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We wish to keep the Espheni from doing to other planets what they did to ours.
— Cochise
The Volm are an alien species and one of the Espheni's greatest enemies.

After their homeworld was attacked by the space-faring Espheni, the Volm took to space themselves and became a militaristic society dedicated to preventing their enemies from doing to other species what was done to them and liberate other worlds from the Espheni's control.


Hundreds of years ago the Volm were attacked by the Espheni. While the details of the conflict have not been stated, the Volm apparently lost control of their home planet and the vast majority of their species fled into space in generation ships.

It is assumed that their home world has since been occupied, because Cochise reveals that he has never visited his home planet. They have since been battling the Espheni for hundreds of years and wish to liberate the galaxy from the Overlords.(On Thin Ice)

Volm Ships

The Volm spacecraft enter Earth's atmosphere.

They first arrived on Earth in the middle of a massive storm (possibly generated by their ship in orbit), dropping through the atmosphere in dozens of pod-like craft, though their numbers are open to question as the initial shot of their landing showed only 17 different pods, so it's possible there aren't that many of them. They were possibly scouts. It is later stated that Cochise's group of Volm only consists of about twenty members. They wear form-fitting armored suits with wing-like protrusions and a visor that retracts to show their face.

From the fact that the Overlords were constructing some form of weapon and Ben's comments about the weapon not being intended for humans, it can be inferred that this weapon might have been used against them, and that they are a clear enemy to the Overlords.

The presence of a "smile" of sorts suggests that they have knowledge of humanity,[1]

A still from the April teaser trailer.

as we've never seen the Skitters or the Overlords show such a human expression.

They are shown to possess weapons that rival even the Espheni such as some kind of energy rifle that can obliterate even Mega Mechs easily.

7 months laterEdit

Seven months later the Volm number around 20-25 and spend most of their time in a tower constructed by them. They have upgraded some of the weaponry in the 1st Continental Army's arsenal. They have secretly been constructing a cannon capable of destroying the Motherships. They also provided the resistance with a machine capable of safely removing Harnesses without harming the host child. However some of the resistance is skeptical of the Volm's intentions.

With a unspecified mole in Charleston, they planted a bomb in the Volm bunker, and apparently destroyed the cannon they have been created and killed all the Volm inside, except for Cochise.(Journey to Xilbalba)

The cannon survives the destruction of the bunker and is dug out and mounted on a ship. The 2nd Mass and Cochise sail to Boston where they use the cannon to destroy the Espheni mothership there. This allows Volm reinforcements led by Waschak-cha'ab, Cochise's father to land in Boston to join the battle with the Espheni. While Waschak-cha'ab is initially insistent on moving the surviving humans to safety in Brazil while the Volm do battle with the Espheni alone, Tom Mason is able to convince him to allow the 2nd Mass to continue fighting and they return to Charleston. (Brazil)

Season 4Edit


Volm Second-in-command

The Volm have gone to battle the Espheni on another planet, defending their young. Waschak-cha'ab gives up on humanity after leaving the planet and the devastating Espheni counterattack. However, Cochise refuses to give up on them and remains behind with a small Volm force to continue to aid humanity's fight. Eventually, after the humans escape from the ghetto, Cochise and the Volm aid them in finding food and finding their way to Chinatown. Cochise then leaves to find the Espheni power core, leaving Shaq in charge of the team. They later aid the militia in surviving an attack by Scorch and unearthing and controlling a Beamer Cochise shot down in hopes of using it to attack the power core which they discover is on the Moon.

In "Shoot the Moon", the 2nd Mass and the Volm on Earth attempt a major strike against the Espheni by destroying their power core located on the Moon with a captured Beamer. As part of this attack, Cochise contacts Waschak-cha'ab for help. Waschak-cha'ab returns in time to aid the attack by destroying a Beamer squadron attacking Tom Mason's ship. The power core is destroyed and the Espheni are left without their technology or mechanized servants, but Tom's Beamer is blown into space by the blast and while Waschak-cha'ab attempts to search for him, it is unlikely that he will be found.

Volm Tech Rocket Launcher

Volm soldiers prepare to fire on beamer squadron.

Season 5Edit

The Volm recon team currently reside in Chinatown with the 2nd Mass.(Find You Warrior) Cochise's life-span starts to come to an end due to a failing organ and he contacts his father to come back to Earth to do a Volm ritual known as the silence to prepare for his coming death. Anne Mason offers the solution of an organ transplant from Waschak-cha'ab to Cochise, but Waschak-cha'ab refuses, believing Cochise has become too human. However, he ultimately agrees as Cochise's survival better suits the Volm battle plan. The operation is a success and Cochise survives, but Waschak-cha'ab's heart stops and Anne is unable to revive him. Waschak-cha'ab dies as a result. (Pope Breaks Bad) Cochise aids Tom Mason in convincing the 14th Virginia to join with the 2nd Mass and shows a knowledge of the Higher Being that the Overlords report to, though his reaction suggests that the Volm had no confirmation of their existence and believed them to be a myth. (Stalag 14th Virginia) Its later revealed that this being is the Espheni queen and Cochise aids in modifying the Dornia weapon. The Global Resistance is also able to establish its own communications network without the need for Volm assistance. (Reunion) When the Global Resistance assaults Washington, D.C., Cochise joins the strike team headed straight for the queen. Along with the rest of humanity, Cochise and the Volm witness the destruction of the Espheni and the end of the war at the hands of Tom Mason and the Dornia weapon. (Reborn)

Several Months LaterEdit

As humanity gathers at the Lincoln Memorial to listen to a speech by Tom Mason and elect a new leader, several Volm, including Cochise are present. With the Espheni gone, the Volm is able to return to their homeworld and becomes the official ally with mankind.


The Volm are a humanoid species that bear a large resemblance to Earth mammals, especially bats, but with reptilian skin. Compared to the Espheni and the Skitters, the Volm bare a strong resemblance to humans, but still differ from them in many ways.

The Volm are slightly taller than the average human; Cochise -- one of the Volm -- appears to be around six-and-a-half feet tall. While the Volm have mammalian-like eyes, they are set wider apart than in humans and have eyelids that blink slightly diagonally.

The Volm have two nostril-like holes on their faces, which in turn have two nostrils in them, much like many species of bats. The Volm also have multiple slit-like holes in between their noses and eyes which serve an unknown function, if any. The ears of the Volm are little more than holes in the sides of their heads. The Volm have noticeably bald, bulbous skulls which taper to a rounded point. (This is where Pope gets the name "Bubble-head" from.)

The hands of the Volm possess three fingers and a thumb, and appear to be just as dexterous as a human hand. Despite the obvious differences, the Volm possess a human-like mouth, a physical trait not seen in the Espheni and Skitters. Further unlike the Espheni and the Skitters, the Volm can speak fluent English without any kind of assistance, suggesting the structure of their vocal folds is similar if not identical to that of humans. Their voices have a noticeable flanging effect. As the Volm age, their skin becomes more haggard looking; similar to how human skin begins to wrinkle with age due to the loss of collagen.

Volm bodies can withstand greater physical stress than a human, as Cochise was able to shield President Benjamin Hathaway when their plane crashed and was able to remain relatively unharmed. In addition to their durability, the Volm have a regenerative ability that allows them to recover from grievous injuries in a matter of hours, provided they ar

Volm recon team

e not disturbed. The Volm have purple blood.

The Volm refer to their young as hatchlings, indicating the Volm are oviparous.

The Volm can breathe chlorine without any ill-effects.


While the Volm homeworld is still unnamed, Cochise stated that their planet has defined seasons, with the weather alternating between cold and warm.

The planet was also home to a flower-like species called Catarius by the native Volm. The Catarius has no value to anyone except as decorations.

The planets current status following the Overlord invasion is unknown but it can be assumed that their homeworld is still under enemy occupation and is much different now than it was prior to the Espheni's invasion. However the planet clearly still exists and is either still habitable or the ecological damage can at least be reversed, as the Volm one day hope to liberate it and return home.


Little is known about Volm society and beliefs. It seems to bear some remblance to a monarchy. Currently their civilization is fractured and scattered through the galaxy following the Overlords invasion. Whether or not the various populations maintain active contact with each other or form cells that are essentially on their own (like the Skitter Rebellion) has not been stated.

According to Cochise, the Volm still maintain extensive data files on their own history and culture prior to the Volm diaspora. The Volm also write poems, many dating back prior to the war still exist.

Currently the population is confined to vast Generation Ships and their society is committed to total Guerrilla warfare against the Overlords. Whether or not the entire species is devoted to the resistance or if some simply remain in hiding in the depths of space is unknown.

The Espheni WarsEdit

After the Espheni invaded the Volm homeworld, the Volm who managed to escape swore revenge against the Espheni. The Volm have spent centuries fighting the Espheni and liberating worlds enslaved by them. The Volm prefer to liberate Espheni occupied planets by helping any native resistance destroy the Espheni planetary grid, then relocating the native species to a safer part of the planet while they finish off the rest of the Espheni. Before encountering humanity, the Volm refused to let the native species continue to fight the Espheni with them. Throughout their war against the Espheni it is revealed that the Volm never encountered any rebel skitters fighting the Espheni until they arrived on Earth.

Relationship with HumanityEdit

From the moment the Volm landed on Earth, their presence received mixed opinions. While some of the Second Mass welcomed the Volm with open arms, others did not trust them at all. Despite this, almost everyone was thankful for the Volm's assistance in one way or another. According to Cochise and his father, humanity is unlike any other species the Volm have encountered. All of the other species liberated by the Volm have lacked the courage, stubbornness, and tenacity found in humanity. The Volm did not expect to find these traits in humanity, and were surprised to learn that the Second Mass wanted to keep fighting instead of being relocated to Brazil. While humanity and the Volm have largely gone their separate ways due to the Volm need to protect another planet, both sides remain allies. Cochise remains on Earth aiding the 2nd Mass' efforts to defeat the Espheni and after the destruction of the Espheni Power Station, the Volm have taken a bigger role once more, saving Tom Mason from a Beamer squadron and aiding the 2nd Mass' march on Washington, DC to defeat the Espheni once and for all.




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