just can't believe any of its true. When Tom begins to berate her about the entire thing being a farce, she stares out into nothing and her wound begins to bleed again. She closes the file on Tom, Ben and Hal and declares them traitors, charging them with treason for which the sentence is death.

"Stalag 14th Virginia"[edit | edit source]

Tom is locked in a cell guarded by Lt. Shelton. As Ben and Hal talk about Isabella and Maggie, Shelton begins to think that what they are doing is wrong. Tom convinces Shelton to open up about his family, and decides that what Marshall is doing is a witchhunt, and frees the Masons with the help of Demarcus Wolf. Tom is able to flee the base with the help of Shelton, however his family is captured. Tom watches as Zak Kagel shoots and kills Shelton as he stands up to Marshall. As the 14th Virginia tries to execute his family, Tom Mason brings back reinforcements to rescue his friends, including Cochise. Tom is able to use Cochise as an example of how they shouldn't fear the Volm and need to work together with them to defeat the Espheni. Following the joining of the 14th Virginia and the 2nd Mass, Cochise brings in the Shadow Plane device which they had disconnected. He is unsure of why it still works disconnected and when Ben Mason's spikes react to it, theorizes that it does so as both are Espheni technology. Cochise watches as Ben connects with the device and is shocked when Ben mentions the Overlords doing a ritual to a higher being. When confronted by Tom about his reaction, Cochise tells him "I never thought it possible," showing a knowledge of the being.

"Reunion"[edit | edit source]

Tom is summoned away by the Dornia that have been guiding him to the shore and giving him something that will help him when the time is right, a weapon that has the power to take out the Queen that is coming, wipe out the rest of the Espheni, and end the war once and for all. As he gets back to the naval base, he learns that Lexi has been brought to the naval base. After Tom has a chance to speak to Lexi he has faith that she may actually be who she says she is or at the very least if she isn't then she can at least be useful to them in their final battle to come, she does manage to impart a little bit of wisdom from her time with the Espheni that if the Queen has come then it means that their goal has changed from a simple invasion to full occupation of Earth.

Later, John Pope uses the goodness of the 2nd Mass to his advantage and infiltrate their base with a dozen or so armed men and start going trigger happy. Pope no longer just cares about killing Mason, he wants everyone in the 2nd Mass to die. Pope shoots two military soldiers before taking cover. Tom and Weaver shoots barrels close to Pope, and after exploding it collapses a building onto his group.

Tom again speaks with Lexi, and when he gets close to her, Lexi pulls him through the chained cell. When Ben arrives, he throws the Dornia weapon at her, which latches on and begins to kill her. It is revealed that it was another "Katie Marshall" situation, and Lexi tells Tom that "they're onto you". Later, they destroy the communication hub, and when Tom gives a message to the militias, a group of Black Hornets begin to fly to their position.

"Reborn"[edit | edit source]

Tom and his men repel the Black Hornet attack, but Marty is killed. As a result, the 2nd Mass choose to stay at their base for another night and while sitting around the campfire, Tom asks if anyone has anything to say. When no one does, Tom makes a speech about how the war has affected them and how he hopes they can go back to being normal people once its over. The next morning, another militia arrives on motorcycles and offer their help. Before they can leave, Tom receives word of a powerful defensive wall around Washington, D.C.. As a result, Tom decides to change tactics from an all-out assault on the Lincoln Memorial to a surgical strike. With the help of Lieutenant Demarcus Wolf, Tom comes up with the idea of using Washington's service tunnels to sneak a strike team to the Lincoln Memorial. He orders the other militias to attack the wall as a distraction.

Tom's team travels into the service tunnels guided by Wolf who played in them as a kid. They find a nest of Espheni eggs and Anne is disturbed, eventually revealing to an excited Tom that she is once again pregnant. As they continue, the nest is disturbed and the hatchlings attack. Wolf kills them with a grenade launcher, but collapsed debris separates Tom from the rest of the team and he continues on alone. Tom emerges from the tunnels near the Memorial and realizes that the Espheni are settling in on Earth. In the ruins of the Lincoln Memorial, Tom confronts the Espheni Queen who pins him to a wall with a web, causing him to drop the Dornia bioweapon before he can use it on her. The queen explains to Tom that 1,500 years before, she sent another invasion force to Earth led by her beloved daughter. The invasion failed and her daughter was killed causing the queen to want revenge, her true reason for wanting humanity destroyed. As Tom desperately reaches for the Dornia weapon, the queen begins to drain his blood. Tom manages to reach and infect himself with the Dornia weapon. The virus travels through his blood into the queen, killing her. As the webbing holding him disintegrates, Tom lets out a primal yell at where the queen had stood. Collapsing to his knees, Tom watches as the Espheni start to explode, dying out with the death of their queen.

At sunrise, shortly after the Espheni are destroyed, Ben finds Tom still at the Memorial and Tom informs him that the Espheni are gone. Ben leads him to the others where Tom discovers that Anne has died. Grief-stricken, Tom remembers the Dornia saving him and desperately rushes Anne to the beach where he last saw the Dornia. Entering the waves, Tom pleads for the Dornia to save Anne since he gave them what they wanted, their vengeance. At first nothing seems to happen, but then tentacles emerge from the waves and take Anne. As Tom waits to see what happens, a mortally wounded John Pope arrives to confront him. However, Pope takes no pleasure in Tom's pain and lays down his gun, wanting Tom to kill him. Tom refuses, stating that the war is over and he's not killing anyone else. Tom and Pope both made peace to each other and Tom turns his back on Pope to continue his lookout for Anne as Pope dies of his injuries.

Months later, at the rebuilt Lincoln Memorial where humanity has gathered to choose a new leader, Matt brings Tom a book he wrote on the war which Tom reads. Tom is impressed and they joke about Matt taking up the job of Secretary of State. Matt suggests that the human race is going to want to elect Tom President, but Tom informs him he has already rejected that offer twice. Matt jokes about him rejecting it a third time like George Washington. Joined by a visibly pregnant Anne, his children and Colonel Weaver, Tom goes on stage and makes a speech to humanity about how the war has given them a second chance as a united race though they will always keep an eye out for other threats from space.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season 1 appearances
Live and Learn The Armory Prisoner of War Grace Silent Kill
Sanctuary (Part 1) Sanctuary (Part 2) What Hides Beneath Mutiny Eight Hours
Season 2 appearances
Worlds Apart Shall We Gather at the River Compass Young Bloods Love and Other Acts of Courage
Homecoming Molon Labe Death March The Price of Greatness A More Perfect Union
Season 3 appearances
On Thin Ice Collateral Damage Badlands At All Costs Search and Recover
Be Silent and Come Out The Pickett Line Strange Brew Journey to Xilbalba Brazil
Season 4 appearances
Ghost in the Machine The Eye Exodus Evolve or Die Mind Wars Door Number Three
Saturday Night Massacre A Thing With Feathers Til Death Do Us Part Drawing Straws Space Oddity Shoot the Moon
Season 5 appearances
Find Your Warrior Hunger Pains Hatchlings Pope Breaks Bad Non-Essential Personnel
Respite Everybody Has Their Reasons Stalag 14th Virginia Reunion Reborn

Weapons[edit | edit source]

In the first three episodes of S​eason One,  he carried an Norinco Type 56, then he carried an AKM for the rest of the Season, then he switched over to an Zavasta M70 for Seasons 2 and 3, he then switched to an customized Norinco Type 84S in Season 4.He also carried a Zavasta M70AB2 in "Molon Lobe" an Beretta 92FS in "Strange Brew" and a Glock 17 in "Mind Wars", he also carried a Crossbow in " Grace" and he used a Volm Grenade Launcher in "Ghost in The Machine"  In "Reborn", Tom used the Dornia bioweapon in battle.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "And no matter how each of us survive, maybe we owe it to those who didn't, to become the best of mankind." - Prisoner of War
  • "One day this war will over. I may not live to see that day but you will." - Tom to Matt in "On Thin Ice"
  • "This is our home. And we will fight for it as we see fit." - Brazil
  • "Damn right I'm lying to myself. I lie to myself every day, sometimes every hour of every day. And sometimes that's not even enough, because if people think that there's no hope, they damn better believe that I think there is." - A Thing With Feathers
  • "We choose to go to the moon." - Season 4
  • "I know that look and I know that smile, I’ve seen it when you’ve tried to talk some crazy bastard from jumping off of a ledge. Well guess what? Today that crazy bastard is me!" - Til Death Do Us Part
  • "Time to flip the switch, because I guarantee you the next generation and the one after that will be grateful that we did." - Hunger Pains
  • "Apparently, even the Volm cameras add ten pounds." - Hatchlings

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Along with his son Hal, he is a fan of Led Zeppelin.

Description[edit | edit source]

A bookish history professor from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Tom Mason probably never imagined he would one day be putting his extensive knowledge of military tactics to use in an actual war, much less one being waged against an occupying force from another world. Tom will do everything he can to protect his three sons: Hal, Matt and the recently rescued Ben. Despite having only an academic understanding of military history, Tom is named second in command of the 2nd Massachusetts, a makeshift regiment assigned to protect several hundred survivors, with their military commander, Weaver. Tom quickly proves himself a strong leader, but his fate after Season One remains a mystery. The last we see Tom, he is boarding an alien craft – surrendering himself in attempt to save his son Ben.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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